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  1. hey, it's been a while sense I've posted here. I want to say that sense the last time i've posted here I've had my FX6350 at 4.92Ghz and upped the voltage to 1.600v but I was too scared to keep rasing the cpu volts and I could not get it stable with Prime95 and my CPU temps was getting too high like 70c and I noticed that I was having tempature spike or something when my CPU temp would just have a high spike and then maybe lower down to around 69c or so. Right now my FX6350 is showing 1.524v CPU volts by looking at HWMonitor and I've had my FX-6350 clocked at 4.72GHZ for a long time now and prime95 runs stable. I also did some overclocking with the FSB I believe 2003mhz was something I tried to achieve with my memory from the stock 1866MHZ. I didn't really know what to do though when I reached a limit with the FSB, ... I didn't know what to change with the FSB other than just backing the FSB multiplier back down whenever it was not stable. Raising the FSB should require what else to be changed? That's what I'm looking to find out, is it ok for me to raise my memory above the stock 1.5v? How do I know or how can I figure out what is keeping me from having a higher FSB overclock? As it is I backed my FSB back down and mainly just used the CPU multiplier to raise my CPU clock while also raising the cpu voltage. When O/C the FSB, should the voltage for the memory be raised any? 1.5v is my stock voltage for 1866mhz memory. How about increasing other voltages like the north bridge or south bridge, ... In the BIOS I leave mostly everything unchanged besides my CPU multiplier and my CPU core voltage. I really try to find out what I can by looking on the internet, I would like to know if it's possible to have a stable memory overclock, is it OK to go past 1.5v for the memory? My CPU temp stays around 60c-61c running Prime95 for like an hour and more with how my system is now. I didn't mentioned that but I wanted too so I figured I would add that note for anyone that reads this post/thread/topic.
  2. Ah ok see that what I was wondering and all if 1.5V was OK if the temps are OK and stuff. So far i'm going to hold onto 4.5Ghz it's just that having the loadline set on extreme my volts usually don't go under 1.440V for the CPU at idle. But I have my windows performance manager set to "performance" also if that makes a difference with what I seeing from the CPU volts and stuff
  3. Yea, I played some of the Hardline beta and everything seem very smooth for me. I can remember what Ghz I was when I played hardline though. Right now I'm at 4.5Ghz and I have my loadline set to extreme. I did have my CPU voltage set at the default setting but just now I have put the CPU voltage one notch below the default value. Running prime95 and looking at my cpu voltage in HWMonitor it's staying around 1.476V. I guess you could say that I'm more comfortable knowing my CPU will not go past 1.5V sense I don't believe 4.5Ghz really needs 1.5v. When I had my CPU volts one notch above that default value and I ran prime95 and looked at my CPU volts in HWMonitor my CPU was easily hitting 1.5v and that was with my loadline set on extreme. As i'm typing this now my CPU volts is showing 1.488v. I think I'm going to leave it at 4.5ghz but I'm going to continue to lower the CPU volts unless or until prime95 starts failing. I did have my loadline set on medium running 4.4ghz and I had my CPU volts a few notches above normal, when I 1st ran prime95 everything seemed to be stable and all around my cpu volts seem to stay low. Then the other night I ran prime95 for giggles and I was getting failures. So I quickly got upset and just went ahead and set my loadline to extreme and started running 4.5Ghz but started to lower my CPU volts sense on the extreme loadline the CPU volts seems to ramp up very easily. I really would enjoy to have any help of any kind, this is my 1st system I built for myself so I'm not very experienced with O/C. I have seen online that 1.5V on the CPU is not really a danger zone or anything, but I'm trying to feel comfortable with knowing my O/C is safe for 24/7. Sometimes I do not log out of the game I usually play. *update* I just got a failure running Prime95 so I went back in bios and set the CPU voltage at the default value now HWMonitor is showing cpu volts at 1.488v instead of the previous 1.476v even though it was hitting 1.488v. Now it's at 1.488V and I doubt it will drop any lower like at 1.476v. All I really know to do now is just keep my loadline set on extreme and just keep uping the CPU volts if I see any prime95 failures. If I start to get uncomfortable with the CPU volts I'll just lower back down to 4.4ghz and see what CPU volts I can have with that. But yea now looking my CPU volts is dropping to 1.476v *lol* This is really time consuming for me if I get another failure on prime95 I'll up the CPU volts again. My question is 4.5Ghz what is the normal CPU volts for 4.5Ghz, as it is it looks like 1.476v - 1.5v with 1.5v looking to be the very stable voltage for me. I'm looking for a 24/7 O/C and my temps are safe which they are at 45c right now so temps are not an issue or anything. I guess you could say I maybe would feel better if I knew 1.5v for the cpu is ok and for 24/7 use.
  4. Hey I have same board and same processor and also using a hyper212evo. I'm interested to bringing this thread alive. I'm looking for a response before I discuss anything more.