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  1. You are correct I have them now but the manual explicitly says use screws from the case I assumed that they want included lol
  2. My 750D arrived this morning slightly annoyed that it doesn't include PSU screws. I have a EVGA G1 supernova 750w PSU which says to use screws included with case. What size/type do I need? Thanks
  3. Thanks for a quick response! Would that allow the two computers to be networked and connected to the Internet at the same time? Do you recommend any particular one or will any do the job? I have 120mb fibre optic if that makes a difference.
  4. I'm in need of some help to create a solid network for my two computers. Currently I have 1 operational computer connected to my router downstairs via the world's longest ethernet cable to my room. It is just simply too much hassle to run a second cable to my second pc that is being built now as I put the first cable being the wall. My theory is that if I purchased a second router and connected it to the primary router via the already existing cable then run the 2 computers via ethernet cable to the second router. And have my PS4, Apple TV, etc all connected via wifi to the primary router as they are currently. Would this even work? Would I suffer from a weaker/slower connection by using what in effect is an extender. Any better ideas for a possible solution? Thanks
  5. Hi all as the title suggests I like to put small form factor hdd into the vertical ssd mount at the back of the Obsidian 750D. So I can remove the hard drive cages all together for fan and radiator space. I was just wondering if putting the hdd in there would be problematic?