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  1. thank you for yur help.. i think i will buy msi gtx 960 4g cause it jhas more ram in it and is almost equal to its amd competetor..
  2. strangerbob plz reply to my topic in new parts
  3. thx for yur help i think this was my last question i think i would not disturb you later... .
  4. Stranger bob i wnated to ask that are there any titles that are made only for nvidia and not for amd gpu's?? And if any are there then are they worth buying a nvidia card for those exclusive titles? because the last two lists you gave me had an amd gpu..
  5. thank you but i just need mother board cpu and gpu.. appriciate your help but can u sugget me some more grafics card with more vram and a cpu.. Thank you
  6. i am confused about cpu beacuse i dont know what to go with.. Intel or amd. The grafics card i am taking is msi gtx 960 4g. because games need more ram..
  7. no i have a monitor..just the motherboard,grafics card and cpu
  8. LINUS...I have got a buget of 30000 indian rupees which is somewhat equal to $500, i wanted to buy a cpu, gpu and motherboard for gaming and media consumption...can u suggest me some parts...
  9. i have a buget of 30000 indian rupees and i want a gpu cpu and mother board. can u stggest me something?