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  1. Disclaimer: Yes i have looked on other posts but couldn't find anything helpfull. So my sister has Toshiba Canvio Basics that stopped working. The drive is detected in device manager but when i try to open disk management it is just stuck on "Loading disk configuration information". The moment i unplug the drive disk management instantly loads. Hope anybody could help me out.
  2. So i wanted to play this beauty but upon launch it would just crash. After looking for a while i found the solution. Run the game with DX9. So i did, and the game ran perfectly. But i am missing the DX10 Detail Surfaces. If anyone could help me here. GPU: msi R9 280x 3GB CPU: i3-4160 Operating System: Windows 10
  3. so like the tittle says. ive bin looking for a new gpu for a while now and my goal was to get a €190-210 gpu. now out of the posts ive made ive gotten that the best option would be the r9 380 4g. but this is 25 euro about my prize range, now it dont seems like much, but im a poor mofo. now so ive bin looking online for used cards and came across this €160 msi radeon r9 280x. so i looked on google whats better, and from what ive seen the r9 280x seems better. but since this one is used im not sure if the same rule applies. so heres my question used Msi Radeon r9 280x 3G or new Msi r9 380 Gaming 4G?
  4. so i downloaded bo3 toady and this has happend from the begining. so what is happening is that the red dot sight sometimes just dont show or sometimes is there but completly blurred out over the whole scope. i also have this problem that my camo just disappears. i dont know if this is the games problem or my gpu failing. i currently have an Asus gtx 560 ti dcII top
  5. here's a promo code for greenmangaming. indeed-indeed-indeed its from an streamer (LTZando)
  6. so theres this crazy sale going on on Kinguin.net right now. i dont know what youre guys view is on kinguin.net but iv'e bought like half my steam libarary there, but back to the topic. yeah crazy sale big titles like mad max and elder scrolls online for around $15.00. check it out: http://www.kinguin.net/midweek-madness-titles
  7. so im gonna buy a r9 380 4gb, but i dont know wich one to get. i am simply looking for the best performance, i dont care about sound.
  8. Im looking for a new GPU, and dont really know what to look for. Like the title says im looking for around a €200 gpu. I was thinking of the new Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme but dont really know if there are better gpu's for €200. here is where ill be buying the gpu: http://www.afuture.nl/productlist.php?categoryID=170 or https://azerty.nl/8-2964/pci-e-nvidia-.html [nvidia] https://azerty.nl/8-2959/-radeon-pci-e.html [AMD]
  9. best place for mods is on nexusmods.com. people on youtube i like watching mod spotlights from are Brodual (they posts a video of just one mod, and explain them in detail) and MxR (he posts new video every sunday of the bests mods that week and explains them briefly)
  10. are the ram sticks pushed in good. i had this problem first time. make shure to push hard enough on the sides so it clicks in
  11. so i want to upgrade my current gtx 560 ti ( http://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/ENGTX560_Ti_DCII_TOP2DI1GD5/ ) but i dont really know what to buy. since i have little experience. i only have a budget of 140 Euro and i cant save up money to buy a new one cuz my current is gpu is just from dying. i was thinking of a r7 360 ( http://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/R7360OC2GD5/ ) but i dont know if its that good. i am buying the gpu here: https://azerty.nl/ if you see a better gpu on the site for max 140 Euro please let me know