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  1. Well mates I am now understandably concerned. I'll just fess up about the damage
  2. Cooler is not overly heavy and not a water cooler. I fear damage to the PSU only because it hit that corner and bent the thumbscrews . I also hear something like a breaker flipping when the computer turns on or restarts. When I first booted it up at home it said I needed to boot through the bios. After that it's been doing the restart thing
  3. Evening folks. I had a PC on a dolly since we're all working from home, and it slipped and hit the ground. The thumb screws on one corner are bent and a thumbscrew holding the PSU on is also bent. Otherwise, superficial damage. The computer boots weirdly. It starts up for a second, turns off, then turns back on fine. Because of permissions, I have to hard shut down the computer and unplug it from the wall each night. The computer works fine though, nothing is wrong once it boots. Should I be concerned?
  4. Well lads the mesh things worked! I now have stable, quick (relatively... but we overpay for internet in america) wireless that somehow turns into an ethernet connection when I plug my computer into the mesh thing. Also what's so shitty about powerline adapters? Is it because you can't really tell what the quality of the wires are inside your house so you're basically at the whim of the elements at that point?
  5. Also! Does anyone here know if you can run both a mesh network and a powerline adapter? I want to cover all my bases here.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, I think that I get it now. I'll have test them out when I get home. I feel pretty fortunate I managed to land on these things for free. Let's hope they work! Also, are these things actually mesh, or extenders like they say in the box
  7. Evening folks. I came into possession of a few contraband mesh things. They're called AT&T Air 4920 Airties Smart Wi-Fi Extenders and I've been given two of them. I'm sure extenders are different than mesh wifi things, but the labels on the actual units say mesh. In either case. I've tried wifi extenders in the house I'm in and they're kinda crap. That, combined with the weak signal from the crappy at&t gateway made me thing the only solution was better equipment or a powerline adapter. I've yet to install the things since I'm not at home, but if a WiFi extender wouldn't if worked the first time, what's so different about mesh? Speak to me like I'm an idiot on this one.
  8. v_v alright. I think I'll go find a cheap-ish router or a powerline. I dont much care that my landlord can see my traffic, so we'll just go that route. I've about reached the 'annoying tenant' limit with him since he keeps the router upstairs, so I gotta ask him each time I want to tinker with it. Thanks for all your help, MAN. THIS INTERNET. I JUST WANT INTERNET THAT DOESNT SSSSSSSSSSUCKKKK
  9. WELL DAMMIT What was going on last night with the perfect buttery smooth 5ghz nosignal wireless then? Is there any way I could re-capture that or was that just me hallucinating? So it's either a real router, a WAP-thing (mesh??), or a powerline adapter?
  10. Alright folks I'm back with some information and more issues, unfortunately. AT&T gateway thing Manufacturer: ARRIS Model: BGW210-700 Netgear router Netgear N600 C3700-100NAS (It appears this thing might also be a gateway / modem?? From the website?) My setup as of today looks like this: (supposedly) wall jack --> AT&T Gateway --> Router (netgear) --> Switch for other devices. Last night I was able to connect to the 5GHz connection from the Netgear router. It was at like, 10% signal (less than one bar) but even with that, my internet was smooth, fast, and stable. I thought things would stop there and the job was done. However, when I got home today I discovered that the internet coming out of both the router and the previous WiFi thing (I think it was in a TV Receiver) didn't work. Afraid I'd messed something up, I logged onto the respective Ip-address things and reset the [Netgear] router. This magically turned the regular (Receiver) internet back on, but I've had no such luck with the actual router. So we appear to be back at square one, with the router not working and the receiver-thing spitting out crappy internet. So, I'm not sure what is going on, again. Anyone know what might be going on or am I just hosed at this point?
  11. I'll see what I can do when I get home about the model names
  12. Evening folks, I know this is not the AT&T forums, but I can't much post there. I was wondering if you guys could lend some basic advice on what I'm going to attempt to do. So the internet in my house is crap. The Wifi right now comes from a receiver that is also a TV thing, and from all I can tell it is awful. Gaming is near unplayable. Upstairs is what looks to be a modem (a big ass box looking thing with lots of ports on the back), but it currently has no ethernet cables plugged into it. I'm going to connect a router that the landlord thought was working (looks like a cheaper netgear router) to that modem-looking thing, then plug it into a switch so his other devices that run close to it can also connect to the internet. I thought that's all one needs to do, but I've heard that it probably isn't going to work, or well, at least. Since you guys are tech dudes and are likely used to plugging in 3rd-party routers to your modems, I'd like to know what steps you guys took to connect your router into a modem without little incident. On top of that, when working with networking stuff, what is the kind of info I really shouldn't be giving out to people as they help me troubleshoot stuff? In either case, ask me all you need to know, as I know what I just said was very vague. I'll work with you because man, vermintide with packet loss is.. is not fun.
  13. So, dig into the wireless settings on the router and find linked mode, and do that? I guess my question is, is there any other way to connect to the 2.4GHz without doing that? Not that I can't do it-- I just have to find the router and the access code on it
  14. Evening folks. While I get my landlord to bring the AT&T guy over here and fix this awful mess of an internet situation, I was picking around in the IP address settings thing and found that the 2.4GHz network on my all-in-one "Genie" PoS router thing appears to have a more stable, if not slower, connection. I'm getting massive packet loss in my video games and the rest of my internet, so I wanted to see if I could connect to this specific network. I know nothing about networking other than putting in a password. The SSID's are the same name, but I can *see* everything else in the router's settings, like mac addresses, the IPv4 address.. other stuff? I know the passwords to 'both' of these networks so no worries about my trying to 'hack' into this router. I just want to use the 2.4GHz line. Can't seem Google a page that speaks to me in plain idiot english.. so I turn to you. Please help! I mean, can you even help? Is this just out of my hands until the internet person gets here?