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    Asus Z87 Gryphon
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600
  • GPU
    Gigabyte R9 280
  • Case
    Xion Xon 560
  • Storage
    WD Blue 1tb, Crucial M550
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    EVGA 500 watt
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    AOC 22" 1080p IPS
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    Cooler Master sickle flow fans
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    Logitech G 105
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    Logitech G 502
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    Windows 7
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  1. Yes but cpu and GPU are both water cooled and draw fresh air from the front and back panels so they aren’t recycling hot air in the chassis
  2. Cpu is in the low 70s during Cinebench. GPU in the 50s gaming (both ar OC’d)
  3. Maybe this is a dumb question. I have an h100iv2 for my cpu on the front panel and an evga 980ti hybrid gpu, rad on the rear panel. Both are set to intake with a single exhaust fan on the top. With these components both drawing fresh air rather than relying on case flow/fans, does my case really matter? Currently have an s340 case and ideally will be upgrading to an evga 3080 20gig hybrid when it is released
  4. Hello everyone, I've had a reoccurring issue with my desktop. It will not connect to my home wifi even though all of my other devices are on the network. After trying to connect, windows simply tells me "can't connect to network" However, if I set up a hotspot on my cell phone the desktop connects just fine Sometimes running the troubleshooter fixes it and connects to the network, sometimes I can't connect for days after several reboots. Happened again today and I'm fed up. Please help Running the latest version of Windows 10 and as far as I know the latest drivers for the Asus PCE AC56. I had the same problem when I first built the computer and was using a USB wireless adapter.
  5. I currently have a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro's which I've been really happy with. Any advise on how these might compare to the AIAIAI? I went with the Spotify configurator which resulted in the TMA-2 S03 H03 E04 C01 Also, I work at a store that sells pro audio equipment and can get some really good deals on the competition i.e. AKG K 701's for less than $270. Second also: I do have a portable headphone amp and DAC so high impedance isn't a concern Main uses are gaming, music, steaming movies and audiobooks.
  6. Haven't tried Starbucks. I was trying to hook it up over my cell phone hotspot. Portable said it wouldn't connect because it wasn't a 5ghz network
  7. Well I have my shield portable and tried it. Shield said it couldn't do it because the network wasn't 5ghz
  8. I ordered a Shield portable a few days ago and had the random thought of turning the hotspot on my phone on, connecting the shield to it and game streaming from wherever. Of course when it arrives I'm gonna give it a go but I'm curious if anyone else has tried this yet. Let me know.
  9. I ordered a used one off Amazon from their "warehouse deals". They had a random 15% off promotion on cyber monday so I got it for about $175. Hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait
  10. Just curious. Why are you xfiring a 390 and 290 instead of two 290s? Wouldn't you only be using half of the 390's vram?
  11. Ah yes, You're right. I have an evga PSU. (Aware that corsair CXs are not that great and won't ever get one)
  12. Case ventilation isn't really a problem for me. I have 4 fan slots and they all have 120s in them. Also the way my desk is set up my case is parallel to the wall, not perpendicular.
  13. Hey everyone, I've had an r9 290 in my computer for a few months now with a kraken g10 on it and it's been performing great. Now that newegg has some reference 290s on sale for $200 after MIR (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202043&cm_re=r9_290-_-14-202-043-_-Product) I've been debating getting another one and also getting a 1440 freesync monitor (https://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-mg279q) However adding another 290 and corsair h50 to cool it will overloard my 750w PSU so in total so adding another 290 will actually cost me $350 by the time I get the card, psu(https://pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-power-supply-110b20850v1), 2nd kraken g10 and 2nd corsair h50. Given all of the other stuff I'd have to get to run another 290 it has me thinking maybe I should just get a single 980, fury, fury x or 980 ti (and a g-sync monitor to go with an nvidia card). Down the road, running 980ti or furyx in sli/xfire would also probably require an 850w PSU anyway so what are your thoughts?
  14. Will do thanks. Assuming that they are still sticky, could I just take the thermal pads off of the stock cooler I just removed and use them?