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    Ryzen 5 1500x
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    Asrock AB350M PRO4
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    16GB 3000mhz Corsair LPX
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    MSI Gaming X 1060 6gb
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    Bitfenix Phenom M
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    1tb Samsung 850 evo and 2tb WD Black
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    550W Evga Supernova G3
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    Dell U24175
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    Cryorig H7 Cpu cooler 3x Bitfenix case fans
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    Roccat Ryos Mk FX
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    Roccat Kova +
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. Haha no problem but I see your concern though, thanks! If they were like 2133 into 3200 i would be like no, but this is so marginal and I think it would be dumb to pay for what I allready have lol, in hindsight I should have got 2666 (or more) the first time and it could just clock down until I change it enough times lol, but oh well I didnt think that far ahead. Thanks for taking time though!
  2. I shouldn't have an issue both my laptops are msi (old one is gl62 and new is gl63) and both use crucial so I hope its fine lol. Thanks though I'll keep it in mind!
  3. yeah I wouldn't have thought so, and I dont want to spend when I don't have to. Saves me wasting a good stick as well. Thanks for the input!
  4. Hello, I have just got a new laptop and the plan all along was to take it from its current 8gb to 16gb as I have done for a while, the only problem is the speed on my new laptop is 2666 and the stick I pulled out of my old laptop is 2400, I would rather have 16gb 2400 than 2666 8gb but would it be better just to spend the $40 and get a 2666 stick? Also I heard (cos this mobo doesn't have xmp or memory speed change) if you put differentiating ram in it will allways put the two to the lowest speed of each, is this true? And what would your much wiser ( I hope lol) opinions be? Thanks!
  5. Hiya, I was going to order the msi alpha 15 amd based laptop, but I have seen quite a few people having trouble with it so I am not so sure. Does anyone know more about this? It seems ok to me and mostly software problems and with the lower price it's not too bad. I would like to go msi but asus looks good too, and my budget is about 1100 dollars max. The reason I like msi is my old laptop is an msi (GL62M) and it has done 3 years with no trouble apart from physical damage and dust. Does anyone have anything that would be a solid bet and if you have info on the alpha 15 that would be great. Thanks!
  6. Yeah i thought this might be a problem, i had a look and a custom laptop with no storage or os isnt too bad. Maybe i'll just go for that and its basically a barebones. And if i send then the ssd they can put some stuff on it if needed
  7. Hello, my current laptop is on it's last legs, despite being fairly new (2.5 years old) the touchpad doesn't work properly anymore the keyboard is having trouble and one of the hinges for the screen broke off, the trouble of plastic laptops I guess. I don't want to have to go through the whole process of transferring data again as i have this current laptop set up perfectly as I want it. It has a pcie (gen 3) ssd in it atm and I was just wondering if I bought a new laptop and just shoved it in there (i would make sure it could support it) would that be a problem? I know that a lot of modern laptops have a whole bunch of proprietary software that help them function and by swapping drives would this be a problem? I guess the other option is a custom laptop with no drive but these are expensive. Thanks
  8. Yeah, I think you might be right. I think I'll wait until the 3000 series cards arrive and go for that. But thanks for all you help so far and the time you spent helping me.
  9. Hiya, I gave it ago and unfortunately it didn't work so I put another ssd in with a different OS and I still had the same problem. Both these pc's went on a long journey and before it they were both working but now they're not. I am thinking about getting a new motherboard and a chip with integrated graphics (its a work pc) and doing that. I was Just wondering if you had any other suggestions before i do that? Thanks a lot for your help and if you don't know, your not the only one! Thanks.
  10. Ok, thanks alot I'll give it go.
  11. Ok, I thought I might try a reset and see if that works if not I'll try a fresh OS (i've still got the old hard drive from my other pc) so ill try that. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I posted a while back about my PC freezing but the audio kept on playing and the cursor or keyboard wouldn't work just a general freeze I guess. I had an older PC lying around so I used the gpu from that and still the same problem, I then changed the ram and psu and I've still got the same problem. It's just a random occurrence and the PC isn't even working hard when it happens. It's possible the other parts are bad but unlikely. The only part atm that remains the same is the Samsung ssd but id be surprised if it was that. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem? Thanks for the help.
  13. Yeah I will, I need to get my old pc out of storage but I'll try it tomorrow, Thanks.
  14. Ok thanks a lot, I thought that might be a cause as the trailer it was in was leaking. Luckily I've got an old PC with a good gpu and the problem PC doesn't need much gpu power so I might try that. Thanks
  15. Hello, my PC keeps on freezing, the symptom is that the screen freezes yet the audio keeps on playing and the PC keeps on running. I don't think it's a software issue, my guess would be gpu but the fact it still displays and image (frozen) even when I unplug it and plug it back in means it might not be that? I thought maybe psu but at this point I'm not sure. The reason I think hardware is because it was working fine and then I transported it quite a distance and ever since it's been having problems. Would anyone have an idea what the problem may be? Also it's running quite cool the CPU is around 35c idle and the gpu about the same. Thanks for any help and please ask for more info if I've left something out.