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  1. Infact i think im going to drop the cooler (and get it at a later date, just use the stock for now) and get a gtx 960
  2. Is it worth dropping the That looks really good and in budget! Thankyou man, i can just about afford the 5690k
  3. Heres what i've got so far. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/Fj6KQ7 I have a budget of around £750 (already stretching it here) and i still need to get a monitor, gaming mouse and keyboard. Can one of you lovely people have a play around on pc part picker and recommend me something to fit my budget? (ps. if it looks stupid what ive got so far my bad, im not that great with building pcs)
  4. Yeah was just tryna see if there was possibly anything better
  5. I know i posted this the other day but i wanted to get some more opinions. At the moment £500 is quite a lot to spend on a laptop so want to get the best deal i can. Heres what im currently thinking of getting http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/hp-envy-touchsmart-15-j184sa-15-6-touchscreen-laptop-silver-10011535-pdt.html
  6. Its only an extra £35 brand new lol Winner!
  7. Hope its still there in 2 weeks, refurb lol
  8. i cant stretch that far, however that does look awesome. I dont game too much, its mainly for other things, i just wanna be able to play a few games on low settings Thanks for the advice though that looks pretty good!
  9. Title says it all Only thing im looking for is a minimum of a 500gb hard drive Other than that i dont have much that i want. I dont care about bad battery life as it will only be used at home, somewhere where i can always plug it in
  10. Runescape, i know, stumbled across this.
  11. Thats a bit of a waste, if i was going to get an i7 4790k id rather go for something cheaper than the 4460 and manage until i could afford the i7
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah i know, i plan on eventually getting another gpu 1. Thanks for the tip, i dont keep up with ssd's, they interest me little. All i know is they give faster boot times. 2. Fanboyism is a dying art. But your motherboard choice makes sense. 3. I prefer the look of the other case, it will be permanently situated in my living room, i have a mrs to answer to -.- 4. Never really kept up with psu's either, they give my machine power and if they look decent and have decent reviews thats good enough for me, thanks for the heads up though ill change my build to yours. 5. For that price i could get a 4670k instead of the 4460, wouldnt that be a better choice? 1. I just put it there incase i ever change my mind and want to put windows on it. 2. Changed 3. Yeah im gunna go with the one @The jolly roger mentioned. 4. Im tryna buy second hand cos £800 is kinda out of my price limit at the moment, im not too fussed about lifespan because they will be replaced within a year or two.