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  1. Audio is a new Avenue for me. Never considered high end (high impedance) headphones. Next I'll have to sound proof my room and hook up my blue yeti so I have a mic.
  2. Ah. That's what I am hoping for. My current alphas are loud, but not much distinction between sounds in game. I play PUBG pretty much all the time and that game already has poor sound imo. I'm hoping this improves things.
  3. As long as they're an upgrade from my current setup I'll be happy. I've never purched anything like this.
  4. What do you mean they are sharp, like like ear piercing sounds
  5. Hi there, For years I have been using gaming headsets with low impedance so Tomorrow I am heading to Microcenter to pick me up a pair of Beyerdynamic 990's. I plan on getting the 250 ohm version because I want to see if the sound quality is "better". For about 6 months I have been using an Asus essence stx ii paired with my astro tr40 and mix amp. Sometimes I switch the headset out to the hyper x alphas which are louder, but also have a higher impedance. I really enjoy having the mix amp for the ease of use for quickly turning down or up the sound, but I dont believe I will be able to use it with the beyerdynamics. I believe I am only in need of a mixer since the sound card should be able to supply enough power to power up the headphones, but volume control is only manageable through the software which I dont like. I am looking for advice on anything I may be overlooking, or your recommendations. Ty for your time.
  6. I haven't done that. OS is attempting repairs. can I just stop it somehow?
  7. I looked and it shows the dvd drive and the hdd but I didn't see the ssd. But if I install the os it shows up???
  8. SSD is samsung evo 250 g WD Blue 1 TB HDD MOBO is Gigabyte H170M-D3H I looked and it shows the dvd drive and the hdd but I didn't see the ssd. But if I install the os it shows up???
  9. What specs you wanna know about? the whole build?
  10. Building my dad a PC to stream his videos games with and after its all been put together I'm getting a "reboot and select proper device" error. I check put the error and apparently the bios is having a hard time finding the boot able device according to deskdecode.com Any suggestions?
  11. Well when I try to use Google Chrome and go to twitch.tv for example, I'm redirected to 2 sometimes 3 other sites I've never been to. In most cases I can exit out of these sites but they always pop back up when I move around the page I want to be on. Sometimes the redirected page can't be closed so I have to open the task manager and close down Google altogether. So I opened Internet Explorer and had zero issues. That led me to do some research and Google redirect virus or malware kept coming up. Companies use it to get traffic to their pages so they can make money. Well that's what I came up with.
  12. This didn't find anything but I still have the problem. Any other suggestions?