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  1. I think the video holds some truth, It gives us something to look to at least upon release...I honestly hope that it is a good gauge of what to expect, that being said we will see for ourselves soon enough! No sense in arguing...I for one did not realize that AMD was event attempting to make a chip that would compete with the 6900k so that is exciting stuff! If it does compete it will put a fire under intel's ass and most likely drive some prices down as well!
  2. Do you guys have any idea on the price range of zen? I have always been with intel (not a fanboy they have just had better high end products in the past so im open to new stuff).
  3. Hey guys, So I have been waiting to upgrade my i7 3770k (@4.5GHz) for a while. But I have yet to see any decent options thus far. The 6700k doesn't seem to offer that much of a performance increase to be worth upgrading (not really talking about price-to-performance of the upgrade but just as a upgrade in general). I use programs like Unity3D editor, Unreal 4, Maya (on occassion), and I write different programs and such as I am a Game Developer. I am also a twitch streamer and the 3770k doesn't seem to cut it on more intense games where there is a lot going on in the game I am playing. I use X264 encoding as it produces the best quality, but it is also the most demanding of the CPU. I figured that 4 more cores were certainly do the trick for a better quality stream and would also help in the other programs or at least in multitasking with demanding tasks. I also play a lot of games (I realize in gaming alone the performance will probably be about the same, that being said I feel sometimes I am CPU limited having two 980ti's in sli). I also just read that Skylake-x should be coming out around may (ish?) would it be better to wait for that? Do you guys think I would see a big improvement in the programs/purposes I listed? Thanks guys!