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  1. Hello Guys, Im looking for a team to play Apex Legneds with. I am not the best at the game but I think Im decent. I will play Casual or Comp I can play after 10pm PST so Late Night people or early morning UK player would be good for me!
  2. If you want to help build a server hit me up on discord
  3. cool this is literally in the starting phase. I dont even have a server yet just a Discord. If I can get at least 10 people to sign up then ill purchase a dedicated server. But since your first and if this takes off Ill make sure to make you a high member of staff lol
  4. Hey guys, Im editing the original posts. We now have 5 active players and we are looking for more. Just a reminder this server is very much Vanilla. So no tp or other commands. The players we have so far are calm and we are working together apposed to a free for all. I would love to get more die-hard Vanilla fans in here. Also don't worry about getting greifed or stolen from. I can roll back and see who did it . SERVER IS WHITE LISTED - DISCORD IN PROFILE
  5. I know this game is dead. But I recently picked it back up and need people to play with. Im in west coast US and play on PC Thank you
  6. Hello guys looking for 10 - 15 people to play this made up game mode with. Its called "Survive the Hunt" and it made by this guy : The basics is one player hides in the Los Santos city area while the others go around the map looking for the guy hiding. All mini maps and name tags are tuned off.
  7. Hello, I doubt anyone here has used this pine script editor for back testing day trades. https://www.tradingview.com/study-script-reference/ But im trying to write a script that prints a vertical line every 15 candles on any time frame. Thanks if you can help me
  8. irrelevant post but thank you
  9. Looking for Anthem PC players. Join my discord(LINK IN PROFILE)
  10. just hop into my discord if im on!
  11. Hello, the title says it all. Im looking for people to play apex with. You can join my discord(LINK ON PROFILE). Or juts invite me to yours.
  12. join my discord at some point. Im west cost US: https://discord.gg/ctkSFvr
  13. Either way dude. Looking to recruit or join!
  14. Hello, Im not sure if i can post this here, but im simply looking for active BFV and rocket league players. I dont care of your skill level just looking for active players. If interested join my discord(Warning its pretty dead). Anyone who joins would be much appreciated. I also play SWBF2 EA for Pc if anyone plays that here PS. I play on PC only Disocrd: https://discord.gg/ctkSFvr