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  1. Thanks so much guys for the responses! I feel much better now!
  2. Is it safe to order directly from alphacool? Also, I accidently ordered two radiators not meaning to and used DHL shipping. I don't know what DHL shipping is so I emailed them and told them to cancel one of my radiators and change the shipping of the other to UPS Express shipping. Can I get any regards as to if ordering from them was a good idea and if DHL shipping is good? They haven't emailed me back at all.
  3. Which is better? I want a quite build and I'm using quad rads. I've googled and asked Linus and JayZTwoCents, no one has answered me so I'm coming here. Thanks!
  4. Okay, no need to be salty guys. I thought this was suppose to be a friendly community? Any ways, I did Google it, even read the manual. I understand it holds to PSU's, I'm experienced with PC building; ive been building for around 8 years. What I'm curious about, is since it's in the back it may be a bit small and the Hercules 1600w is larger than most PSU's. Thank you
  5. Will the Hercules 1600w power supply fit in the back chamber of the Phantek Enthoo Primo full tower case?