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  1. As said before it's more efficient to update to a new platform, but I'll add my 2 sense, I would suggest getting a cheap used xeon off ebay something like a 1240-1270 and getting you hyper threading something cheaper and more likely to help then overclocking a 4 thread part Going price seems to be 50 right now for a 4c/8t Xeon and should let you pull a bit more life out of the system, hell if you look around you can get a full system under 120, a few years back I got a Dell 1600 with 16gb ram, 1tb hdd, and a Xeon 1270 for 115,
  2. Well yes as can a GTX 250, depends on what your playing and the settings, new AAA games wouldn't run a max settings at 144hrz on a 970, is max settings a requirement? That is a different discussion I guess depends on the person and what they want, I was starting my option to best use his money and existing hardware, his issue is specifically running a server while playing a game, I find the cheapest option to fix his issue is just to swap the CPU out, that will certainly fix the server issue and all my fps reading were at stock cpu speeds if he overclocks I'm near certain he can get 144 fps in almost all games on that platform
  3. It's not up for 144hrz agreed, still solidly able to do 75hrz in most games and 100+ hrz in anything slightly lighter, as far as his aim it's overwatch, fortnight and csgo and all those I've had experience with being over 100 fps, csgo and fortnite being 150+ Either way he has a 970 he can't run a 144hrz display anywaysas such the gpu is the bigger issue, minus his server performance getting better(something a slight overclock and a 30$ used CPU will fix for cheaper) it won't increase fps at all to upgrade the motherboard and cpu So it make more sense to just upgrade his existing CPU IMHO and put his money towards a way better gpu
  4. Duh, didn't read, my point stands either way but(since I didn't read) it make no sense for him since he has a x58 board anyhow, but I would recommend upgrading to a 6core Xeon then for about 30-40$ and overclocking it to 4-4.5ghz and buying a better GPU The 2 extra cores and 4 extra threads should help him run servers on the backend and is more efficient money wise since he can get more performance today if he just upgrades the GPU and swaps the CPU, and goes all in on the rest of the system when he gets the money
  5. Edit(mostly)disregard my comment because I don't read it seems IDKmaybe I'm weird but I've always been a opponent of buying a really old workstation with a high You made a list with no gpu, given that's a ryzen non Apu that makes the system a non starter for a new PC builder with no parts to pull from, Anyways I've always been a proponent of buying a really old xeon workstations circa 2010 to 2013 since they cost less then 150 most of the time and contain everything you need except for a GPU and throwing in the most expensive GPU you can fit, it's just better bang for the buck, and when you upgrade later you can just toss the whole system, For example a Dell t1500 is around 100-1500 for a 6core/12thread Xeon at 3.5ghz 24GBs of ram a 550 watt PSU and that leaves 500$ for the gpu and storage, and while I don't use it anymore mine with a 1070 gets well over 110 fps in overwatch 1080p max settings at 1080p and a solid 60+ in anything I've tried normally around 80-90, 80ish avg in battlefield 1 if that's a better benchmark
  6. Looking around I've started to see complete good condition dell precision's going about 450 for a 4c/8t Skylake Xeon and a workstation GPU WITH tb3 support and 16-32GBs ram(saw one with 48GBs ram going for 500 as well) and around 300 for one missing a nvme drive or ram, idk seeMs cheap as hell for laptop with tb3 just a year back 800-1200 was the cheapest I could find, I guess companies are finally starting to discontinue first gen thunderbolt 3 laptops I guess? Idk thought it would interested community, while niche they do have their use cases and 500 isn't bad for a good condition laptop with External gpu support
  7. thinking more my only ideas are bad nvram, bad bios chip, or a capacitor thats on the edge of working, not enough to keep if from booting clearly but maybe restart?idk
  8. was just updating the post to say i had, forgot to add that since its so obvious
  9. rando comment, but ive got a asus p6x58-e ws, anyways if its shut off or restarted it has to be removed from power for about 10 mins or it wont post(fully removed either the psu switch flipped or unplugged), any clue why? weirdest thing i've seen in a while, its a second pc meant for messing around so its no biggie, anyways its not ram, tried all 6 six slots with multiply different ram sticks, not the cpu tired 3 different ones, not the gpu tried 3, psu is only 2 months old, changed cmos battery its all good, tried it with no cmos battery same issue, idk maybe its a bad bios chip? ideas? this is mostly because its weird a fix is nice but not needed
  10. apple has always had none apple hardware as against tos, but as a said i understand why the forum is different
  11. Just a random observation, but i have noticed that the forum forbids speaking in much detail about hackintoshes, emulation, and other legal grey areas(not really a place i would talk of such things anyhow, and never had myself). but LTT has videos on those exact things, both a hackintosh and a MAME arcade cabinet,while i understand why( it's easier to just blanket not allowing the topics then deal with the individual legality of each topic posted, something pretty hard to do and time consuming, and have to deal with dmca requests with even legal topics) it still seems slightly hypocritical, but thats just observation, and like i said i do understand why
  12. Way over priced, but if you just get oem stuff(mostly looks ugly though ) it can still be cheap, as a stated about that dell t3500, and since im running a xeon overclock potential is minimal anyways
  13. also since these are oem units they come with win 7 keys either on the case or at least in the slick of the bios, and it's not hard to call up Microsoft for a free upgrade to 10 by saying it's your mom or grandmas computer and they use assistive tech like voice over because they are losing there sight, done this for 3 friends and it's work ever time so far, till they stop doing upgrades for people with disability's
  14. i understand, i just like to put it out there, most people either think a 5 year old computer can't run new games(intel, if your on that old of a amd good luck) or has just never thought of it before, while i understand the feeling of building one with new high end parts it's not really needed for games at the moment(gpu's don't last as long though and prices don't change enough to make them a good deal used online, find a good deal on craigslist and maybe you have something, ebay not so much), till pcie 4.0, breaks the over 10 year compatibility we've had for gpu's, man i hope there are 3.0 to 4.0 pcie risers