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  1. Hello, we are using this template for our SCCM reporting: https://www.prajwaldesai.com/sccm-power-bi-dashboard/ On the update compliance page, the data is incorrect. The data becomes correct when I click on a certain date. We are trying to make it so that the latest data can be shown without clicking on the date chart. Our dashboard with no date selected: https://gyazo.com/c17dff07e514bb2cd482183231f0b3e5 Our dashboard with the latest date selected: https://gyazo.com/0ea2d745dcf16a00724791a951629ee4 Does anyone know what could be wrong?
  2. Yea that's not normal... my SE first gen is on ios 14 beta and is lag free. Have you tried a factory reset?
  3. Yea I think that's what I've decided to do. Sadly ill have to wait 3 more months :(
  4. Hmm, yea I'll be getting the 2022 release of GPUs. I upgrade them every 4 years. Will I get more performance with PCIE 4.0 in the future? By what I'm hearing AMD Ryzen offers it but Intel doesn't?
  5. I want something that will last a really long time.
  6. That's exactly my setup. I got 1600 mhz RAM. I'm doing a huge upgrade soon though.
  7. Yea I can calculate by my GPU usage there are a few areas I might dip under 60.
  8. Even to the point I can't get 60 fps?
  9. 2080 ti, I'm getting an i9 10900k installed in the next few weeks. I run at 4k max.
  10. Hey so I just started playing Assassins Creed Origins and my CPU usage is pegged at 100% in cities. Is this normal? I have an i7 4790. I'm not getting a solid 60 FPS either. I would get like 70% GPU usage, 50 FPS, and 100% CPU usage.
  11. I was going to go for a 6 year life span like with my i7 4790.
  12. True. I heard that happened in the 2000s with the Pentium 4.
  13. If I get a higher end processor will it last longer though? I like to keep my tech for a really long time.
  14. I do 4k gaming. I want to keep this CPU for 4 years, 8 if possible. Sometimes my current i7 4790 bottlenecks. Is there a cheaper alternative you recommend?
  15. Is that AMD? Will it most likely provide better gaming performance?
  16. I got a RTX 2080 ti, I only upgrade every other generation.
  17. My current CPU is still good after 6 years.
  18. So I currently run a i7 4790 and I would like to upgrade. I am looking for a CPU that would give me the best possible gaming performance and last me many years. My budget is under 800 dollars. I am looking to buy the new i9 10900k unless you guys know of a more powerful option for gaming within my budget.
  19. So my CAM overlay software works just fine with Steam and Origin, but with EpicGames and Minecraft it does not. Please note that the Bandicam overlay works with everything. What could be causing this? Thanks in advance.
  20. If he hasn't in a long time it isn't a bad idea.
  21. You could use canned air, it's for sale at Target. Just make sure you don't turn it upside down. Also be sure to change the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU.
  22. I would say yes. For those kind of frame rates I would recommend the best CPU you can afford. It will also help with future-proofing.
  23. Sometimes you just get busy with other things.