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  1. Hi all, I recently upgraded from an older 4770k to a ryzen 3700x and MSI Creation x570 mobo. I still have a GTX 1070. However upon the new system, I experience audio clicks during gameplay or music. I also experience drops of over 10 to 20 frames during gaming. I run audio from an hdmi cable off my 1070 to my Pioneer AVR. I have swapped the cable and the ports on both the avr and the 1070 to no change. I also checked my ps4, tv, and Xbox on other ports of the avr, to see if it was in fact the pioneer unit. It isnt. They work fine. Im waiting for the new 3000 series nvidia to upgrade, but i ask, could it be the mobo or the gpu? After a driver update for the gpu or a bios update for the motherboard, these things go away for a time. But soon return. I used latencymon, and it says something about CPU throttling in control panel, but im using the AMD Ryzen Power settings. I also just updated my bios to the most recent(as of a month) and it came back. Im greatly annoyed and wishing I'd stuck with intel or at least Asus. But at the time Newegg didnt have any Asus boards.
  2. So ive pondered this for some time, if i have a 4k 144 hrz display, but my gpus cant handle the full scope of that(two 1070s) can i turn the resolution down to 1440p and still use the 144 hrz? It makes sense that yes, you could. But i had a friend who bought a no name brand 4k 144 hrz panel. And when he went to 1440p, it stuck at 6hr.Couldve been a poorly made panel and cheap parts, but i dont know .
  3. Well it's been so long and alota happened. Me and my grandfather work oilfield, and the one day he took his phone out of his case, he dropped it and broke the screen. So he "upgraded" this year to an iPhone 8. So idk if it's different in terms of iPhone 8 os vs 6 os versions. But sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
  4. I mistook at as your... Idk why I did. The sig repost. Sorry haha. Okay! Thanks for the reply yet again and I will look I to this! Oh! And sorry for late replies, I don't get emails when someone says something or notifications.
  5. I didnt mention this, but i had since returned it back to stock. However one thing you mentioned is that SuperSU isnt the way anymore and thats NEW to me. What do you mean by, the roms do not go past that Nougat version? The rom itself is closest related to that stock version of Android but nothing new after that? Goodness the latest stock g3 version was lollipop. A terrible battery draining experience. That said, the XDA forums should be able to help me yet again with the NEW way of doing this? Thanks for the reply. Awareness is key. Never enough, even in the face of futility. Speak the truth as if you may never get to say it again. This world is full of ugly. Change it they say. The only way is to reveal the ugly. To change the truth you must first acknowledge it. Never pretend it isn't there. Never bend the knee.
  6. Hi Gutz! I AM SO SORRY I NEVER REPLIED!!!!! Thats all on me. Thank you so much for the help. This did not end up working but i deeply appreciate the help! I work oilfield and quickly forgot to reply to you!
  7. Hi all, this is my first post in a while, with asking help, questions for my wondering topic. I saw LTT do a Android vs Iphone video with a rooted/ rommed G3 and a new battery as the Android test subject. I too had a G3, a AT&T USA model. When i saw how the guys put new life into such an old phone, i was perplexed. I have rooted that phone with a custom rom before, but never to that degree of, well, how good it looked and ran. I always thought the LG G4 rom was cool and what i wanted(this was back in 2015 i tried all this). But sadly, many apps didnt work well with the rom, some, such as Snapchat, outright seeing the root code and blocking me from using it or my Chase Bank app said it was too old of a software version. My question is, is there a workaround for this kind of thing? Is rooting and Custom romming a G3 any easier than it once was? And, with me having a few back up phones(work supplied) that have newer updates waiting should my current s7 active fail, is it EVEN WORTH me going through the hassle to bring the g3 back? I'm up for getting my monies worth out of th phone, as i paid for that one myself, but if its a hassle, or many features wont work, i cant be bothered to do any of it. Yknow? Thanks for being a cool community and id appreciate any help.
  8. My grandfather has an iPhone 6s. And his email will not alert him via vibration or sound when he receives a new email. Using yahoo's mail app or the stock ios app, neither work. We make sure mutes off and everything is synced correctly, wifi or not, sound is on and whatever else. I'm not a ios user but I'm still the tech guy for the family. I don't have anything to answer. We took it to AT&T to see if maybe I'd forgotten something, but after 2 hours of sitting there all I got was "send it back to Apple". So the scenario. His phone is locked. Or just sitting on the desk/in his pocket. Unless he opened the app, it will not alert him to new emails. And we have it set to auto check evry few minutes.