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  1. My machine is currently using an MSI Z87 G43 motherboard and an Intel i5-4670. I want to upgrade to a motherboard with a different chipset (ASUS strix z390 e and an intel i7-9700k.) What will happen after I make the hardware change and try booting? I have a retail version of windows and my digital license is linked with my Microsoft account. Will it even boot? Will I need to uninstall old motherboard drivers and reinstall new ones? I should mention that my copy of windows is one an SSD and my files are on a separate HDD.
  2. I will try to make this quick. I have been wanting to replace my mother board for a while. Here are my current specs: Mobo: MSi Z87 G43 CPU: Intel Core i5 4670 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 8GB of RAM PSU: Corsair AX 1200i OS: Win 8.1 Ethernet card is a D Link wireless adapter. It is internal and uses a PCI X16 slot. My OS and Drivers are on a Sandisk X110 SSD 64GB, and my personal files such as steam, and all my Adobe application are on a 4TB western Digital Black edition HDD. Another thing worth noting is when I originally bought the computer I ordered it from CyberpowerPC. I'm assuming their licencing is different and doesn't allow me to replace the mobo. So I'm planning on buying another version of Win. I want to replace the Z87 G43 with a Asus Sabertooth Z97. The replacement mobo doesn't have any PCI X16 slots so I would have to get another PCIe X1 wireless adapter. I want to know all the steps I should take to completely replace the board. I know I will have to re install windows, and I know how to physically re install the board, but I'm tripped up on possible driver conflicts and licence issues. I also have some questions about the switch: -I heard I should completely disconnect my Secondary HDD on the first boot, is this true? -Is temporarily removing the HDD really as simple as unplug and plug? Or is there more to this I'm missing? Software wise of course. -Is it even possible to switch from Z87 to Z97 as long as I re install Win? -Will I even have enough room on the teeny tiny SSD to completely re install Win and driver? Right now it has about 15GB of space left. -What order should I re install the drivers? -What should I change in the BIOS? -On first boot should I boot into Normal Win? Safe Mode? Or BIOS? Thanks everyone!