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  1. I actually brought an on-line copy of Office home and student not a CD version. But considering I still have the product key I should be fine. Right?
  2. As it says in the title my computer is currently full of junk and my files are a complete mess. So I wish to wipe my computer and install Win 10 when it comes out. However only this year I have brought a version of Microsoft office and I still have the product key written down. When I wipe my hard drives and start fresh will I be able to redownload it and renter the product code or will it reconsign my Microsoft account or something like that? Because I have only brought it recently it seems like a huge waste of money to have to buy it again! Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you for all your help I have know changed the input and core CPU voltage Thanks for all your help!
  4. I hate to admit it but it does seem that way.... It's so annoying because I'm so reliant on my CPU when rendering and animating :angry:
  5. Hey. I tried what you have suggested and instead of having CPU core voltage at 1.31 and input voltage at the auto 1.5V. Previous method I changed it to a CPU core voltage 1.25 and Input voltage of 1.9V. However this produced about 5.c more heat. NEW suggested method Will there be any significant damage using my previous method as it seems I can't get higher then 4.4 and has only created extra heat. Or are both methods going to be the same in the long run? Thanks for your time! you have helped me so much!!!
  6. Thank you everyone for your help I will try out some of this new options and see how much stabler I can get it. Thanks for all your help
  7. Its currently set to auto. I believe this is 1.5V. I currently have a stable system but I'm unhappy with the high CPU core voltage. I don't understand what the input voltage is... Does this mean if I increase the CPU input voltage I can the decreases the CPU core voltage? (sorry for what is probably a dumb question)
  8. There currently set to auto because the guide I read didn't include them so don't wont to mess with stuff I don't understand. Does this mean if I increase the CPU input voltage I can the decreases the CPU core voltage? (sorry for what is probably a dumb question)
  9. Hello I'm new to over clocking and have got a newish build.... · Intel I7 4770K · Corsair H100I · Asus Z87K mother board · NZXT H440 (case) · Corsair RM750 PSU However I have tried to over clock my computer as I am a gamer and animator. This means I render videos using %100 of my CPU over a long periods of time (up to 12 hours.) This means I didn't want to push it to far due to my regular heavy usage of my CPU. However I reach 4.4Ghz and can only get my computer stable using 1.31V! I am new to over clocking but this seems allot! as I found out that most people only give it 1.25V to achive 4.4Ghz. I am however still getting temps under 70.c and idle temps of 30-40 so my temps don't seem to bad. I have spent the last 2 days going down in 0.01V till I got to a stable result. All I changed in the BIOS was..... Core ratio to - Sync all cores at 4.4 Set the Dram frequency CPU core voltage to - Adaptive mode at 1.31V If I have made a silly mistake or forgotten something please point it out as I am very new to over clocking Images can be found here.... http://imgur.com/a/Xc55K#0 So is it possible to reduce the voltage but still get a stable system? I understand that performance vary's from each CPU. However there seems to be a significant difference. Thanks for reading