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  1. I meant doing this with an ultrawide monitor.
  2. But i want the opposite, a program that "splits" the ultrawide like they are seperate monitors
  3. What do you mean with segment? Im just wondering that when i press the maximize button on google chrome for example, if the whole screen will be covered. I just like the idea of using 1 screen for watching youtube, and the other screen for playing a game for example. And also, how does this work with competetive games? It isnt really practical to use an ultrawide on a league match
  4. So i am looking to buy 3 monitors, mostly for gaming and schoolwork. I have a benq rl2455hm now, but i am not really a big fan of the look of it. So what monitors do you reccomend? I play league of legends and a few other competetive games so ultrawide isnt really an option for me. Hope you can help
  5. But what about people saying that the benq has really washed out colors?
  6. Why, if i may ask? i have a gtx 970 so i dont see that running 4k games.
  7. Hello, so i want to buy a new monitor and i dont now wich one i want to pick between these two. some people say that the benq has better colors, while others say that the asus one has better colors. also, the contrast ratio is much better form asus, but does that really matter that much? P.S i dont want to spend more than around €280.
  8. Also, the k70 has that ugly logo on it..... i think that i will go for the strafe rgb. does anyone have a reason to pick the k70 above the strafe rgb?
  9. They don't sell the keyboards in stores in my country. and also, razer is not a bad company, i just dont like the shape of the blackwidow. but why do you say that the k70 is better than the Strafe RGB? i am a gamer and the Strafe has those rubberized keycaps. and has anyone here tried both of the keyboards? can someone tell me the difference?
  10. Hi, So i bought a razer blackwidow chroma, but i thought it was a bit too high for me and it felt really uncmofortable on my wrists. so now i am going to return it for a new keyboard, on with a wrist rest. but here is my struggle, i dont know which one to buy. i like the looks of the strafe more, but the k70 has media keys etc. etc. so i was wondering, which keyboard will be the most comfortable to work with and which one is easier to clean? also, which one do you think is the prettiest?
  11. another post defending Kailh: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/2k27ai/your_argument_against_kailh_switches_lets_hear_it/
  12. yes i can, my stephbrother will bring it i think this evening so i can try it out. a friend of mine has the stealth version so i can try that one too. and about the quality control, i agree about that but the customer service of rzer is perfect and if there is anything wrong with your product, you send them an email with a picture or explaination, and then you can get a brand new one for free. so the quality control doesnt really matter to me
  13. also, i found this post on this forum about the switches: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/224373-mx-blue-vs-razer-green/page-1 they have some really strong points there in the favour of razer. i think it is all a matter of opinion and feeling that you get by a brand.
  14. but why are kailh switches so bad? they say they have longer live span, and that kailh is a good respected company. it is just too hard for me to choose. also, they say that the corsair keyboards can longer your pc bootup times and that the led lights in them can break easily.
  15. the strafe rgb look cool, but i think that the software is too complicated what are your thoughts on the orange switches?