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  1. Thanks @WereCat & @Eastman51 for the great answer That was what I had hoped and had in mind myself. I knew my 970 wasn´t going to cut it so something had to happend Glad that I was not total of with the idea of keep going with the CPU and get a new GPU. Mabye you could help me find a new graphics card: Which graphic cards would you recommend to get the most performance pr. buck that fits my demands the best? And I dont think I would go to team red I like blue and green Again Thanks
  2. Hi My good old trusty gaming machine is about 5 years old by now, and are starting to consider either upgrading or just getting a new one. It rocks a Core I7-4790K 4GHz and Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming 4GB. So my question is: Is it worth it to just upgrade the graphics card and wait with the CPU? (Because that means new motherboard, which means new ram so basically a new computer ) or just buy it all at once? Because if I could safe some money and wait a least a half to 1 years to upgrade the rest, I would be nice I want to play games in 1440p 144hz will CPU could keep up or just be a bottle neck? If so which graphics card to upgrade too? I want to get the most for my money as possible Thanks for everyone who takes time to answer.