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  1. Thats what I am hearing a of. I also listened to a alot of samples of both the c214 and at4040 and personally I think the 4040 sounds better for vocals
  2. I have definitely considered the at2035. Mainly because I can get either the 4040 or c214 for $200 currently which is only $50 above the 2035
  3. Hello, Im looking into getting a condenser microphone for recording, streaming, talking ect.. I have been recommended the AKG C214 and the AT4040. I am having trouble picking one of them to go with so I wanted to get other opinions on either of the mics. I can get both for the same price and both of them would fit my needs. What are things you like about either of them or one over the other? Any opinions on either mic or other condenser microphones in this price range would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. Thank you for the recommendations. I'll be looking into the JDS equipment.
  5. Not 100% sure. I dont wanna go crazy expensive but I do want to use the equipment that I have to its potential. I know for a fact the RE320 is really over kill for me so ideally I should get something better fit for my use. Is there an audio interface or a mixer that would have a good amp/preamp that would be suitable for the HD 700? Im probably asking the wrong or improper questions, but you'd recommend for a headphone at this price to look into a good amp and dac as you listed above?
  6. Hello, I just recently bought the HD 700 which is 150 ohm headphone from Sennheiser. I also have an RE320; might be getting a new mic either condenser or dynamic so phantom power could be needed. I currently have both going through a Focusrite 2i2. Would it be worth getting a dedicated amp for the HD 700, a different interface/setup, or just keeping the setup that I currently have? I dont have any issues with my setup at all, just wanted to get some opinions and ideas on what would be a good fit for my situation. Thanks!
  7. Cmgroft

    Static Routes

    So I need to have PC1---Router_A----Router_C----Router_B----PC2 | Modem What is the reasoning behind needing a router before Router A and B? Just to in case this makes a difference the modem is a Comcast business modem that is router and firewall.
  8. Cmgroft

    Static Routes

    Im running my test on two Netgear FVS336 V3 VPN routers but in the end will be using two Linksys LRT224 VPN routers. Both routes are using subnet, no it is PC1---Router_A---Modem----Router_B----PC2. I have Router_A destination to the LAN of Router_B and gateway is the WAN address of Router_B. I have been able to ping from PC1 to Router_B, PC2 to Router_A but unable to ping PC1 to PC2.
  9. Cmgroft

    Static Routes

    Accidentally it enter early haha, its posted fully now.
  10. Cmgroft

    Static Routes

    Hi, I have 2 PC's on 2 different subnets. My goal is to be able to have the PC's communicate with each other by creating a static route. I have already established a route between both routers and both routers can ping the WAN and LAN ports of the other. However, I cannot ping any devices behind the routers; either of the 2 PC's. I have checked firewall settings to ensure they are not blocking ping request and have tried multiple different tests. Does anyone have any tips or ideas on what might be happening or what I am doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated, Thanks.
  11. Yeah that's what I've basically found. I did see the Ryzen Pro series is more tailored towards what id be doing.
  12. Hello, Im currently working on a project that requires the use of ECC memory. Id like to use a R7 2700 in this build for the higher clock speed, ECC support, and the high core count. The issue i'm coming into is finding an AM4 motherboard that supports ECC memory. Searching for them online, there are threads that say AM4 boards do support ECC memory but when I attempt to find one, its a lot more difficult. I've read that it doesn't validate but is still supported. Ultimately i'm trying to go around the standard xeon build for a server if possible. Are there any motherboards out there that support it? Thanks for help!
  13. I would like it to last as long as possible. I play a lot of AAA games like GTA V, BO3, Rise of the tomb raider. Also CS:GO, overwatch and games like that.
  14. I would like to have another year or two with my 970. Is the i5 6600k a good upgrade from a fx-8350?
  15. That's why I cant decide. An i5 would be perfectly fine for gaming, an i7 would just be better and a little more "future proof"
  16. Yes, I am putting that into consideration.
  17. I want to upgrade my Fx-8350. Would an i5 or i7 be a better choice? I do have a MSI 970 GPU. I mainly do gaming( GTA V, BO3, ect). Which i5 and/or i7 would be best? Thank you for your time and help!!!
  18. Cmgroft

    OverEar Headphones

    I have been looking at over ear headphones for quite some time and I still can not make up my mind. I have been looking at the Momentum 2.0, the ATH-MSR7, and the Urbanite XL. I listen to rock and some edm. I like bass but im not a "bass head" and im just looking for overall clarity, sound and comfort. Just curious if anyone has had experience with any of those and which you would recommend? Thanks for your time and help!
  19. Could it be that im not upgrading windows anymore because it will install windows 10?
  20. I checked that and it would show the process for a few seconds until is went away, but thank you for you help:)
  21. I just reinstalled steam so i am going to try that. I did run it as admin though
  22. Recently I have tried to launch games from steam, not a single one will open. I have reinstalled them, verified game cache and everything else. They just wont open, does anyone know why or have a solution?
  23. Cmgroft

    In Ear Headphones

    I've made a forum on this before but now I have narrowed down my options and almost decided. Thank you to those who helped before. So im now down to three, Ath-IM50, Ath-IM70 and Rha Ma750. I know the Ath-IM50 is cheaper than the other but what would be best for comfort and sound? I listen to rock,edm and pop. I'm leaning toward the Ma750 but than I can't look away from the $63 price point of the Ath-IM50. Thank you for your help in advanced!
  24. Cmgroft

    ATH -IM50?

    I have been looking at in ear headphones recently and have looked at the ATH- CKR9, SE215, Momentum In ear. Than I came across the ATH-IM50. They are cheaper than the others, have the design I would like and the only thing I don’t know about it the sound. I listen to EDM,Rock and Pop and I was wondering if these would fit my type? I do like a little more bass as well:) Thank you for your time and help in advanced!!
  25. Cmgroft


    What would be the best backup service for things like sms, photos,video,documents and other things? Could i make my own server to back everything up? Currently i use google for most of it and than Verizon for sms. I was curious if there is a service that can do it all and waht that might be. Thank you for your time and help.