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  1. As topic stated. Main concern is usb wifi adapter with SMA Antenna (which better signal detection) such as Asus USB-n66. The reason going for usb type is for my both desktop and laptop. Another question, will Asus USB-n66 potential be limited due to its usb 2.0 connection? Anyone use before? Is it a good product? I was heard from someone who said hardly switch to 5ghz, is that true? Any other suggestion?
  2. i quite concern about will the price of GTX 960 will drop once the amd R9 300 series is up to the market on Q2. Will it possible drop to around $190 (non reference type)? Will you guys going to upgrade to 960 from low end gpu if its price dropping, or insist saving money for GTX 970 / R9 300 series?
  3. As topic stated.. Anyone who owned either of these two graphic card and may i know whats the major difference between them? Because what i seen over here, the blue 1 doesn't have much population, but 1 thing i concern is the blue 1 much cheaper and better thermal design (i guess?) compare to gaming. GTX 970 gaming - 579 sgd GTX 970 4GD5T (armor) - 499 sgd
  4. Not sure which manufacturer, but i guess i go for either 290 or gtx 970/960 ti....
  5. There are some bios issue for the amd R280x, i got no guts to dare with it...=.=....i always the unlucky one...
  6. Just asking...haha....the reason im not getting beast GC is because waiting the pascal GC from nvidia Too bad no more msi 280x, only power color wait...POWER COLOR R9 290X 4GB PCS+.....559 sgd...same price with lightning...@@
  7. Since i am not going overclocking, so the best would just use 2x 6+2 pin for normal gaming?
  8. I wonder, is it true that msi 290x lightning enough with 2x 6+2 (8) pin without the third 6 pin as long as no overclock?
  9. ps2 emulator...pcsx2 and wii emulator dolphin, and the future ps3 emulator rpcs3
  10. But when playing wii emulator and some pc games, x16 AF does help me increase 10 ~ 15 fps, at least it does happen on my gt 630m...@@
  11. Like i mention before, i would not playing over than high settings with over 1080p and never ever active shadow resolution, i prefer performance over quality as long as seeable and playable, i am not that kind of person who demand high quality gaming experience, and you were assuming future games will took over 2gb even without high settings with AA. For example - 4 years ago everybody going for 2gb vram (600 to 700 series) and intel i3,5,7 series as standard but i was still using core 2 duo with gtx 550ti 1gb vram but playable with all the games that they played, just difference of low-med with no shadow settings and high-ultra with opened shadow and AA settings.
  12. - DEFINE R4 Black and SEASONIC G SERIES 650W MODULAR Only if i take out the hdd cage, then will be fitable, not sure if i would use more than 3 drives as i plan buy 1 tb hdd and 256gb ssd, and also owned another 500gb hdd, not planning to mount the ssd on the stealh side though. - as i mentioned before, i am still thinking, not sure if amd graphic compatible with all kind of games and settings such as ps2, wii emulator - one question, does amd support well on Anisotropic Filtering? because usually i tweaks some settings to increase gaming performance.
  13. I wont go for lightning because it will not fit on my choice of case and psu, although is cheap....but i might encourage u go for if you using better case and rich enough...=)