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  1. Pretty new to this audio stuff. Looking at buying the T50RP MK3's just wanting to know if the JDS Labs The Element will be ok in terms of power. I hear these are quite power hungry. Could anyone advise? Thanks guys,
  2. Hi, I'm trying to understand why my new 970 Evo NVMe drive in M.2 is working at half the rated speed. The drive is rated for over 3000Mbps transfer rates. but I'm getting less than half. Looking into it Samsung Magician software says its connected PCIe Gen 2 x 2. On my Gigabyte gaming 7 Z98 board with an i7 4790k. I'm confused is my NVMe drive limited in a way? is the port on the board just naturally slower? Because the promo stuff says that the port can transfer at 10Gbps (Image) My board is also PCIe 3.0 supported. would it be better to get a PCI adapter for the M.2 drive? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Correction. There are only 2 Devices to be connected. One is the 400i's and the other is the HK III's. I'm running them currently through my old Asus Xonar DX on a Z97 (Pretty sure that information is irrelevant but just making sure) Which I feel is just lacking the power the 400i's need. The HK III's manage and sound great through them. But I'm not sure how can upgrade my audio setup currently. To provide a powerful and also seamless experience. Gaming will be the main focus from CS:GO to Smite and other fast-paced action games. The budget would be around £300 ish happy to go higher if the convenience or end result is there. Thanks again. (Edit: Grammar)
  4. Hi, Thanks for getting back. Yes, it mainly will be Amazon in the UK. I'm not against ordering from other websites if you're aware of some good ones. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Firstly Merry Christmas, I've received some HiFi Man 400i's for Christmas and very happy with them but I need to invest in an audio solution to use them. I have some Sound Sticks III for H&K and not sure what device I need where I can plug both them and the headset in. and just switch over when I need them. Sorry for the silly question. But I'm really out of my area in this knowledge zone.
  6. I can confirm that this is Windows Misreading the temps of my CPU - I have USB booted Linux and done the same test and the max temps, i got was around 60c which is far more what I'm expecting with a base temp of 30c.
  7. Already done this. This is where i currently am now with now understanding of fixing the problem as i can't adjust northbridge settings.
  8. It was originally the stuff that comes on the H100i but that dried up so i swapped it for some CoolerMaster Hyper Performance (it's all my local PC store hand in a pinch) Thanks for that comment, But I can actually feel the pump if I put my hand on it so I feel its still working. and the odd things is i have no thermal throttling issues. even with the temps shown here this is why i think its a sensor issue.
  9. Currently, my CPU is running at 35-40c for an i7 4790K, on a GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 with 8GB ram and a GTX 970. Doing a stress test my temps will curve from 40c to 90c in a blink. As seen below in the image. and will stay at 90+c. I've checked my H100i and reapplied new paste and reseated the Cooler all with no luck being unsure what's causing this. As you can see in the other photo below I can see 3 TEMPIN sensors for my board. I've worked out that Temin0 is the mobo and TEMPIN1 is the CPU Socket which I would be suspecting to be hot if the CPU is 90c But TEMPIN2 is the Northbridge which apparently is at 91c and I have no idea why this is so high. I've ran furmark to see if it's just an odd sensor but it doesn't spike if I run a GPU stress test just a CPU one. The northbridge and also the CPU pump are both cool to the touch. Any ideas on how to fix this issue or even what's causing it? and should i be worried with just a high level Northbridge as it throws all my other CPU readings out of wack. Thank you.
  10. I did research into it? im also asking if anyone who has done this could help me understand the process? I thought this forum was pro-help the user?
  11. Hi All, I recently just got a new Chromebook (Acer Chromebook CB3-431 Linux) upgrading from a C720 i had Linux on it, and i want to do the same with the new one has anyone had any experience with this Chromebook I'm struggling to find any info on it like i did for the C720. Any pros/Cons? I've heard I have to install custom firmware I've never done Thanks for your help
  12. About time i cleaned my keyboard and i've bought some 70% Isopropyl alcohol, am i ok filling a bowl and just putting all the keycaps inside or will i damage the caps? Thanks
  13. I have a Asus Xonar DX and also some Harmon Kardon Soundstick III's and also some 3.5mm headphones but i don't wanna keep going behind the back of my PC so swap sources. Is there a good quality audio switcher around if that sort of product exists? Thanks
  14. A friend of mine said the Titan Z's Cores are 32 bit cores, I'm struggling to find any documentation to support this. so i'm asking would anybody know? Thanks!
  15. The only bottleneck i see if when loading a game as its coming from a hard drive, But when in ram there should be nothing
  16. "A sound card will not necessarily make any difference to improving your audio" I think that is more your personal pref, i feel it does and im happy with the audio equipment i have now i was simply asking if anyone knows of any soundcards having 2 outputs
  17. I know i dont need it, i want it, i would like a better sound quality then my onboard audio would offer i have an Xonar DX and its served me well for many years and now i dont want to have a lackluster experience with my music. Also may you elaborate on this 'Autohotkey' ?
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a soundcard which can support both my 3.5 mm Audio Techncia gaming headset and also my Harmon Kordon sound sticks, Anyone know any cards around £250 that has this ? Thanks!
  19. Hi looking to get my car fitted with a Apple Carplay but i'm not sure if its worth it as i don't really know anyone who has it saying its worth it Also i would like to ask if SoundCloud has support for it as that's mainly where my music is based Thanks!
  20. Hi Guys my exam is like 2 days away and i feel a million times better about it thanks to you guys! There just one question stumping me again. how is a breadth first search performed on a graph? So some help on this and i feel like im set to do well in this one Thanks guys!
  21. You guys where the best at helping me with my last question so i thought ill try it with this one (Plus my lecture takes forever to reply) Explain the effect of a small change in the input to a good hashing algorithm has on its output. Use a real-world example to help explain your answer. Im sure hashing would is used to create a shorter fixed length value or am i on the wrong topic?? Thanks guys!
  22. Pretty much i failed my exam on programming and i need to retake (not my strongest point) and this is one of the questions, In the language of your choice, show an implementation of the quick sort algorithm. It does not matter if the sort is in-place, returns a new sequence or takes a pointer to an empty list as a parameter. (python) So if anyone could show me how this is done and what each line is doing i may have a chance Thanks
  23. Im stuck at the first time setup part where it keeps trying to install Microsoft VC Redist Package (step 2 of 3) been doing it for about 10 mins, This is the second time i've downloaded too. http://puu.sh/heERU/ee3dc79587.png any ideas guys?