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  1. Thanks so much for all the replies!! I've been looking and I've already checked most of what you guys mentioned... Sadly most of them either exceed the price or simply aren't available anymore here. I know the prices in US come around what I've been saying, but all the stores online here show it ridiculously overpriced like around Rs.23k+ ($300+) that just aren't worth it today. It sucks. .. The MSI R9 280 here is both over-priced and unavailable. The PowerColor R9 280 here is priced higher than the Gigabyte and has negligible differences like slightly slower speeds. Is the PowerColor one still good? Shall I go in for that then? And eBay is showing prices over Rs.25k that average 30k so I'm not even going anywhere near that. My nation's pissing me off. It won't let me buy something and what's here is ridiculously overpriced. I guess there's nothing really to do now, I'll either wait for a few months if that Gigabyte dealer gets the card, if at all, or I'll just buy the PowerColor R9 280 since its at-least available here.. Gigabyte.. I'm not sure. Usually when they say something's gonna take around half a year, you might as well just start looking elsewhere. If I stumble across an MSI R9 280, I'll buy that.. But as of now, PowerColor R9 280? yay or nay? It's priced higher, and the Gigabyte still has the edge, but.. hey, it's available in this friggin place.
  2. Here's my setup - Asus Motherboard, F2A85-M LE AMD A10-5800K (APU - Radeon 7660D) 8 GB Corsair Vengeance (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) Amacrox Freestyle - 750W PSU (aka FSP) 1TB HDD Cooler Master K380 Windows 8.1 Here's the story.. I initially wanted to get the MSI R7 260X but then a bunch of people online suggested I buy the Gigabyte WindForce edition R9 280 instead, that's just perfect for my budget and bang for the buck. But the thing is, I'm not in the US and my @%#&!ing country's recent change in rules, is somehow denying all payments (regardless of the bank and type of card) to international websites for electronics. If you didn't already guess the PMSing country, it's India. So anyway, I'm willing to spend around Rs. 12,000 - 15,000 (that's around $200..) for my first GPU. And after I saw the GigabyteWF R9 280's specs, I gotta say.. 3GBs GDDR5, 384bit, with those clock speeds at this price?! Freaking Awesome. Now I'm hellbent on getting that GPU, or, since it's not in my country; and my country won't let me - an alternative. I've tried buying from Newegg and Amazon.COM (not amazon.IN - they didn't have it) both sent me an email a while after saying my order was placed, that my payment has been declined. And I get in-touch with the bank and they told me what I've told you. Freaking new rules. But I then checked up Gigabyte's website online and I called up the dealer in my city. The guy said he's stacked up on Nvidia cards (but nvidia for my rig wouldn't be the most optimal fit, would it?) and they've only just began importing cards from the US o' A, so he told me they'd take around about, and I quote, "a quarter of a year to a year, max" . . . . . .. yeeeaaahhahahhahahhahaa :lol: No. <_< I'm not gonna wait a year. Or maybe I'll just have to *sigh* .. I've never bought a GPU before nor am I sure how to judge them, but going by hardware specs, on paper, the Gigabyte R9 280 kicks some serious butt at the pricing. Anyway! I digress... Basically, I want an alternative to the Gigabyte R9 280. And I've scoured the internet, none even come close to this GPU at this price point. I want a card of the similar, high tier chipset, 3GBs of GDDR5, and a 384 bit memory interface. I currently have a single monitor at 1920x1080, but it's just a matter of principle for me- so to say..you know?... I want that extra bandwidth, even though the internet says 256bits for 1080p displays should be fine. I want that extra 1GB for a total of 3GBs.. I've seen Watch_Dogs somewhere mention 3GBs of memory for enabling high textures.. How's the MSI R9 280? XFX Radeon R9 280X? And so I ask, fellow tech lovers, which GPU would be ideal for me at the $200 price!? Shall I wait or something? Is there a better card I've missed?(it seems impossible that I did) I'm gonna be using it for gaming of-course, but I also have a Wacom tablet, so I do some graphic stuff with Photoshop, also some 3D modelling, Cinema4D stuff, etc. Future-proofing, who knows? But I'd like this card to last me a while, say 2, 3 years down the line, I'd even be willing to settle at 1280x720p gaming... Does anyone have any idea? I'd really appreciate it. And gosh I hope the cards you guys suggest are available here @_@