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  1. Im not sure if this was sarcastic, or a "joke" or serious....but if it's the latter...the kid is not born yet...do not even think for a second that a piece of hardware will be more important than my own child. What I am asking for is any hardware that would make life easier when I have a child not a distraction from it. anyway.. Thanks for all the suggestions and well wishes, myself and my other half appreciate it, alot of these things I have or am planning to do, so I think i'll be set, the dipper change light is a really great idea, that im going to do, and the smart mirror sounds like a fun project, so thanks guys really nice hearing from the other Dads, thank you all again =)
  2. Wow, thank you for all the support and PM's Iv gotten, you guys are awesome, some fantastic tips here, and im up for any advise, I have 6-8 tablets already (I buy them cheap off facebook and repair them) I also have 2 amazon echo's and I was in the middle of upgrading all my lights, the tip about the nappy change is fantastic and is one i'll defiantly set up (the hue lights) , the toys and things im buying mostly second hand due to the cost and outgrowing them quickly, I will have to invest in a baby monitor (any recommendations?) I know I wont have time for alot of the things I usually do or the money, but im looking forward to the challenge, these tips are fantastic guys, really thank you so much. Such a great community. This might even make a great video for linus "tech for new parents" being a Dad himself. again thank you for all the tips please keep them coming =)
  3. thanks buddy =), and yeah great advice having to change a routine because of the item means its already failed , will definitely keep that in mind
  4. So yeah, I've just learnt im gonna be a father, so exciting! so my question is, what do other dads on here use tech wise to help in their lifes, if any, or are you all old school?
  5. yeah I guess, its been so long now I guess I'll not get a response though ( I have tried before) so meh, like I said not complaining as such, was just happy to help the guys move and was looking forward to a mention, anyway was a long time ago so not alot can be done now I guess, maybe It was my fault and I missed a post or something, oh well =)
  6. not complaining just commenting, I'd forgotten about it until I saw this post...
  7. I can't remember, I just know if I donated so much I'd get a personal video, never got a thing =/ . was kinda disappointed tbh =(
  8. resolve 14.3 the file is MKV, and i tried H.264, AVI,Mpeg,MP4, But im not 100% ..(or even 0.01%) sure what im doing tbh, i'll give it another go @Mutoh just tried again and its working...so fingers crossed EDIT 2 - nope scratch that doesn't do anything....just sits at 0% TBH I really don't care, its to much hassle now to mess around with it.... so either watch it or don't... I'm not wasting more hours trying to get it to work, so take it or leave it
  9. ....fine i'll try again Iv never done any editing or anything like that, I tried 6 different programs all would crash, it would get to 50-60% then just freeze, dont know why =( i'll try it again at the weekend ...but yeah in the meantime,... this is what you've got.. so if you dont want the watermarked version,. then feel free to wait.. but like it said I believe Im the only one with the full stream and it's taken me this long to try and split it and upload it...so I wouldn't hold your breath. EDIT - trying shotcut now =) Edit 2 - @Mutoh Resolve - crashed shotcut - no idea just said failed stright away Hitfilm - File not supported
  10. I do but the problem would be the time it would take to upload it to you, it would take me nearly a week =(
  11. So after like 3 years of trying, I've finally gotten around to uploading the complete MOD 24 Nvidia Event that happened on the release of the GTX 980, I recorded it directly from twitch no copyright is intended but I wanted to let people see it if you missed it. - LOVE BS MODS!!! Linus and Luke host for nearish 18-19 hours, it was a really fun watch IMO. All sound / video problems are what happened on stream. Also part one is fully uploaded its 11 and half hours long , im uploading part 2 now that will be 6 hours long, and then in around 6 hours i'll upload the last part that is 6 1/2 hours long, ALL PARTS NOW UPLOADED i had to use a free trial software to split the file as all the ones that did not leave a watermark would crash ( the original file is just under 200gb ) so had to split it and convert it because youtube wouldnt let me upload it , I tried a long time ago uploading in 10 minute chunks but gave up as it was just taking so long. Anyway sorry for the watermark but its that or nothing, hope you all enjoy it PS just for clarity the stream does start off with all the event windows but after 10-15 mins it's JUST the Mod 24 view -- I messed up recording the first part =/ @LinusTech @rodrosenberg Part 2 Part 3
  12. cost £2 from a facebook seller, because the power port was damaged, bought a new one for £7.50, and bought an adapter from amazon for £12 thought it was a bargain!Dell P24T
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-R7000-100UKS-Nighthawk-Parental-Compatible/dp/B00HDK4GAK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520128979&sr=8-3&keywords=netgear+nighthawk ^I have this one, was worth every penny, in my opinion, great bit of kit, it even upped my internet speed by by a good 60% I was downloading on steam at 3.5Mb on my ISP router, bought this and in a couple of days I was up to 7.9Mb , really happy with it, sorry I cant help you with your issue but hope it helps anyways =)
  14. Great! thank you!, any tips or steps to look out for when installing?
  15. So I bought a dell P24T notebook from someone on facebook for £2 because the power socket was broken, I ordered a new one put it in and had to buy a universal adapter...the adapter works but not properly so iv ordered an actual AC adapter for the notebook, not a universal multi adapter.. see if that charges the battery, anyway, because the specs (mainly the HDD 34Gb) is tiny it comes with windows 10 on it, but I thought about putting chromium os on and turning it into a chromebook, why?...well why not, not done it before and messing with this stuff is fun, so just seeing if chromium os would be ok for this device and wont be a slow mess or should I stick to windows? and yes linux is an option, but i will do that when I buy another cheap laptop and in total this notebook cost me £24 , about $30 so quite happy with that =) its the cheap one in this video
  16. I never said I was at the receiving end I said I saw it...I only have facebook for buying and selling groups...get some really awesome stuff for next to nothing =)
  17. I see, I didn't really think of it like that, but how can they function in the world like that?, or is it they cant so vent online with no real consequences?