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  1. Specs are good, but it's refurbished and warranty only for 3months also it weights same as many 15.6" , anyway I prefer new laptops.
  2. Does acer really that bad? What about ASUS and LENOVO then ? My budget is only 300€ , and I haven't seen any laptop in my country stores with 1080p for 300€
  3. Hello all, so I never had a laptop before because I didn't needed it and now I want to buy it because I will need it for future studies , also it will be great for me when I won't be at home.I have a dekstop pc which is enought for games that I play, so I don't need laptop for gaming but anyway I think that any budget laptop can handle some really old games.So now I'm confused and I don't know which size laptop to choose 14"(also 13.3) or 15.6" , mainly I want more mobile laptop which is not heavy and looks quite thin , talking about 15.6" they come with little bit better specs for the same price as 14" or 13.3" so I still don't know which to choose but I prefer 14" and less.So my budget is 300€ , and only from these websites http://www.1a.lt/kompiuterine_technika_biuro_prekes/nesiojami_kompiuteriai_ir_priedai/nesiojami_kompiuteriai https://www.varle.lt/nesiojami-kompiuteriai/nesiojami-kompiuteriai/ and http://www.skytech.lt/nesiojami-kompiuteriai-nesiojami-kompiuteriai-c-86_165_81.html?sand=2&pav=2&sort=5a&grp=1&page=1&pagesize=100 The sites are not in english language but I think it won't make any trouble , so can you help me with choosing the best 14" ( or less ) laptop and also 15.6" and then I will consider myself which to buy . P.S sorry for my bad english
  4. Here is my PSU: http://www.tecnoware.com/Power-Fusion/Products/TECNoWARE-POWER-FUSION/PC-POWER-SUPPLY/FREE-SILENT/FREE-SILENT-420W-12-CM-PSU_844.html , I'm live in Lithuania , going to spend about 200euros first , the gtx 960 is around 200euros in my country.
  5. Can my PSU handle the GTX 960 ??? I will upgrade it later but will it be okay for now ???
  6. Hi guys , so I have a question.Should I upgrade GPU first ( thinking about gtx 960 ) or CPU + MB ( thinking about i5-4460 ) , my current specs: i3-3220 , GTX 550 Ti 1Gb , 8gb ram , 1tb hdd and 420w PSU.