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  1. ive had it for 2 years
  2. pc crash = caught in boot loop. fixed the boot loop with 1 ram stick. put all sticks back in and got a black screen. found that when i put in one of my 2400 mhz sticks it gives 19, 60, 67, 55 on debug led and loops that. question is: How do i fix my ram stick that makes my pc not work. because i know playing a video game doesnt brick your ram
  3. I7 6 core 3.4ghz 1080ti (Doesnt matter) msi godlike gaming carbon x99a like 10 hard drives 48 gigs of gayram Okay so I was playing mountand blade warband and watching netflix, and all of a sudden i got headscraped by a feirdsvain war axe thrown by a vaneskarry warrior/ My game crashed. Okay understandable. then nothing responded for like ever and my pc dead froze but never blue screened. So I tried to boot it up again. and there ya go boot loop. ezpz fix just swaperino the rams and you gots a new pc. right? Well yes. Until it didnt work. then i tried booting with 1 ram stick and it worked. pc gucci. right? no. I have 5 more sticks on my desk. So i put them all back into the pc and Boom. black screen no keyboard lights. 19, 60, 19, 67, 55 Looped. Okay I must have autism? So i started testing each ram stick and turns out my 2400 mhz stick when booted alone or with other sticks causes that loop. So im like Okay lets do a bios switch, and now im getting some random numbers like 04 and 66 and went into the debug loop so i flipped the bios back and i got my good ol friends 19 and 67 back then im like maybe running 2400 hz sticks with 2133 is bad? so i just removed one of them and it worked. SO i have one cancer stick preventing me from booting. Pliz advise me on how to fix because having 5 sticks looks retarded 4x 2133 mhz sticks 2x 2400 mhz sticks. one is gay any ideas. this stick cant be blocked because some bandits slap my face with throwing axes. anything at all? I know i talk like a retard and yes I am one;D
  4. 2 days ago i plugged in my beats to my phone listen to some metal i had downloaded on my phone. Then later that day i plugged them into laptop, and they were on my head when i did. I instantly heard that very light fuzz all headsets have. Barely noticeable. As i went to search up youtube I closed my eyes for a bit and layed my head against my bed pillow with my headset still on Thats when i heard it. Some weird sound. I thought someone skype called me on my phone which was in a completely different room. And i heard very very very faint music. I listened to it for around 9 minutes and i couldn't make it out. But today it happened again. I muted my sound, made sure i had all audio devices disabled, All random programs closed. And i kept listening. It was so light no normal person would notice it. But i recognized the song. it was Believer by imagine Dragons. I band i used to listen to in my edgey highschool days. I unplugged it and the faint music stopped. But when i plugged it in again it made the sound. It did it on startup, shutdown, and even when i turned off windows audio service. It now seems to be playing a lot of other songs very very quietly.... almost subliminally. I hate conspiracy. I think its a joke. But this is something weird, and different. Maybe im gettign frequency interference from a radio tower?. but why would it only do this on my laptop? Please someone help me figure this out.
  5. I recently wiped all 5 of my drives and apparently it didn't ask me to reinstall windows 10 because it was already on there. dont know what thats about, But I tried everything i could think of Disable superfetch Changed the registry value in NDU's start to 4. Reinstalled my motherboard drivers Disabled windows audio "THIS FIXED IT, but as a result i have absolutely no sound and the only way to get it is to renable the service which destroys my cpu. Im so lost. Can anyone help me?? I CAN FIX THE CPU USAGE BUT AS A RESULT I HAVE NO AUDIO. PLEASE help.
  6. Most heavy and efficent top 3 please. Thank you
  7. I booted up my pc and all the drives but the 256 gb Mushkin 2.5" SSD were detected. The MP500 M.2 SSD, Intel 480GB 2.5" SSD, the Toshiba 1TB SSD 2.5" , and the WD Blue 1TB HDD were detected. I called Newegg to RMA the mushkin drive and they are letting me. I did some file transfers from my intel drive (which has my OS on it) to my phone. Just a few files to make sure it worked they were pictures, and driver copies from my old board. I allocated the space for the M.2, and then new Toshiba 1TB SSD. I never updated the MSI drivers fir my new board. So I turned off my Pc and came back 2 hours later and turned it on and put in the MSI USB drive that contains all the drivers for my new motherboard. I don't think I installed them but after that my MP500 M.2 SSD was no longer detected in the BIOS or disk management. I cleared CMOS to no avail. I have no idea what is going on.
  8. Just built my secound pc today and i installed my m.2 and it showed up. I went into disk management and allocated the space. It worked fine. 2 hours later i boot up my new pc and i plug in a usb drive that msi provided to install drivers and i didnt actually install then and my ssd magically stopped showing up on the bios and the disk management. Please help
  9. I am reading that the maximum digital res on the galax hof 1080 only supports 4k. Is that true?? Ithought 1080s went up to 8 k
  10. torn between GALAX HOF ASUS STRIX EVGA ICX FTW2 Any thoughts?
  11. Thats the regular hof. I want the limited edition one.
  12. Im looking to purchase a GALAX HOF *****Limited Edition***** 1080 Not the regular GALAX HOF 1080 that is easy to find. Can someone please point me in the direction of the limited edition one. It has higher clock speeds, that is why i want it.