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  1. How about Ashes of Singularity? Since you want to specifically find out DX12 performance.
  2. They sell 8K monitors? Do we have Displayport 1.4 isn't out? I don't really get your point, If they were out I'd get them.
  3. The detail in rendering is different I really didn't believe it until I went to Fallout 4 and ran my mods at 1080p for a while and went, Wait -_-... Then I switched back to my 4K monitor and went Yup.
  4. Every once in a while familiarity breeds contempt. I've used my 4K monitor for a year. When I was using it, the moment I went to any store I could tell all those monitors where at 1080p. It made my eyes bleed. Stepping down for a bit I can appreciate the awesomeness once again.
  5. Find an old monitor that is 1080p or 720p, use it as your daily driver and gaming for a week. Trust me when you get back to your 4K or 1440p monitor you'll want to hug it. The first 2 days you'll be like what is this pixels!? Then your eyes will 'adapt'. After 1 week switch back, It's like MAGIC.
  6. My Rig: Intel i7-6700K, Nvidia Geforce 980Ti, 16GB Ram , 600W PSU. If I don't run MSI afterburner on setup or my PC runs for sometime without shutting down. The Temps are 45-46 degrees idle with 40% Fanspeed. I can Ramp up the fanspeed to 100% for 15 seconds and it'll stay there. If I restart my computer immediately after that and MSI Afterburner launches at startup after I ramp up fanspeed to 100% for 15 seconds then back down to 40% speed. I get 30+ degrees. 0 GPU Usage for both cases. Does this happen to anyone else? Running the latest Drivers
  7. In the Port when you fly out into the Universe. In other areas such as Hangar I get really good utilization. I haven't tried arena yet.
  8. The weird thing is I managed to log in ONE time and get a solid 60FPS and above and my GPU was utilitsed but the moment I logged out and tried again. Back to 30% usage.
  9. Wait are you telling me no one is running the game at 60FPS at 1080P with an i7-6700K> What do you need a xeon?
  10. No cores are at 100 during gameplay but some sit at 80-90
  11. 1080P MEDIUM, Star Citizen, I'm not throttling, running GPU at 50-60ish and CPU at 60 degrees
  12. That's what I'm getting 16GB RAM Intel i7-6700K Nvidia Geforce 980Ti Asrock Mini-ITX MOBO 600W PSU Running the latest drivers. Also tried 362.00 drivers. Any fixes?
  13. I sold my Old Rig. Now I'm playing games on INTEGRATED GRAPHICS. I'll probably be playing on that for quite a while unless my financial situation turns for the better. There are always more unfortunate people out there so maybe you should give it to them. It's hard for me to claim I'm so broke that I'm dying. Probably the biggest benefit is I wouldn't ever pick up a Nvidia GPU after this again if I win Good luck. Thanks
  14. I was thinking of picking up a GTX 980Ti for my rig but I'm just not psyched for any game enough these days. I think it's the same for people who ONLY play CS:GO. So I'm wondering if there's anything you look forward to.
  15. Do 4K 144Hz monitors exist? The only advantage is not ever having to use AA For CS:GO.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUmRKryhS8A
  16. Maybe those soccer moms also love opening 30 chrome tabs in facebook.
  17. What are the deciding factors for you to choose one over another? I know to check Price/Performance. But I'm sure there are other factors at play. So what are those for you? What features are you looking for? DX12 Gains? Vulkan? I was planning on picking up a GTX 980Ti for my new rig. But I haven't gamed at all recently and really not in the mood so I decided to wait for the eventual release of the NEW GPUs.
  18. RAZER Products -_-.... I'm just going to get another Cheap small mouse to compliment my Mini-ITX RVZ02 Build.
  19. Is it legal to do that as an employee? How does he get away with it?
  20. I'm actually really curious on this because not many videos are on PSUs and I rarely hear anyone talking about. What is the actual tanglible difference between a High-end and a budget. I got a http://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-Factor-Modular-SX600-G/dp/B00MO675S8 for my new build and I still have no clue. I went with it because it fit my case and I'm powering a 6700K.