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  1. Should I use stock cooler for CPU? I'm actually getting 970X because it is on sale. Getting the PH-market-available counterpart MSI 970 costs around $222 Corsair CX500 costs ~$12 more than TT SmartSE
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to PC building. My first build (and currently building) is an FM2+ rig. I was supposedly gonna build a PC just for Litecoin mining, but on a second thought, why not combine mining and gaming? Though I will not mine for 24/7 (Around 3-5 hours would suffice, but I know its drawbacks). Since this is a budget build, I'll try not to reach $550 and at the same time, obtain a good performance on both gaming and mining: (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hw6pRB -- Just change N400 to N300) CPU - Athlon X4 760K ($78) MOBO - MSI A78-G41 PCMate ($70) [bought] GPU - Sapphire R9 270 2GB ($172) RAM - Kingston Hyper-X 4GB 1600GHz ($45) HDD - Seagate Barracuda 80GB ($10) [bought it as a used item] PSU - EVGA-500B 500W [80+ Bronze] ($44) Chassis - Cooler Master N300 ($50) *Chassis Fan - 5x Deepcool XFan 120mm ($18) + 2 pre-installed Sickle Flow 120mm *I'm expecting a maximum of 38C by summer, so I need to maximize airflow as well by that time. TOTAL: $487 I'll be using the remaining for a used 1TB as my primary storage for apps. The 80GB will be for the OS (and updates), and I guess the mining software that I will use. Feel free to suggest more. Resources: - Dynaquest PC Philippines - Amazon (For CPU price) - Litecoin wiki (For GPU hash power) - Game Debate (For CPU-MOBO compatibility) - Extreme Outervision PSU Calculator
  3. My personal option was CM K380, but thanks for more :D
  4. well, I saw it is cheaper by around $10.. Planning to buy it locally than shipping + import fee of $60. Anyways, any good case around $45 with the specs above?
  5. I got MSI A78-G41 PC Mate, which costs 3,200 or I guess roughly 65USD
  6. already bought the motherboard, haven't purchased the APU yet
  7. Hello guys. I'm Kyle from the Philippines and I'm a new member here. I'll be building my very first desktop with this setup CPU: AMD A8-5600K -- 4,050.00 (Will change to Athlon X4 760 upon checking the price) GPU: Sapphire R9-270X 2GB DDR5 -- 8,750.00 RAM: Kingston Hyper-X 4GB 1600GHz -- 2,040.00 HDD: Seagate 80GB -- 400 (Bought it as a used condition) PSU: Thermaltake Smart SE 530W Modular -- 2,150.00 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 120V -- 2,200.00 UPS: EZCool 725VA UPS -- 1,750.00 I've also included the lowest pricings I got based on the market here, feel free to Google it out and see how much it is in your currency. Next is, what would be a good mid-tower case, wherein: 1. I can use good cable management on the right side panel 2. Has top fan for the Seidon 3. Window panel on its left side 4. At least 1 SSD fits 5. Lower than $45 6. Enough room for future water cooling Approved cases (This will be in my list on what would be the cheapest and followed the conditions above): - Thermaltake Versa G2 - Cooler Master N300 - Cooler Master K380