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  1. No one has any clue? Do you guys know if something like this even exists?
  2. My budget will preferably be somewhere around 1k-2k. Screen size doesn't matter to me as long as it is 1920x1080. I currently reside in the US, so that's where I'm getting it.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experiences with a good one. I'm in the looks for one that can display at a decent range (10ft-30ft, maybe through wall(s)). I'm also looking for one that can transmit to multiple monitors. The plan is to transmit from a PC to the monitors. To my understanding, I would need one transmitter and multiple receivers. I'm planning to use these in an office and hoping to get the best bang for my buck. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks!
  4. I'm in the looks for a laptop for video editing, some VFX work, 3DS Max, and slight gaming. I know what kind of hardware I need (i7, 16gb RAM, some Nvidia M version GTX, lots of storage space, preferably an SSD paired with an HHD), but I want to hear some experiences from people. I'm not currently keeping my eye on any laptop, at the moment I'm just looking for suggestions. I would like a laptop about the same portability as a Mac Book Pro, but NOT a Mac Book Pro. I'm a windows type of guy. The thing I'm most concerned with is cooling. It would SUCK to have a laptop melt down while doing some intense renders. I read somewhere that the some i7's download when they are under intense stress (like while rendering). If that's true, of course I wouldn't want something like that. Btw, I've built a rendering rig. I just need something portable.