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  1. easy bcd is a great tool.i bought aomei autobackuper anyway. ive got a cold boot disk from them that can backup/restore (download from tool itself) but i mounted the image with easybcd so i can boot directly to it without going through windows, backups this way are a lot faster. btw i backup to a 3.5" hdd in a 5.25"hotswap bay on the front of my pc it has one really good feature, the tool itself has a built in pxe service so you can run it on your home server then any pc on your network can use it without a cd. its free btw (i supported them because i really like it) what do you guys use? ive tried ghost,macrium reflect etc and wasnt keen on them for different reasons
  2. parts that are $300 and come from usa to the uk usually sell for £350+
  3. thats what i did. i started with an i5 2400 and put an i7 3770 back end of last year.it wasnt really enough of an upgrade to change board etc for me. samsung 840 pro i7 3770 hd 7950 windforce edition 16gb ddr3 (i have a bad habbit of leaving loads of things open and i use a lot of ram etc, ff alone takes 2gb usually)
  4. there is a tool you can use to change the mbr, let me try to remember it and ill get back to you. have you tried changing it through cmd? my mbr got deleted a few years ago and i fixed it using the cmd prompt on a windows disk easybcd will sort the issue out i think, i use it all the time. i backup with aomei autopbackupper and ive got an iso on my C drive that i boot from memory (added it to boot memory with easybcd) its really easy to use and if i recall you can backup with it as well
  5. ive been recorded before and at the time i didnt know i was being recorded, they can post it online for all i care. not one of my relatives/friends would care tbh.
  6. this is tidy for me lol 32" samsung tv, i havent gotten around to getting a monitor or two
  7. people can believe any faith or cause they choice but some people are not very clever through no fault of there own.i do get carried away quite often its part of being in a trade
  8. thank you, i must have missed them ill get the 910 on monday
  9. i wish i could find a mechanical kb i like im using a cyborg v7 atm. i need my media keys, macros and backlight
  10. its not a bad price to be honest, pay and play then stop paying when you run out of content then come back later.they release patch notes on there site which details the updates, guildwars would be more your thing then im guessing
  11. if you do start playing it get the all-in-one with heavensward.i like the expansion, its a lot bigger than i thought it would be
  12. my cable management still is, i spend a long time at work workings with cables at work
  13. yup its short for avtomat kalashnikova 1947