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  1. noticed playing bf1 that it can stutter on a high demanding part
  2. current system amd fx 8350 8 core evga 970 8gb kingston ram msi 990fxa gd80 looking to upgrade to 4k monitor/curved monitor in the future like to game alot with the highest setting and hate any lag/stutter could someone help me out with parts thanks budget£1500-£1800
  3. maybe i need a hdmi 2.0??
  4. like the size of text,apps and other items. yes that at 100% now but everything is to small but looks a little sharper
  5. im using a standard hdmi cable if that makes a difference maybe have to use a converter or something
  6. everything seems to look like pure ass ahaha
  7. you cant really see it good in a picture but everything does seem sharp everything is in game mode running it 4k how do i do ths?
  8. hey i bought this tv and loks good but when i connect it to my pc chrome and the text looks very pixelated is there any fix to this?
  9. hey guys looking to buy a tv but not sure what would be better/or is better Curved or Flat screen please give me feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of them thanks
  10. no current budget just now but people prefer intel over amd and not sure whether to change?
  11. meant to say that this is the build i have had for ages yeah meant to say ive had this for a while now
  12. (my current build i have )like to play alot of heavy games (witcher/BF4) just wondering what you would change about this system so i can think about it in the near future. gtx970 amdfx 8350 eight core 4.00ghz msi 990fxa motherboard 8gb kingston ram Samsung ssd 250gb 1TB harddrive