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  1. im thinking if im going to get a $1000 gaming monitor + 1070, or a 1080+ budget 1440p 144hz
  2. which would be better for gaming for the next 6 years,
  3. Intel 750 series PCIe 1.2TB or Samsung Evo 1TB anyone having problems with these? which do you think would be best for a new rig.
  4. trying to install Microsoft Visual CC++2015 x86 but is wont install sucessfully, but when i try to look at my programs the CC++2015 is already there? i dont know how to fix this but i search on the web others got same problem, still looking for a fix or answer to this
  5. i had a laptop with windows 8.1 is it ok to go windows 10 already? if im going to buy a windows OS on dekstop which one should i choose? they got different prices in windows 7 64bit with Pro and Ultimate, after upgrading would it be just the same? so should i go cheaper windows pro or windows ultimate?
  6. how do you clean up those tubes? are they replaceable over a year or two? when is the time to change them?
  7. which one would be the easiest to clean on a monthly basis?
  8. is it possible to change those black tubing on a Deepcool Captain and a Corsair H100i gtx?
  9. is that good for editing or buy a higher spec?
  10. geforce 840m is equivalent to which gpu nowadays?
  11. im looking for owners who has a razer edtion, can you guys send me some pictures on how they do the led lighting underneat the case? il try to replicate it to my h440 red/black theme
  12. looking for a $600 laptop for gaming,i5 maybe. dont know which brand has the best gaming laptop right now,i do like MSI but the price range is out of budget
  13. my theme is red, and i dont have and led fans on my case so i want the changeable led light to cover up those theme from inside, planning also to buy the gtx 980 kingpin with RGB customization
  14. planning to buy a deepcool RGB led strip for my H440, is it a good product or just go with a single color NZXT led strip
  15. i trying to pick a RAM that would go well with my MOBO, any advice before i get one, Corsair Dominator Platinum or AVEXIR?
  16. having time thinking where to buy my PSU, i had site on RM850 before here in the philippines since i dont see any brand of EVGA PSU anywhere. But others are saying EVGA Supernova G2 is the one i should choose. Since my uncle from L.A. is coming this May22nd i would ask him to buy me a 850 G2. For those who got online transactions already with these two any tips before i place my order.
  17. i know i ask the owner about it but forgot to bookmark the site he gave me.
  18. seen this neat cable management,any idea where and what brand are those?
  19. the adhesive are easy to fix, what i want to know is it better to get a non branded LED strip and match it with a controller, and how to connect it on my existing PSU
  20. been looking for a led light or rgb led light for my h440 case, which would be a better choice get a nzxt sleeve kit (single color only), deepcool RGB led strip with remote control for RGB settings ( still dont know if one pack would be enough), or just go on a store that sell RGB led strips and mod (dont know how much will it cost me and how good it will be).