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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 3770k
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8 Z77-V Premium
  • RAM
    16GB Dominator Platinum
  • GPU
    Asus GeForce GTX 970 Strix + EVGA 580
  • Case
    CM Storm Sniper
  • Storage
    256 GB SSD + 2x 500GB WD HDD
  • PSU
    Cooler Master 1000W 80Plus
  • Display(s)
    1080p Asus
  • Cooling
    Zalman CNPS9900 LED
  • Keyboard
    Trust GXT 280
  • Mouse
    Logitech G300
  • Sound
    Marshall Major Black + Creative Draco HS-850 + Shure SE 215 + Tannoy E11
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 premium

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  1. Hahaha, great tip! I'll definately remember that one =]
  2. Thanks again! This is pretty much all I needed to know. I'll dive in and do some more research and price scouting to see what kinds of deals there are around my place. Regarding the WD easystore: What kind of deal is that?! They sell a 250$ drive for $160? Seems like a great deal indeed! Thanks =] Alean
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! I should probably explain my current workflow a bit. Currently, what I do is: - I copy the RAW video files to a hard drive. These RAW video files usually have a bitrate of around 2000 Mbit/s (ofcourse dependant on the codec etc.). - I then transcode the footage into a proxy resolution. 1080p 24 DNxHD 115 Mbit/s. - I import the transcoded footage into Media Composer for offline editing. What I would like to be able to do in the future is stream the RAW files directly to my timeline for viewing and stream a 4K proxy resolution (DNxHR 444 1492 Mbits/s) to my timeline for editing. My basic counting knowlage tells me: 1492Mbits/s is more than 1 Gbit. So I will need a 10 Gbit link. As for the link itself, I do have a both a thunderbolt 3 connection to workstation and a 10Gbit ethernet connection to my workstation. My office also has CAT6a copper ethernet wiring. So the wires are there, just not the networking equipment. Could you elaborate on the hba+zfs setup? How is this done? What do I need? As for budget. I was indeed thinking of a number somewhere between $2000 and $2500. Thanks =]
  4. Not too long ago one of my external hard drives, containing all my movie projects and media, died. Of course I had made some back-ups on different drives, so not everything was lost. This did set me back some days though. Anyhow, since I was also having problems storing all the data that comes with 4K movies on external hard drives and the transfer speed that comes with USB 3.0, I decided to try to build a storage server that will stream 4K footage over the network to my editing software (Avid Media Composer). The problem: I have no actual clue on how to do this. I searched a bit online and found tons of guides on how to build a NAS or storage server but none of them are specifically for movie editing. I was hoping there is someone here that has experience with this. Now, I have some old but working hardware laying around. What I have: Asus P8Z77-V PREMIUM motherboard Intel core i7 3770K CPU I was planning to buy a 2U hot-swap storage chassis. This one for instance: https://www.inter-tech.de/en/products/ipc/storage-cases/2u-2408 And also I was planning to use UNRAID as the OS for the server. I have a 10Gb ethernet wiring in my home. There is no other 10Gb networking gear though, like a switch or something. The couple of questions I have: - Will ECC memory work as ECC memory in this motheboard. - How do I get a fast enough transfer link from the server to my PC so that it can stream 4K media over the network to my timeline? - What RAID card do I need? Do I need a RAID card? - Do I need a network card to achieve 10Gb transfer speed. Do I need 10Gb transfer speed? - Should I buy new/used server hardware (mobo and CPU) rather than re-use the harware I have laying around? - Will 8 hot-swappable bays be enough to achieve 40 TB of redundant Raid storage? - Do I need any other networking gear to achieve a 10Gb link? I hope there is anyone here that has experience with network storage for movie editing. Maybe even specifically network storage for Avid products. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks and Grtz, Alean =]
  5. And that while Cannabis is still Illegal...
  6. [A link to the original article: Cnet] "Wha.... What are they thinking?" Uber is currently controlling the ride-hailing industry, so SideCar had to come up with something interesting and original to outplay Uber... But this I could never have anticipated. SideCar, an alternative to Uber, is now delivering medical marijuana right to your doorstep (That is an entirely different business than flower delivery). They claim that the deliveries will be made within an hour and the amount will be limited to one ounce per customer (That... Is a lot of weed). Every delivery is securely packaged in a safe. One ounce of weed would cost you about 300$ on the street. Apparently SideCar is not the first company to deliver medical marijuana, according to the article there are at least eight other startups that do the same.
  7. Alean

    Nintendo NX possibly Region-Free

    The fact that importing games is sometimes cheaper than to buy it locally is hurting local game distributors. Besides that... The fact that Nintendo is trying to unblock certain regions to be able to interact means that Nintendo were the ones whom were blocking connections while it had nothing to do with laws and governmental regulations.
  8. Alean

    Nintendo NX possibly Region-Free

    Its to do with the seller, not the consumer. Though nonetheless they are falling behind as the world changes. I am from Europe and I have friends across the ocean whom I want to play games with. Everyone around the world connects and Nintendo are not taking part in it...
  9. Alean

    Nintendo NX possibly Region-Free

    Then how come Microsoft and Sony are not limited due local regulations?
  10. Alean

    Nintendo NX possibly Region-Free

    They are missing out so badly!
  11. Alean

    Nintendo NX possibly Region-Free

    There are some major games that are not region locked like Mario-Kart 8. They couldn't possibly region-block such a highly anticipated title, it would lose them too much money... But one of my all time favorite games, Mario Super Striker, I could not play with people from around the world!
  12. (A link to the article: NintendoLife.com) Nintendo are up against Microsoft and Sony when it comes down to gaming networks on the console. Microsoft and Sony are rocking the top 3 with a tie for first place on the network quality. Though both have a great and stable network, Nintendo is producing the better games in my opinion. I like the games that come out for the Nintendo console better, no doubt. But I straight up don't play them as often because I don't have anyone to play them with. Nintendo are really losing the race this way, so them looking into making the online experience better is a great step in the right direction if you ask me. Why do region locks exist anyway? They mostly produce their own games, so why do they block players from around the world from interacting and enjoying the game together? Alright, that was my opinion on this topic. What do you guys think? Greetz, Alean
  13. Alean

    Mini-ITX Hackintosh build help

    Seems like a legit comparison... Thanks for the advice, I'll go check it out now! Alean
  14. Fellow forum members, I call upon your expertise for I need help. Now let me give you some information on the situation (nothing crazy or unheard, but it'll hopefully give you a better look on this case). A friend of mine (PC hater, Mac Fanboy), asked my help to build him a Hackingtosh desktop. He is a student (17 years old, about to go to Uni), who gets payed well enough to afford a laptop as well as a desktop. The machine is not meant to be a gaming rig, mostly a workstation for text editing and browsing (Don't tell me about the utter stupidity of building such an expensive rig for such nonsense tasks :lol:. I tried to convince him too). The budget is respectively $1200. His demands were: - Small case (about the size of an Xbox One) - SSD (Lightning fast boot speeds) - Intel core i7 with at least 4 cores and a decent clock speed He left a lot of blank spots. Its up to me to fill those in. Regarding the CPU, I was debating on a i7 4820k and an i7 4770k. Now the 4770K has better overall performance, but the performance/$ isn't all to great compared to the 4820k. All your input on the CPU is more then welcome! The case is a close call. There are not many Mini-ITX cases that are flat like an Xbox One. There are two candidates in my opinion: The Lian Li PC-Q19 and the Silverstone Raven RVZ02. Lian Li's design is unbelievably sleek, but about 1.5x the size of what the Raven RVZ02 is claimed to will be. I personally prefer the RVZ02 due to the fact that it has exactly the width and height of an Xbox, its just 90mm deeper. Another con to this case is that it is not yet released. This means that I'll have to postpone building this system until the case + the fact that not everything is known about the case itself. Will it be any good in the first place? The GPU was an easy choice, I was thinking of a GTX 960 reference. I need to keep compatibility with the case, OS and motherboard in mind. When I say "it was an easy choice" I actually mean I just took a wild stab in the dark and went with the graphics card that seems most fitting to me. Now I am not an expert on this matter, all help and suggestions are welcome. I have never worked with Mini-ITX, so I have not a clue what motherboard has best overall durability, compatibility, price etc. I wanted to leave this topic up to your expertise. RAM is not a big concern of mine. This system doesn't need lightning fast RAM, something like 1600MHz or 1866MHz should fine (I hope :huh:). Don't worry about the RAM, I'll figure it out. The power supply has to fit the case, I'd say something around 400-500 Watt 80 plus gold should cut it. I am not a power supply expert either, so any advice is helpful. I am not sure how I am going to cool the system yet... The case probably doesn't support water cooling, so that's not an option. It would be lovely if you guys could help me figure out the best cooling solution to this setup. That about concludes it. If I am unclear at certain points, please make sure to let me know and ask me! All the help is awesomely much appreciated! Any tips or tricks on the actual assembling is always nice since I am not really considered an experienced builder. I did watch Linus's and Luke's video on Hackingtosh machines. Warm regards, Alean.