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  1. So today my friend and I had upgraded my GPU to a gtx 970, we also added a new hard drive. After installing everything we booted up the computer and got the message, "Please select a boot device." This happened many times upon restarting the computer. It would only work seemingly when it wanted to, the sata cable and power cable were all plugged in correctly. I have already made a back-up on my HDD. Are there any suggestions other than a dying SSD?
  2. OK so my friend and I just upgraded his computer to a GTX 970 and we also bought a new Hard Drive of 1 TB. We used the sata cable from the optical drive and The new drive doesn't pick up. It is installed correctly and is spinning, is it a dead HDD or what, because we have been going back and forth trying to figure out what is going wrong. We checked that the cables are correctly plugged into the motherboard and the HDD. Help please