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  1. Gileotine

    Need Advice For a Friend's Streaming Build

    Would the ~170 bucks he would save by not getting a gpu help in other parts?
  2. Gileotine

    Need Advice For a Friend's Streaming Build

    So my friend apparently found a 1060 for free from one of his friends building a computer, would that change the build really at all aside from just chopping out the RX?
  3. Gileotine

    Need Advice For a Friend's Streaming Build

    Also I don't think he's going to try to overclock it, but I only say that because I'm already terrified of overclocking stuff already lmao. Alright so those builds you guys listed seemed reasonable, thanks so much. I'll send that list to him with the included prices and see if he'll bite.
  4. Gileotine

    Need Advice For a Friend's Streaming Build

    Sorry about that, I didn't include keyboard and mouse since I'm just going to get him some cheap 5-dollar keyboard and mouse.
  5. 1. Budget & Location $500-700 USD 2. Aim My friend seems to want to do a lot of things. First and foremost I'd like him to be able to game properly-- for him this means running decent frames in PUBG. As a secondary he's expressed interest in streaming, both from his computer and from a console (not at the same time though, I think?) 3. Monitors He wants a 1080p 144hz monitor. You can suggest one for but now I'd like to focus on the computer itself-- he can use the monitor he has. 4. Peripherals He'll need an OS, since he can't transfer his windows license from his laptop, I'm guessing. Keyboard and mice are something I think he already has / I'll give him a cheap version of, but if you can find a good set for like, 20 bucks, I'm sure he would go for that. 5. Why are you upgrading? My friend has never had a proper PC before. He has expressed high interest in getting one for streaming but since that can get old quick without viewers I just think a solid computer would be good for him. While he's willing to spend 700 bucks on this thing max, if you can pull it closer towards 500 I think he would be pretty happy. I know that 500 bucks doesn't leave a lot of room to wiggle, so any advice would be appreciated. Other note: My friend has a GTX 1060 mini that his friend is giving him, so I'm not sure if that changes things.
  6. Alright folks the computer is up and running. It took an 8th gen to make it work, as you stated. Now my windows won't activate even though it was activated on my old computer, and the microsoft tech won't activate it without the windows 7 key that I used and lost years and years ago. If anyone could help me on that, I'd appreciate it, but I know you guys aren't microsoft support. However the thread's purpose is more or less finished. Should I deleted it or leave it up for someone facing a similar issue?
  7. Well as it turns out all of the places open on the weekends charge 50-70 dollars minimum and a few days to update the bios. I guess having it for free was a bit too much to ask for lol
  8. Alright thank you so much. We should have results by tomorrow
  9. I have to find a CPU from the eighth Gen 2 stick in the before it post right, I can't just rip the CPU out right now and hope it bios?
  10. I'll call around the computer shops in my town tomorrow
  11. I don't know where I'm going to find an 8th gen Intel CPU, but thanks so much for your help. I'll post back here if it does or doesn't work.
  12. do you think that might be the problem, considering I got this back in March of last year? Is there anything else you think could be the problem, ie parts or things exploding?
  13. Evening, I built a computer today, here are the specs EVGA Z370 Classified K Intel i5-9600k Gskill aegis ddr4-3000 Gigabyte RTX 2070 8g Addlink SSD 512gb It won't post, and there appears to be no power to the IO. it resets itself after about a minute of sitting idle. I've removed the GPU, switched out the ram in slot 2 with both sticks. The error LED Is stuck at 18 which the manual says "15-18" pre-memory north bridge initialization is started" I won the motherboard and a contest back in March. There are other posts that say that this motherboard doesn't ship with the BIOS that allows me to use this CPU. if that is the case if you guys think, I have no idea how to update a bios since this is my second computer build and my first Intel build. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it and I'm super stressed.
  14. Gileotine

    Fresh install Windows from USB failed. Now what?

    Alright so I used Rufus plus a friend's USB flash drive. I'm not sure if it was the USB itself or the ISO file but it is starting to install. Thank fucking lord. And thanks everyone @buzzinkeegs
  15. Gileotine

    Fresh install Windows from USB failed. Now what?

    real quick does this seem like a shitty USB flash stick if I tried to install windows through it even when I installed it from two dif computers