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  1. Don't think it is a monitor issue as when it happens in league I still have the cursor available and can move it around. Dug into event viewer for the system logs and getting a video card error so trying that rabbit hole but nothing so far. Got two sets of errors so far Error nvlddmkm Const out of Bound ESR 0x408030=0x80000003 MISSING_MACRO_DATA ESR 0x404490=0x80000001
  2. Okay so I have been dealing with this issue for the better part of 8 months and it has really stopped me from wanting to use my computer a lot of days cause I just can't figure out the issue. When playing games in full screen i get a black screen that persists on my main monitor for 3-5 seconds while the game continues. Depending on the game different things happen. When playing dota the game would freeze completely but sound would still continue as normal ie. I could hear the game continue but the screen is frozen on my end. I would close the game and try to reconnect but as soon as I load in the screen would freeze while audio continued. In LoL the game goes black for 3-5 seconds but the cursor is still visible. Borderlands locks up for up to 10 seconds. I can't reproduce it with any regularity and have tried everything short of reinstalling windows but can't see how that would be the fix. Below is a quick clip of it happening in LoL today sorry for the music and bad angle was filming for over 45 minutes trying to catch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZmrxX5UQPI&feature=youtu.be This all started when I upgraded to a 1080ti this winter as I found a good deal on ebay. I tried fixing it for about 6 months, flashing new bios, uninstalling drivers, using different I/O and cables, but nothing fixed it. Last month I bought a 2080ti in preparation for Borderlands 3 and have found that I have the same problem with the new card. Current Specs: Asus X99-A usb3.1 mobo Intel i7 5820k 32gb corsair ddr4 EVGA 2080ti samsung 960 evo 1TB m.2ssd 500gb intel ssd for extra storage 3 monitor setup Primary - Asus ROG Swift PG278Q gsync 1440p - using display port Secondary - Dell Ultra Sharp IPS 1440p - using display port Tertiary - BenQ old thing 1080p - using hdmi I'm just very lost at where to start on fixing this but I need to fix this for real Thanks for any help
  3. Well after the clean install things seem to at least be better. Can't tell if everything is fixed but I am no longer getting the long lasting fps issue that was causing the majoirty of the frustration. Also the black screen flicker issue is fixed which is very nice so thank you for the prompt help.
  4. Yes I am using the latest driver and to be clear I only play games on the Asus pg278q not in triple monitor surround. The other two monitors are for other applications.
  5. I have put all monitors on the same refresh rate and resolution independently and the problems still persist.
  6. First off i'm not totally sure if this should be posted in the displays or GPU subforum so please move it if I posted in the wrong place. So I have been super lazy in finding a solution to this problem and really could use some help in the matter. I bought an Asus PG278q late last year along with a gigabyte g1 gaming 980ti. This brought my total displays to 3 and I was hoping the gigabyte flex display would handle my setup but I am having major fps issues. My main monitor is the pg278q running at 144hz with g-sync on. Both of my other monitors are just some older 1080p 60hz monitors running on either side, one through dvi and the other with hdmi. The issue is no matter what configuration I use as far as connectors on my gpu or mix of hdmi and dvi for the monitors, I get a lot of fps drop for a few minutes every time I tab in or out of a game or full screen application. The common symptom is my right secondary monitor flickering on and off multiple times when I tab followed by fps hitches on my pg278q for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The worst it has been was when i tried playing league for the first time in a few months and was constantly sitting at 3 fps for 10+ minutes. I don't know if it is an incompatibility in refresh rates with the monitors or if the display combination is at fault. I have done a lot of tinkering of resolutions, refresh rates, inputs into monitors, and plug configurations on the gpu and haven't really found anything that worked. Really hope I'm missing something stupid and don't have to decide between multiple monitors or getting more pg278q's cause they are still really expensive. If it will help I could do a ghetto cell phone video of the issues and post it here. Thank you for any and all help
  7. Well it seems to either be a driver problem between card and MB or just a DOA card from the factory. No matter what I try I get error code b2 when using the 980ti and the system goes into endless boot loop. Plug the 680 back in and it boots right up and I am now typing this using my machine (in a breadboard setup on my kitchen table). I updated my bios for the MB and am going to try one more time to see if anything changes but I don't anticipate it posting. I am planning on testing the 980ti with the new MB, CPU, and ram when they arrive on Monday to verify the card is complete junk before starting the RMA. It's never easy...
  8. The psu has worked flawlessly for two years and when plugging the 680 in it runs great. I don't know that much about psu's but I'm sure the 850w is enough to power the system so I'm confused what could be wrong with the psu.
  9. So are you saying it would be a cpu and gpu problem then?
  10. So I ran into a problem on Wednesday while upgrading my gtx 680 to a 980ti and getting a new cpu aio installed as detailed in this thread. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/492667-computer-cant-boot-losing-my-mind/#entry6603307 I felt like the MB must have died but after around 5 hours of messing around with it I got it to work again. I ended up removing the battery on the MB for about 5 minutes and then the thing started right up without an issue. I plugged my 680 and ssd in and it posted and loaded windows fine. I had ordered a whole new mobo, cpu, and ram kit for $850 (5820k and x99 with 32gb of ddr4) so I was trying to decide if I should cancel the order or just upgrade my ivy bridge setup. This is where things got interesting. I decided to test my new card again just to make sure it worked. I hooked it up and started the system and it posted fine but just before it loaded into windows the computer shut down and went into the same endless boot cycle with the drmos light coming on as before. So now I don't know if my card is causing the problem or if there is a compatibility issue with the parts. I'll leave my current, new, and future builds below and am open to any known information. Current (100% working) MSI z77a-gd65 I7 3770k Swiftech h220 (done with this PoS) Gtx 680 Nzxt hale90v2 850w psu 16gb ddr3 ram 500gb ssd and 1tb hd New build (compatibility problem?) - gtx 680 - h220 + gtx 980 ti (gigabyte g1 gaming) + h100i gtx Future (parts on the way) - MSI board - 3770k - ddr3 ram + Asus x99 USB 3.1 + i7 5820k + 32gb ddr4 Thanks for any help or insight
  11. Well I guess the MB somehow died. I've cleared cmos on both bios. With no cpu cooler and the MB outside of the case it still only turns on for a second and then shuts off and cycles indefinitely. This upgrade now looks like a full new system at this point. Edit: Calling the MB dead. Dug out my old 2500k to see if my 3770k was the issue and still same problem. The alarm led at the top of my msi z77a gd65 near the activity leds shines red and then the system powers off. No clue how I killed it but I'm pretty sad right now.
  12. Going to pull out the MB and try to boot it on the box and see what happens.
  13. I guess it could be that but how can it boot fine, then after not touching a component and moving it into my room, just die? The only thing I did was close side panels and plug peripherals in.
  14. I am in need of help quickly. I upgraded my gpu and cpu liquid cooler and now cannot get the computer to boot. I replaced the old components and tested the build in the kitchen and it booted up fine with no peripherals connected. I then moved it back to the bedroom and plugged everything in and now it turns on for a fraction of a second then powers off and repeats. It is still doing this with just the cpu, h100i gtx, motherboard, and one stick of ram. I'm about to take the h100i off but wanted to see if anyone has an idea. Sorry for poor format but I'm stuck on my phone for now. Also just jumped the psu and it works fine. I'll give more components out soon, just need to calm down. I've been trouble shooting for over 2 hours. Thank you for any help