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  1. people in the UK Scotland in particular as well as north western european countries will see it at 8.30 AM. Ill Be able to see it aswell hopefully from ireland (if the weather isnt shite haha).
  2. When god created the world chuck norris roundhouse kicked it and it has been spinning ever since
  3. There is no life on Mars...... because Chuck Norris was there before
  4. Chuck Norris doesnt masturbate..... he rapes his hand
  5. Chuck Norris doesnt poop..... he scares the shit out of his arse
  6. If you guys have any facts about Chuck Norris then post them here otherwise he will kill us all.. Stick within the Code of Conduct because Chuck Norris Says so... Feel free to add memes and gifs aswell. Let the love and appreciation for Chuck Norris flourish within Off Topic
  7. its hard to find an acceptable tax for weed though. as well as that, the tax would be optional because even though it would be legal, the black market would still sell it cheaper than market price meaning they keep customers as well as that black market is tax free
  8. Ill admit i did originally make this account to troll because my mate uses these forums a lot but i actually quite enjoy it now so yeh (hence why my name is stupid lol dunno how to change it or if thats even possible)
  9. I dont speak German but its a pretty cool language.
  10. also im not inclined to trust sites that have .org at the end of them. they dont always give good information
  11. if it was legal i doubt it would happen in the legal market. i doubt companies who think its dangerous would like to add any problems to it after realising its not dangerous. black market shit would probably still do it but i doubt it would happen in the legal market
  12. i dont see how adding glass could make a user addicted. How can someone become addicted to glass?
  13. oh right sorry. my apologies lol :L feel like a dick now
  14. and why would they spray it with glass if you dont mind me asking? it would seem silly to me if they did that because no.1 its would cost more to spray liquid glass aswell as more time preparing. and no. 2 if this glass thing is true it could kill users meaning they dont have customers. so unless im missing something here i doubt thats true to be honest. then again you might be being sarcastic in which case im sounding like a dick and apologise. and if you not then i'd like to know why they would do it please