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  1. Wireless earphones for Xbox One X?

    Hey guys, so I have an odd question. I'm looking for wireless earphones with a mic for my Xbox One X. I have a set of wired earphones I can use on my Xbox but those don't have a mic. I could just buy the same earphones with the inline mic on them but I also need wireless earphones to use at the gym. So, is there anyway, to connect wireless earphones with a mic to the XBONE X? The alternative is to connect a mic to my existing wired earphones and then just buying wireless earphones for the gym but I haven't been able to find a way to connect wired earphones to a mic and then to my xbox controller. I really don't like Headphones/Headsets so that's not a solution unfortunately. Does anyone have a solution to all of this? Thanks guys! TL;DR -Have wired earphones without mic -Need earphones with mic for my Xbox -Also need wireless earphones for the gym. -Don't want to buy 2 new sets of earphones.
  2. Hey guys, I want to ugrade my Lenovo Y510p's WiFi since its still only 2.4Ghz and sucks. I read a bit about it online, saw that after a quick bios flash you should be able to install a Intel 7260 with relative ease. Unfortunately after looking at dozens of vendors, I finally purchased the 7260 on amazon but didn't realise its a NGW card and as far as I can tell the Y510p has a HWM slot. Before I take apart my laptop, does anyone know if I can still use my NGW card or do I have to send it back? Thanks guys!
  3. Tweeter with specific dimensions in Europe?

    Thanks for the suggestion! CPC seem to only have 1 single 4 Ohm Tweeter and I read that you can not combine 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm Drivers? AliExpress doesn't seem to have any in the right dimension and a lot of the time doesn't even include the dimensions which makes it really painful to look through. Finally eBay is eBay, endless I haven't found anything yet but I'll keep looking. Wasn't aware that a good pair of these speakers sets you back 120£.... Thanks for the help nonetheless!
  4. Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I converted an old Canton book case speaker into a Bluetooth speaker with a battery. All went fine up until I accidentally turned my volume to max. The tweeter blew and now all I get is horribly distorted highs. I've been looking for a cheapish alternative but haven't been able to find any that would fit in the case. Excuse my terrible terminology now but the big round "metal block" of the tweeter has 4 mounting holes, arranged in a square, all 3.7cm (1.45") apart. It attaches to a "mounting plate" which is 10.8cm (4.25") x 7.3cm (2.87"). The "mounting plate" is where the wires attach to. If I'm not wrong its a "dome tweeter" and not a "horn tweeter". Correct me if I'm talking crap here. Does anyone know where or even if I can get a tweeter to replace this one with? And ideally somewhere in Europe? It's a pretty basic speaker so I really just need a basic tweeter. Speaker specs are 4 Ohms, 40W Nominal, 70W. If anyone has any idea where I could a tweeter with those dimensions I would be insanely grateful! Thanks guys!
  5. Windows volume just super loud even at low volumes?

    I have the same problem on my Dell XPS 7275. When I use my earphones I have the volume set to 2. 26 is the absolute max I've used since its so damn loud it starts becoming really uncomfortable. Haven't tried 100 yet. My Dell has Dell Audio preinstalled, after enabling that, the volume control became a bit better but not much. Maybe do you have any other sound drivers or software installed? Some Logitech software?
  6. Vivo Nex alternatives?

    Yeah, the Find X is out of the question for me. The mechanism is just absurd. The Nex seems like the best current solution to the problem and the under screen finger print scanner is amazing. Obviously still has its flaws but the 1-2s slower FPR is another sacrifice I'm willing to make. Anything else coming out soon that I may have missed? Presumably the next line of Samsung phones will all be bezeless and have the underscreen FPR but that is a long way off.
  7. Vivo Nex alternatives?

    Hey guys, my OnePlus 3 is slowly but surely dying and I'd like to pick up a new phone before it does. After seeing the Vivo Nex I would love to go bezeless for my next phone. I've been looking around a fair amount and for now the only phones that come close to the vivo nex are the Oppo Find X and the Mi Mix 2S (and the other cheaper versions of that). I'm aware that I have to sacrifice something or other for bezeless phones like the terrible software of the Vivo but I'm ok with that. I'll just have to hope that they eventually let us unlock it. Are there any high end bezeless phones I may have missed or that are coming out in the next 1-2 months that it may be worth waiting for? (Without a notch of course) Upper budget is 700 Euros. Thanks guys!
  8. How do i unlock my phone without loosing data?

    I did that with my OnePlus One a while ago. It was shattered so I couldn't put in my pin anymore but I wanted my pictures. Since I was too lazy to go out to buy a usb cable to connect a mouse, I just booted into recovery, then connected it to my PC and it showed up as a limited media device of some sort. The only thing I could access was the Media folder which was all I wanted and in your case I guess all you need.
  9. Surface Go Thoughts?

    I recommend you look into refurbished machines. The Surface Go looks far too expensive for what it is and as someone mentioned before, they are mediocre tablets and poor laptops. In the UK you have official refurbish partners like "MCS Technology" for Dell. I got my self a Dell XPS 7275, refurbished for around 600$, cost 1200-1300$ new. (a bit less now that GBP has gone down). It came with 8GB of Ram, 256GB SSD a CPU that is plenty enough for work, word etc (no video/image editing) and its overall a good machine. In Europe refurb partners offer 1 year warranty and if you check reviews of them you can sometimes get better service than when you buy the device new. My dell had a bug with the keyboard and they offered to immediately send me a new one and I could keep the old one or to try a change in a bios setting which ultimately solved the problem but they still offered to send a second keyboard if anything changed. My point is, if you are looking for the best value/price options then look at refurbished devices. Most people stay away from them thinking they could be faulty or used but most of the refurbed devices have tiny cosmetic damages that means they can't sell them as new anymore. Also, refurbed machines tend to undergo more thorough testing than new devices. The cosmetic "damage" on my Dell was 3 tiny scratches, the length or the tip of a pencil at the top of the screen that you can only see if you tilt it at an unusable angle. I've never noticed them after looking for them on day 1.
  10. Best Laptop around €600?

    Many thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately that model isn't available in Europe, however while looking for it I saw HP are having an anniversary sale right now. Saw that this -> http://store.hp.com/SpainStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=X9Y01EA&opt=ABE&sel=NTB Actually is on offer and is 15% off, dropping it nicely into my budget. Bit unfortunate it has 4GB of Ram and only 128GB of storage but I think for my mum it should be plenty enough. Again, thank you very much for the heads up!
  11. Hey guys, I'd like to get my mum a new laptop for her birthday. My budget is around €600, could maybe go a bit over if it's the perfect fit. I've been looking at quite a few different models but haven't really found anything I've liked. What I'm thinking is anything that has: -Decent battery life, she won't need 10hrs but to sit on the couch with out having to charge it constantly would be nice. -Touchscreen (?), I'm kind of on the fence about this, I think for the "older generation" it would be good since touchpads tend to be a bit iffy at times. I don't mind the minor battery sacrifice. -Full HD screen as a minimum. 4k really isn't necessary but Lenovo has a couple of models which are really good but then have a horrible 720p screen. -SSD is just future proofing. If all else is perfect I'd be alright buying it seperate and just sticking it in. -Processor and Ram is obviously not as important. Can be mid range models, 8GB ram would naturally be nice. Has anyone come across anything like this? I've been looking for a while and nothing has really hit the spot. The closest I got was the Dell XPS 7275 but that has a kickstand which is terrible for using on your lap. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I do live in Europe so European models would be great but I would be happy to find the European counterparts to American models. Thanks guys!
  12. Multiple display smartphone from ZTE

    What is the market for this? I don't honestly know how or what you would use this for? Not to mention that powering 2 screens with a 3180 mAh battery is going to be a pain. Good to see that they are trying to innovate but I don't think this is the right direction, especially when you see things like the Xioami Mi Mix which did the whole bezless thing before Samsung and Apple. Maybe I'm wrong.
  13. I mean the charger says "input 100-240V approx 0.9A 50-60hz" And also of course works if you just use the "normal" UK/EU adapter. Just a pain to always carry one around
  14. Hey guys, a couple of my appliances have UK (3 prong) plugs at the end of them. I moved away from the UK and won't be heading back anytime soon so I thought I'd switch them to the standard EU plug (2 prong). It seems like a pretty straight forward process, cut off the UK plug, expose wires, buy EU plug, stick'em in there. Is there anything I need to consider or do laptop appliances need any kind of special plug or any particular rating? (Bear in mind, I'm only replacing the very end bit that plugs into the wall, not the entire cable) Appreciate the help!
  15. octa core tablet

    Your link was removed but if you are looking for something along the lines of a Surface Pro 4, I recommend checking out the Dell XPS 7275 or the new version (9275 or what ever it may be now). Depending on where you live, you can get the 7275 refurbished for around 500$, including the keyboard. Its a great device, with 2 thunderbolt ports which makes it even better. Its not quite as powerful as the Surface Pro 4 but it does come with a 256GB SSD and it can do all office, browser tasks easily with out any lag.