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  1. Best Laptop around €600?

    Many thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately that model isn't available in Europe, however while looking for it I saw HP are having an anniversary sale right now. Saw that this -> http://store.hp.com/SpainStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=X9Y01EA&opt=ABE&sel=NTB Actually is on offer and is 15% off, dropping it nicely into my budget. Bit unfortunate it has 4GB of Ram and only 128GB of storage but I think for my mum it should be plenty enough. Again, thank you very much for the heads up!
  2. Hey guys, I'd like to get my mum a new laptop for her birthday. My budget is around €600, could maybe go a bit over if it's the perfect fit. I've been looking at quite a few different models but haven't really found anything I've liked. What I'm thinking is anything that has: -Decent battery life, she won't need 10hrs but to sit on the couch with out having to charge it constantly would be nice. -Touchscreen (?), I'm kind of on the fence about this, I think for the "older generation" it would be good since touchpads tend to be a bit iffy at times. I don't mind the minor battery sacrifice. -Full HD screen as a minimum. 4k really isn't necessary but Lenovo has a couple of models which are really good but then have a horrible 720p screen. -SSD is just future proofing. If all else is perfect I'd be alright buying it seperate and just sticking it in. -Processor and Ram is obviously not as important. Can be mid range models, 8GB ram would naturally be nice. Has anyone come across anything like this? I've been looking for a while and nothing has really hit the spot. The closest I got was the Dell XPS 7275 but that has a kickstand which is terrible for using on your lap. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I do live in Europe so European models would be great but I would be happy to find the European counterparts to American models. Thanks guys!
  3. Multiple display smartphone from ZTE

    What is the market for this? I don't honestly know how or what you would use this for? Not to mention that powering 2 screens with a 3180 mAh battery is going to be a pain. Good to see that they are trying to innovate but I don't think this is the right direction, especially when you see things like the Xioami Mi Mix which did the whole bezless thing before Samsung and Apple. Maybe I'm wrong.
  4. I mean the charger says "input 100-240V approx 0.9A 50-60hz" And also of course works if you just use the "normal" UK/EU adapter. Just a pain to always carry one around
  5. Hey guys, a couple of my appliances have UK (3 prong) plugs at the end of them. I moved away from the UK and won't be heading back anytime soon so I thought I'd switch them to the standard EU plug (2 prong). It seems like a pretty straight forward process, cut off the UK plug, expose wires, buy EU plug, stick'em in there. Is there anything I need to consider or do laptop appliances need any kind of special plug or any particular rating? (Bear in mind, I'm only replacing the very end bit that plugs into the wall, not the entire cable) Appreciate the help!
  6. octa core tablet

    Your link was removed but if you are looking for something along the lines of a Surface Pro 4, I recommend checking out the Dell XPS 7275 or the new version (9275 or what ever it may be now). Depending on where you live, you can get the 7275 refurbished for around 500$, including the keyboard. Its a great device, with 2 thunderbolt ports which makes it even better. Its not quite as powerful as the Surface Pro 4 but it does come with a 256GB SSD and it can do all office, browser tasks easily with out any lag.
  7. Best small form factor PC?

    The Raven RVZO2B is a really nice looking case actually. I think that and the Node 2 are probably the nicest ones I've seen around. I really appreciate the suggestions!
  8. Best small form factor PC?

    The SG09 is quite big to be honest. Not generally speaking of course but for my particular bag it would be less ideal. Something a bit "flatter" would be better. I.e. The Node 202 which SCGazelle suggested has a really good over all shape.
  9. Best small form factor PC?

    For those prices and that design I might stick with building my own in a Node 202. Although, based on the rumored specs of the Xbox Scorpio, I wonder if it makes sense to buy a PC at the moment? If they manage to price the scorpio at 400£, then perhaps its a better value for money system at this time? I play games casually but Im just a bit tired of seriously outdated graphics on consoles but it seems like the scorpio might actually be powerful enough to hold its own for a few years, right?
  10. Best small form factor PC?

    Damn, the Node 202 is a nice little box. Around 70£ in the UK. A bit pricey for such a small case but does look very good to be fair. What about prebuilt ones? While I don't mind building it my self, if I can have someone else do it for me for an acceptable cost, I wouldnt object to that
  11. Hey guys, Ive been thinking about getting a new PC for a while now. Since I travel a lot, it needs to be fairly small. I travel with the original Xbox One which is quite big so I'd like to have something slightly smaller than that. The Asus Trident 3 looks quite good, its a bit too "Gamer" looking for me but I wouldnt really mind it too much. However, I thought I'd ask you guys which small form factor PC you think is the best? There are a couple of things that I am looking for. It needs to be able to fit a 1080. It doesnt have to be the massive founder edition one but a solid 1080 should fit. There are a lot of fancy "designer" small PCs that charge a massive premium for what ever reason, Im not really looking for something like that. For all I care, it can be a small black box with a power button. Thanks for any suggestions
  12. Windows 10 wont go to sleep

    That didnt return an error but neither anything else. I guess ill test it out to see if it worked. That didnt end up working unfortunately. Anyone have any more ideas?
  13. Windows 10 wont go to sleep

    Hmm, when I use powercfg /requestoverride process "chrome.exe" PERFBOOST or powercfg /requestoverride process "chrome.exe" I just get "Invalid Parameters"
  14. Windows 10 wont go to sleep

    Thanks! Its Chrome, it says that its playing Audio and hence is staying awake. Which is true. The tutorial suggests I need to execute the following: POWERCFG /REQUESTSOVERRIDE <CALLER_TYPE> "<NAME>" <REQUEST> So the caller type would be "Process", name wouild be "chrome.exe" but what is the request?
  15. Windows 10 wont go to sleep

    My mouse is wireless so it turns off automatically after 5 minutes. Ive checked and it definitely automatically turns off