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  1. loepa

    first job as an IT admin

    Congratulations on your new job. Make sure You know the network topology really well as it will save your (life) job. Learn how scalable the infrastructure and End User hardware. Ask Them : 1. How up-to-date all the software in the company is. If some software or OS are not up-to-date, ask why. I learn this the hard way. Updating certain software or OS can cause problems (some program doesn't run perfect in W10 but run will on XP or W7, etc). Make sure all the information you get is valid and true. check if all the password to access Router, Switch, Firewall, Servers, PC(s),etc are the right one. <---- This one looks insignificant but fatal. Make Sure you check what they give you
  2. loepa

    Network adapter device missing

    Yeah that's the next thing I'm gonna try. If in live linux the nic still doesn't work. then most likely it's dead right?
  3. I'm having a weird issue. My PC which use MSI Z77A g43 as motherboard. suddenly doesn't detect my onboard network adapter. I've check the bios. and it says the driver is enabled. I've tried to re install the driver. it gives me an error that pretty much says that the device is not found. I've check the device manager and network adapter. the said device is not there. The LED on the LAN port doesn't light up. but the lights on the other end that goes to the switch lights up. (LED light on the pc is not on, but the LED light on the switch does turn on) I've tried restoring it to previous version. Any Idea what should I do before I reformat my PC?? Thanks for any help
  4. Sure thing. You can use it as reference.
  5. Thanks. The pics are taken with LG G4 automatic mode.
  6. LG Watch Urbane have been released for a very long time and last month I decided to get one. This is my first smartwatch I ever owned and used. Since Linus never reviewed this watch, and I am not able to find any member review about this watch in LTT forum. here's my take on LG Watch Urbane 1st gen. Link to full album of image of the watch (http://imgur.com/a/q2qPX) Packaging and Accessory The watch comes in a pretty mediocre packaging even though the price is quite premium. The box it comes in doesn't really show it's price tag. But the accesory it comes with is pretty good. Each accessory comes in the little brown box you see in the picture. Hardware and Appereance The watch body is stainless steel, but the bottom is plastic with brushed look. The watch body is considerably relatively thick and big. it definetely not suitable for small hands. The crown part of the watch is brushed stainless steel. For me personally it looks good. It looks like a premium WATCH. Yes. The LG Watch Urbane looks like a watch, not like a gadget like peeble (to be fair, I like peeble too. but the price difference in where I live is pretty close with the urbane so I got urbane instead). Wherever I go, if people doesn't see my notification pop on the screen, or see me fiddling with the watch, they won't really notice that it is a smartwatch. When people do notice, they went crazy, everyone wants to try it and everyone wants to see it in action. The watch uses standard 22mm strap with spring loaded pin. It's not that easy to change it, unlike moto360 you kinda need to use tools and risk scratching the watch when trying to change the strap, which is a small downside but I can live with it. The strap it comes with is tough, it took me 2 weeks of daily use to make it more comfortable. if you buy the gold color watch, you'll get different color strap which is brown if I am not wrong. The screen is actually really good. It uses real glass not plastic. The text look crisp on reasonable range (obviously I won't put my watch near my face). Screen brightness on low is pretty good, but for outdoor even on full brightness it's not bright enough. Also talking about outdoor, this watch doesn't have ambient light sensor. Which is kinda annoying. There are times where I can barely see my watch screen. Battery Life The battery (410mAH) in this watch is bigger than most smartwatch out there. it definetely last me at least a day if nothing goes wrong (More on that later). on standby (screen off) it use little power which is pretty nice. on a normal day it left me with 50-60% battery life left at the end of the day (7 A.M. to 8 P.M.) To charge the watch, it uses propietary craddle, it doesn't have wireless charging like moto 360. The charger it comes with is not the best. The cable is pretty thin, it is also not very long (aroung 1 meter in length). The connection between the cable and the craddle use the usuall micro USB and it is removeable which is pretty neat if the cable need to be replaced. Software and Usability This part is the biggest upset of this watch. The software is as stable as rock trying to balance itself on another rock. I have never went through 3 days without needing to restart my watch at least once. The watch freezes and lags after a day and a half without restarting it. There are also occasional "android wear stopped working" error. which is easily fixable by tapping ok. (this will restart the android wear not the watch) Not all application works. for example amazon app for the watch doesn't work. when opening an application it took 2-4 second from tapping the app. usually when trying to open an app it went like this: app selection -> watch face for 2-4 seconds -> application. There are random battery drain. Which can last from 15 minutes to 3 hour (sometimes 4 hours) (this consumes from 10% to 40% of battery depending on the duration of the drain) . usually this happens when I sleep. The watch gets warm at these times. This forces me to charge the watch at least every 1,5 days. All of these are known problems on android wear 5.1.1, hopefully this will be fixed in android wear 6. as the android wear itself is maturing as the time goes by. But when the software works, it works really well. it gives me notification which in turns saves me from getting my phone from my pocket, and wasting the phone battery by waking it up everytime a notification comes in. Conclusion This watch and android wear is in process of maturing. The biggest problem I had with this watch is the software. The android wear is not mature enough for me, there are battery drain, crashes, lags, frezees in this software and I experience it on daily basis. As for the watch, it is maturing, but it is pretty good IMO. LG is releasing the second generation of urbane which have LTE which seems to be a pretty good one too, and there are also Moto 260 2nd gend, and Huawei watch which looks beautiful. I think there are better option than LG watch urbane 1st gen now. Link to full album of image of the watch (http://imgur.com/a/q2qPX)
  7. loepa

    LG G4 Review from Heavy Samsung User

    well since this review is made. I've located the problem of my phone poor battery life. and it's my fault. I turned on dropbox automatic photo upload. and I found out that it's silently uploading a sh*t ton of picture for days. Using my phone's internet quota and my home internet's bandwith. and also the battery *my upload speed at home is 70~ish kb/s since I turn the automatic photo upload thing off. I found out that it increased the battery life dramatically. Now it last for a day on normal use (automatic brightness enabled, location enabled, rotation enabled, smart setting off, smart bulletin off, no gaming).
  8. loepa

    LG G4 Review from Heavy Samsung User

    Yeah I think I'm gonna investigate further about the battery life. I just found out that mine is significantly worse than my friend's (he also have LG G4). I'll edit the review as soon as I know what cause the bad battery life.
  9. A little background for this review: I was a heavy Samsung user for the past few years (my first Samsung phone is S3 near launch day and my last is Note 3 which I also bought at near launch day) and on those years I used Samsung tablets (multiple). My whole family use Samsung phone other than me and my dad's blackberry (he have 2 other samsung gadget) In where I live (Indonesia) 3G and 4G signal drains battery quite fast. I bought LG G4 with the brown leather back LG G4 have been released for a short time. I have not been using this phone for a long time, but I think I would give it a review since I am pretty Impressed with this phone. Build Quality : 8.5/10 The Good Grip and Feels The Grip on this Phone is better than my grip on my Note 3. my index finger rest quite comfortably on the back button. my other finger also feels better. my pinky doesn't get tired when holding this phone (usually my pinky get tired quickly when I hold Note 3). You can see by the way I hold the phone, The phone weight on my pinky finger which gets uncoformtable on Note 3 but have yet to have problem with LG G4. *check the album link on the bottom* Material Choice A HUGE thumbs up to LG for putting A REAL leather on this phone. I was dissapointed with Note 3's Pleather. I don't feel the premium feeling when I hold my Note 3. This comes down to the fact that Note 3 use a lot of plastic and make the phone feels cheap pretty quick. On the other hand LG's Leather back makes the phone not only feels but also looks premium. The Bad The Leather I'm kinda afraid of damaging the back leather because it looks and feels fragile in some ways (feels easily scratch, tear apart). the only other leather backed phone I had is Blackberry Bold 2 8970 and the leather holds pretty well. I really hope the leather on this phone will hold as well as the leather on my blackberry. Phone Shape This is my first curved phone. Usually when I play with tap intensive games I put my phone on a flat surface and tap away until my finger hurts. Sadly, LG G4 is not a flat phone at all. The back of the phone is curved on all direnctions. This makes the phone move around when I tap vigorously while the phone is on a flat surface. Screen : 9/10 The Good Screen Quality The smaller bezel on the screen, combined with the QHD display and vibrant color blows my Note 3 Screen to the water. Hell this phone have better screen than my PC. The color reproduction is pretty good (Not the best) but doesn't really matter at this point. The text is a lot more crisp than my previous gadgets. Before I doesn't buy the more PPI is better thing. But this phone opens my eye. the QHD actually helps with the little details that I never noticed before. so a thumbs up to LG for the screen quality. Screen Brightness and light sensor This is where Phone and gadget usually fails me. But the LG G4 wins my hearts and my eye. The screen is really-really bright on maximum brightness, and can get really dim on the lowest setting. The brightness impresses me. I don't know about S6 but at this price point the screen brightness is pretty good. What about the light sensor? well it works. It works well only fails me once so far. My Note 3 light sensor fails me in multiple conditions. Where the screen is always too dim on normal light condition. And the maximum brightness still makes me struggle to use my phone on direct sunlight use on sunny day. Camera : 7.5/10 First of all I'm not a camera and photo guy but I just would like to write about my experience and stuff. So please be nice to me on this part. The Good Great Image Quality The first comment I got from my family members about the Image is the picture quality is pretty good. blows away my Note 3, my bro's Note 4 and S5. The Image is very crisp (the screen might contribute on this, but on further inspection it seems the image is actually good). The selfie (front facing) camera is 8 Megapixels which is pretty good. it captures my not-smooth face pretty well, it shows the detail of my face which makes asphalt looks pretty smooth compared to my face. (I am not sharing my face on this forum) Manual Mode Can't speak too much about this feature since I'm not a camera guy. I'm still learning on how to use this feature. The Manual Focus helps on capturing macro picture or blurring background and stuff (DSLR does better job). The Bad Camera Speed and AutoFocus This is where the phone dissapoint me. The laser auto focus dissapoint me. The Autofocus and camera speed is slow (about 1-2 sec wait) on Weird light condition.The environment is lid with 2 LED lightbulb which leaves quite a lot of shadows in the environment. And most of the time I can't snap picture as fast as Iphone 6 camera. This problem also occurs on my Note 3 so I don't really know if this problem is caused by software or hardware side. Connectivity : 10/10 The Good Well no complains here. only good things : Dual SIM slot with 4G LTE on both slot. Supports Huge range of mobile data frequencies which is very useful if You travel a lot. Have NFC, Bluetooth, IR. Great Wi-FI. I have no problem of using USB 2 instead of USB 3 since I rarely use it to transfer data. I prefer AirDroid. Software : 8/10 The Good Feel and experience UX 4 actually feels pretty good. Have additional security feature which I actually use (Knock lock). Hide sensitive notification on lock screen by default. Can switch user or make new user which is pretty Neat (Better implementation than Samsung Knox IMO). Less bloatware than my Note 3. I Prefer the Icon on LG G4 rather than on my Note 3 (Lollipop). I have better accuracy on the keyboard (I don't like swiftkey, so my previous experience is Samsung's keyboard). The only downside is if I switch to symbols on the keyboard, the backspace takes a bit of space which makes me misclick sometimes. I switch off text prediction from the start so don't ask me how good is it. The Smart setting is also pretty Neat. it's like tasker but a lot less feature. The Bad Usability some settings are definetily harder to find (Mobile Network setting IMO should be integrated to the Sim card option in the setting,etc). I prefer Samsung's Implementation of the setting page here. Battery : 8 /10 The Good Battery Pack When I bought this Phone, I got free battery pack. The content of the battery pack are : 1 Extra Battery Travel Case for the Extra battery Charga Case for the battery It doesn't come with additional charger or cable, but It's ok for me. Usually when I got home I just swap the battery and charge the depleted battery so I have no problem with just 1 Charger. Removable Battery I hope this ancient feature won't change in the future. This helps a lot. Since in a single day I can go through 2 battery (If i'm not using wifi and using my phone intensively). A removable battery means I can quickly swap my battery to get my phone to fully charge at any time. Also if my battery go bad I can just buy a new one and saves me a lot of time. *I'm Looking at you S6* The Bad Quick Charge This Phone doesn't come with quick charge capable charger. So charging time is longer than my Note 3. This could be a problem if there is no spare battery which means I have to spend longer time to charge my phone. I really hope LG would include quick charge capable charger. The phone itself actually supports it or I think so (Charging using Note 3 charger is faster than using the standard LG G4 charger). * since I made the review I've found out what is eating my battery life so bad. it's dropbox's automatic photo upload * Battery Life Battery is like oxygen for any phone. without it, it is basically a brick or an-overly-expensive-paperweight. let me put this straight. the battery life so far is not very good (you can see the battery usage graph on the album I'll link it at the bottom) My Note 3 also struggle in this part, even though I have extra battery I don't think I can give any thumbs up to LG in this part of the review. Even though my country 3G and 4G draining habit affect quite a lot in this part, I still thinks this could be done better. (larger battery maybe?) Conclusion : 51/60 This Is my Next Phone. For the price of around $600 (for US people) and me originally its around $700 but there is a discount so I got it for cheaper price (I don't live in the US) this phone definitely worth every penny. Great Build, Screen, Camera. Even though there are some bad things here and there. overall not bad at all. Great Phone. I would recommend this phone to almost anyone. to see photo sample that I took and battery usage graph provided by the phone you can visit this link http://imgur.com/a/rn5Ur/titledesc
  10. loepa

    C++ Array of Objects

    ^ Or to make it cleaner class thing <----------- this is your class / object{private :int i;public:thing() <-------- Constructor{ i =0; }SetData (int x) <--------------- set the value of the data{ i=x; }GetData() <----------- give you the value of the object / data{ return i; }}int main (){thing data[10];for (int counter=0;counter<10;counter++){data[counter].SetData(counter); <------------ Modify this part yourself. I made it the value of counter will be the value of your object;}cout << data[0].GetData();}
  11. Yeah, a minute in 2 months .
  12. My boot time improved by 1 second. 1 whole second, sweet.
  13. From what I know. Yes it is. But only time will tell. I have 10% offsite. and 20% empty capacity in my current configuration. So I'm sure capacity is not the problem here.
  14. Yeah on the second try it went much quicker (2% in 3 minute rather than 5% in 15 minutes on the first try) and it succeded. So I guess everything is fine now.