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  1. I bought a yeti micrphone the other day and I realized how bad it was with it's original stand, and my friends were constantly telling me that I sound like I'm far away from my microphone, because my mouth wasn't on it. I then spent money on a boom arm and shockmount specifically made for the microphone, when they arrived, my microphone happened to die somehow. It does not pick up any sound anymore. I just got my new headphones finally, and I don't have a microphone. I'm giving my other headphones with ModMic installed into it to my brother. If there are some solutions like a ModMic I would be interested, but not in modmic specifically, the wire on the microphone was tedious. Thanks for reading
  2. no on seems to be interested in helping me, thanks anyway
  3. I also forgot to mention, I do not want anything wireless, and I plan on only using it for my computer, I am not interested in portable or earphones that are optimal for any phone.
  4. Hi, I was looking to purchase a pair of earphones and I don't want to cheap out on them. My reason for this is because I'm sick and tired of wearing my headphones, as good as they sound. It messes up my hair and leaves a bump on it, but the main problem is that my headphones get really oily and when I rest it on top of my computer, it leaves the oil on it and as the days pass by, the oil starts adding onto each other and goes on my hair and long story short, it messes me up. That's why I'm looking for some nice sounding earphones that sound as good or better than some quality headphones. I was also planning on buying a microphone that I can put on my table and it won't get in the way. I've heard that blueyeti's are nice but I'm no expert on what to choose. I have seen some earphones that have built in microphones but I doubt that they are any good. Anyway, I would appreciate it if any of you can help me with either finding a new earphone or microphone, or both. I'm looking around $100 for the earphone and around the same preferably lower for the microphone, if there really are earphones that are good sounding and have a good mic, then I will obviously be willing to pay more. Thank you.
  5. Nice man, looks like you have your life planned ahead for you.
  6. How did your wife feel about it? If you don't mind me asking that is.
  7. Title explains most of it. If you also prefer a certain order in genders as I do, make sure to list them. I personally would want a son as my 1st no matter what, I can't imagine my life without my first child being a son. If I do get a boy as my 1st, and another one as my 2nd, then I have to have a daughter as a 3rd. My story gets even more complicated but I wanna hear what you guys have planned.
  8. Currently need it for discord, and if there is one that can even work in CS:GO that would be funny as well but I mainly need it for discord.
  9. Hey guys, I was looking for a free voice changing software so I can change my voice to a girls voice. I wanna do this to mess with my friends so they don't know who it is etc.. Would be cool if any of you know any free ones.
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I have searched through the internet for some unboxing videos and If they are as small as I see on youtube, for ex the video Linus made, then I should be completely fine. I also emailed Antlion Audio regarding this issue as well. Thanks again guys.
  11. Thanks for the response both of you, I appreciate it. I am trying to find a way to contact Antlion Audio right now, I hope that I will be able to pick it up from USPS or something as well.
  12. I bought a modmic 4.0 on saturday and I selected USPS first class mail shipping as the choice for shipping from the 3 that they listed. I visited USPS's official site and I came across and image describing what the first class mail is for. " Affordable mail service for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes weighing up to 3.5 oz, and large envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 oz with delivery in 3 business days or less. From $0.49 at a Post Office™. " I am now scared that I wont receive the item that I payed $58 for. Does this mean that they can only ship it to my mail? Because my mail is no way big enough to hold such a package, or would they deliver it to my door as they would if I bought it from Amazon? I realize this website isn't the best place to ask this question, but I always resort to LTT when I need help. I really hope that one of you have bought this modmic from their website and know what to do in this situation. Thank you for reading.
  13. Yes, pretty sure that's exactly what I have. It looks the same but mine looks bigger but that's probably because its different in photo than irl.
  14. Idk what the differences are but I just searched up membrane keyboard and the one I have Razor Deathstalker is a membrane keyboard according to that. But I'm looking for mechanical one, that has the thin keys.
  15. The thing is, it's not as if I can't use the thick ones, and I do in like school and stuff, but I home wise, I really can't the only keyboard i can use is slim, so if you know of any that are mechanical that would be great, I saw one last year but I can't seem to remember. I've been looking everywhere for one and I can't seem to find one.
  16. Hey, I currently have a Razor Deathstalker and i've had it for a few years and its really good. This keyboard is not like the one most people use, and what I mean by that is, the keys aren't thick, like the ones in mechanical keyboards or the old ones, these keys are like the thin ones. I believe the term is called "slim." I was wondering if there is any mechanical keyboards out there that have the thin keys like the razor deathstalker i'm using. If anyone can please help me out that would be very great tysm for reading.
  17. my cpu is obv 5820, my motherboard is ASUS X99-A ATX DDR4 3000 LGA Motherboard X99-A, my ram is corsair 16gb ddr4 2666mhz 4x4
  18. is there anyway of re entering and winning this silicon lottery? lol, i really am pissed that MOST people at able to go 4+ and im stuck here at stock, cuz wtf is the k for then? Yes im using the bios correctly, im no noob at this stuff im just looking for a way to see if i can do something in order to have an overclock
  19. My 5820k cannot overclock what so ever,i have nzxt kraken x61, its always cool. So its base speed is 3.3ghz, and turbo boost is 3.6. So i slowly tried overclocking and i've only been stable at 3.6ghz, and there is no point into that since i get it from turbo boost. I even, no fucking joke, put the volt at 1.39+ just to get 3.8ghz, and it didnt work. Please someone freakin help me.
  20. my email just says that the graphics card has shipped
  21. I bought the gigabyte 980 ti from amazon like 2 weeks ago, and i see that they have a promotional offer that if youbuy it you get metal gear solid 5 code, how do i get it?
  22. this all makes sense now ty, i didnt know that water was already inside the tube, so basically its just cooling the water and re using it
  23. cool, thanks for all this info, really helped me out. Just in case if you wanted to know what my pc specs are ( and i'm probably building this tomorrow) CPU:Intel 5820k @4.5ghz CPU COOLER: NZXT x61 Kraken (280mm) Motherboard: Asus x99 A-ATX RAM: Corsair 16gb ddr4 (4x4)@2666mhz Graphics card: Gigabyte gtx 980 ti @1500mhz PSU: Corsair AX 860 STORAGE: 1tb WD black & Samsung 850 Evo 500gb Case: Fractal Design r5 Optical Drive: Asus Some other stuff like: Steelseries elite prism gaming headset jet-black Razor naga MMO gaming mouse &steelseries mousepad