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  1. shipping is a corruption crime here. buy a 2500PhP worth item, Customs would charge 8000PhP for customs tax
  2. I found that store isn't as popular as I listed, hopefully I could get it by May
  3. anything you can suggest from these stores? I was gonna buy a motherboard for this month, but since 990FX costs 6000, think I would move it to May since I will be having a small job that would gain me 5000. For now, I think I'd prep the power supply Thanks (dialgarocksful.blogspot.com -- fixing my blog post)
  4. Here's also some other users that I'll possibly buy on: https://tipidpc.com/useritems.php?username=pchub https://tipidpc.com/useritems.php?username=dynaquestpc
  5. https://tipidpc.com/viewitem.php?iid=39155346 -- more of a forum style ebay for new and used items
  6. is it possible to substitute the D3P version of GA970A? it's the only option I could go on Gigabyte black/gray boards, unless I ship it here
  7. - may I know what voltage I use with 4.6GHz setting? or like what voltage should I use on a given OC bracket - 4460 = $180 converted
  8. already have a kit of ddr3 sticks, can't get a skylake even i wanted to. Z170 board costs 120% here in my country
  9. will only be doing 720p30fps. forgot to mention that
  10. Purpose: - MOBA/Simulation (particularly SimCity and Cities)/2015's AAA titles (medium settings @40-50fps would do) - OBS streaming (720p30fps) - Maya 3D rendering (mentalray rendering) - Unity programming - Vegas rendering I already have a kit of DDR3 sticks (basically I can't go for Skylake), storage drives, and a minor GPU (HD7750, will upgrade to R7 360 in the near future) Current plan: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ZNxFFT (with i3-4170) My plan for the motherboard is either MSI 970 Gaming or Gigabyte 970 Gaming (black/red theme and fits within my budget for motherboard)
  11. Provided on thread title, I'm planning to OC my Athlon X4 860K to 4.7 or 4.5, if lottery chip will be given. Other specs of the build: MSI A88X Gaming 16GB RAM Sapphire R7 370 2 SSDs 3 HDDs
  12. Is Sapphire Nitro R9 380 2GB fit for my build and use/purpose?
  13. local price of the 960 4GB MSI is around $280. Can't find other variants of EVGA except SSC
  14. Given I'm sticking to 860K, my budget will be up to $220 for the GPU. My target GPU will be the MSI Gaming series. If I'm opting for Intel, it will go down to $150
  15. I have this current build: - Athlon X4 860K (OC'd to its Turbo) - Gigabyte FM2A78M-HD2 - 8GB DDR3 at 1866MHz - Sapphire HD7750 1GB - Corsair VS450 - Multiple HDDs and a single Adata SP900 I have an extra set of 2x4GB sticks also at 1866, but I can't use it due to that the board only has 2 DIMM slots Given my most use will be (most used to least) [1080p]: - MOBAs on max - 2015's AAA titles on medium to high (target FPS: 45-60) - Maya 2015 rendering (I don't crash/errors with rendering as of now) - Unity game programming (will be within this year) - Recording games (I do plan to go for some 720p24fps streams occasionally) [by occasionally, whenever internet (3 down, 1 up) can handle that] - Light edit on recorded games (via Vegas Pro, presets at 720p30fps) [I can handle lengthy render times, no problem with that] Should I opt to move to this build? - Intel Core i5-4460 - B85M Asus Pro Gamer / MSI Gaming (depends upon stock) - Seasonic M12ii-520W* Scenario for GPU upgrade: - 4460 + R7 370 - 860K + R9 380 Plans for upgrades if I should continue with the AMD: PSU (SS M12) -> GPU (R9 380) -> Motherboard (A88X) -> CPU cooler (Currently using Hyper T4, plan to get H80i or H100i) *vs S12ii-520, I don't like the extra 4+4-pin, nor the unused cables even though it is tied/hidden.
  16. is the gigabyte 970 gaming good substitute for those not listed? i see that board being cheaper than the msi 970 gaming
  17. i don't have luck in ebay. I bought a set of computer screws for $5 with free shipping, received after 3 months. So it's only Amazon or bust? How about NCIX/OutletPC/MicroCenter?
  18. aside amazon. some items aren't available on amazon, but available at (let's say) newegg) my bank has a weird policy regarding paypal: bank cannot send money credit to paypal, but paypal will send money to bank asap. is this how paypal works?
  19. Hi, I'm looking for a US/CA based tech store where they accept international Visa/MC cards. Anything you can recommend? I do plan on using a middleman shipping courier from US to Philippines
  20. edit on the ta970, i mislooked it, it was a ta890 both asrocks are roughly between ~$5-15 cheaper than MSI