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  1. I have 2 charges this month and last month for floatplane. Where do i go to get this resolved?
  2. Vega Has been out for a bit now lmao and Nivida just released a Titan V Volta Card. I think u are a bit behind lol.
  3. I might be misunderstanding the issue in the video but they are talking about hitting a 45fps issue in the same spot with all the same settings and all on the 4790k with a 970 or a 1080ti and nothing they change helps and the guy says he thinks its the CPU.
  4. The reason i think my cpu is an issue is this series of videos on youtube
  5. I just got a Oculus Rift for $349 for the Black Friday sale and i realized just how inadequate my system was to run it lol. My specs are a i7 4790k oced to 4.5GHz, Corsair H100i V1, 16gb ram, Zotac AMP! Extreme GTX 970 Oced to 1535MHZ, Thermaltake 750 watt PSU, 850 evo 256gb SSD and a 1tb HDD. This has been good enuf for the past few years but not with VR. My CPU is running at around 80% or more and ive seen a few videos on using a 4790k with a 970,980 ti and 1080ti and all hit the same fps barrier at the same spot. So my 970 would prob even do better with a upgraded CPU but not much at all. I want to get a 1080ti or 2 or maybe even wait for Volta. I just am wondering what would be the best cpu for VR i don't think a 7700k would be enuf and im not sure something like a high core count cpu would do in VR since i cant really find a single video anywhere with CPU testing on VR. Odd since it seems to be a limiting factor.
  6. Can i use SLI with the Newest Oculus Rift? I just Ordered the Oculus Rift 2 days ago for $349 and My system is a 4790k oced to 4.7GHz 16Gb ram Zotac AMP! Extreme GTX 970 Oced to 1535MHz. I want to Know if the new Oculus supports SLI. Im having issues selling my 970 for $200 so i can upgrade so im wondering if just getting one more 970 and running SLI 970s would be my best route? Ive not seen any video on YouTube that addresses this not a new one anyway. all over a year old.
  7. Check out this vid and give me your thoughts and has LTT tried this. Im a dumbass when it comes to this but it seems to make a huge diff in Ryzen. Also please someone explain this vid to me in dumbass terms lol
  8. RX 480/470/580/570s selling for $800 is a joke. I don't care how good they are at mining. When some of those cards sold for $250 when they 1st came out it seems like a sick joke that the prices are almost 3 times that. TRIGGERED!!!!!
  9. no on Floatplane Ep2 was released last week and ep1 was released a week before that, On YouTube they are a week behind us on Floatplane,
  10. I thought we was supposed to get Scrapyard Wars Season 5 Episode 3 yesterday? or at least today. Have i missed something? it usually comes out on Saturday right? I didn't see any news on it. Plus guys if you look the first 2 episodes have been released a week apart plus they said on the Wan show it would be out Saturday so where is it. Plus im talking about on Floatplane not YouTube. On Floatplane we have got each episode a week apart on Saturday. Never mind guys i was thinking today was Sunday but, its Saturday and on Floatplane vids are sometimes released later in the day. Sorry guys for me being a airhead today lol
  11. thank god i changed everything that matters to gmail a long time ago lol how ever good that will do.
  12. got this on a old yahoo account i still have active. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/account/SLN27925.html?impressions=true
  13. I knew it was i was just wondering if he was taking about something else that i didn't know about cuz Ive tested many CPU's and GPU's and thought this guy is a dumbass but i could be wrong maybe hes talking about something else. Ive maxed out my 4790k many times and the 100s of CPU's Ive tested.
  14. Some guy on World of tanks was saying a 6 core CPU is a waste that you would need 1tb of ram to use it to its potential. This sounds like BS to me, but i could be wrong. I know that I used the 6 core AMD 1055t with 16gb ram it ran at 100% with a GTX 970 and bottle necked it and didn't come anywhere close to using 8 gb ram. Maybe hes talking about something else.
  15. yes corsair link and yes the pump speed changes with temp also. 2 speeds.
  16. After plugging the h100i into the OPT plug instead of the CPU fan plug temps dropped a lot. Funny thing is it still says the pump in running the same speed and fans to. but the issue with this is the fans don't register all the time.
  17. I'm using a Corsair H100I GTX on a 4790k stock speed and getting temps of 73C at 60% load during gaming. Also when i put my hand on the back of the rad i can only feel a small amount of warmth coming from the very bottom of the rad. Im using Arctic Silver Ceramique. It also done this with the factory stuff and Arctic Silver 5. I have the fans pulling air and the tubes are on the bottom of the rad. Do you think it might not have been filled properly? Don't think its gunked since its always acted like this. The case its in is a Antec 1200 way more than enough ventilation. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  18. I just bought a used Samsung 840 EVO from eBay and the guy said he used it for about a month. The Total Bytes Written says 2.26TB does that sound about right for a month of usage or is that more usage than what he said? It sounds like very little to me but also sounds like more than a months usage but that all depends on i guess what it was used for tho also.
  19. was till dummy me took the top off to clean and voided the war
  20. at the moment the corsair hx750 is running and hasn't shut off im wondering if it could be a short in the power cable since i think this cable was funky. hmmm