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    Born in Austin, Tx. Raised in Burnet, Tx. Spend my days in Marble Falls, Tx making games. That's about it.
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  1. Im looking towards running SLI and putting another graphics card on in time. I figured a full ATX would be the most preferable but didn't know if it was essential.
  2. First I will begin by apologizing if I may have started a new thread that may have previously been covered. I am a Unity game developer looking to make the jump to AAA engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and the Cry Engine. I typically stick to level/ environment design so I focus on 3d modeling and tons of texture work with some front end scripting when necessary. I have researched the methods of building a custom PC and have a pretty decent base for understanding how to go about building one. I had considered buying from a boutique but I have been urged by many people I trust to build the PC myself and get more bang for the buck. All of that considered I have put together a list of components from PC parts picker and was wondering if these part matched up well. If I could just get some feedback on the more in-depth features such as compatibility for RAM speeds and such, that would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to build this PC so that I can reap the best benefits out of each part and have the assurance that all of the applications I run will run quick and smoothly. Currently my workload consists of these application running at one time: Unity(Soon to be Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine) Photoshop 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender Mono Develop Mudbox Internet Browser I'm currently at about $1500 for the parts I have selected in the link below. My top dollar I'm willing to go is $2000, so there is some wiggle room for better parts. Once again, I'm trying to MAKE SURE that once I build this PC that everything I need to run these applications smoothly will be taken care of. Please if I can have any advice, your input is much appreciated. The link for the components: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hDdrhM