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  1. under stress test it doesn’t go above 69-70 so it shouldn’t be that. i tried expertool also, but sadly same results. I am starting to suspect that it might be my psus fan, is there any way to test that? my cpu doesn’t push it far enough I think to start the psu fan on high (5820k). So cpu stress test are out of the question, and I can’t isolate the noise enough to make sure it comes from the psu or the gpu, while running a gpu benchmark.
  2. Hi! Lately I started using my pc for couch gaming so noise levels became important to me. I have a gainward phoenix 1080, which is supposed to be a quiet card, however even if I set the fan speed to a fix one in afterburner the fans ramp up under load, sounding like a jet engine. The strange thing that none of the rpms, actually change in monitoring. So if I set it to 1000 rpm fixed the noise is much louder while under load (I tried with superstition and furmark) I checked every other fans, and it’s the gpu that makes the noise for sure, as cpu even while stress tested is much quieter and my case fans are fixed at 100%. How could I fix this problem? Thanks!
  3. sen

    GTX980 for editing/grading?

    Sadly that is not an option, as I live in hungary, and anything looking even validly legit in co.uk/de ebay is about the same price as a gtx980 here is.
  4. sen

    GTX980 for editing/grading?

    For rendering yes (but there is no problem on that part atm), for realtime stuff specially in Davinci GPU is more heavily used. Plus there is not much upgrade cpu-wise cause I can't afford 2011v3 system and sadly even a 4970k wouldn't give that much of a boost, even worse when considering the cost of it.
  5. Hi all! Looking forward to upgrading my currently rig for better perfomance in davinci resolve and premiere, and wondering if the GTX980 (4 GB) would be enough for my usage? Main editing in premiere pro (fluid without effects even right now can struggle with a few effects however) grading in davinci, but i might switch to davinci only when 12 comes out. My current rig: GA-P67X-UD3-B3 i7 2600K @ 4.0 GHZ 24 GB RAM ASUS GTX 660 2 GB OC (with 3 monitors) CORSAIR 600CXV2EU (3 ssds and 3 hdds) Thanks for your help, sen
  6. Hi! I am asking you guys for help in a problem that is really annoying atm on my system. Whenever I try installing almost anything I get the error "the temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible...". I have taken full ownership already of the temp folder, tried enabling UAC cause in theory for some adobe softwares that fixed this problem, I have cleared up the system ssd (20 gb free of 120 atm), yet the problem still exists. I would love to fix it without reinstalling the whole system. Any ideas? Thanks, sen PS I am running windows 8.1 with latest updates installed, the system drive is a samsung 840 evo 120 gb