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  1. definitely on PC, and probably from 7 to 3 years ago
  2. Hi, that might be a wierd question, but I'm trying to find back a game I played several years ago, but I can only remember very vague stuff : The map was like that: : It had a kind of undertale feel : 2D top diagonal view, who is bad and who is good is blurry Metroidvania? I think you had to get new abilities in order to access to more areas and you end up doing some back and forth travels hope you could help me finding the game, because I also remember that I liked it Thanks in advance.
  3. I found this cheap cooler https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000460907686.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000014.9.7e622b959sllSZ which should fit pretty nicely and could keep the LED cool enough with the fan at around half it's max speed that would replace the larger blower fan, and to replace the smaller one which is probably mostly cooling the LCD panel rather than the PSU I would place the 40mm fan I used earlier where the larger blower was to intake from the outside front of the projector to exhaust through the LCD panel then some air would get around the PSU the exit from the original intake openning kind of like that but I thought I had an 80mm fan in this pic while it was a 70mm (stock AMD bulldozer cooler fan), so the scale would be a bit different I could only find a 92mm fan with 80mm mounting holes to get an idea of the tower cooler size and if it would be possible to fit it first, the LED is 31x34mm and the tower cooler base 35x35 so that's perfect then it is 60mm thick with a 25mm fan, so 35mm heatsink aligned with the base so it sticks out 17.5mm for the center of the LED one way, and 42.5mm the other way and thats almost the distance between the center of the LED and the plugs clearance area on way, and the projector's fett the other way, nice finally, the base of the LED is 20mm away from the side of the projector the tower being 113mm high would stick out 10cm from the projector which is 22cm wide so it would get to 32cm adding 30% in this dimension and moving it's center of gravity by ~5cm which should be manageable those metal brackets could be used to hold more securely the tower the the case with aluminium or wood plates on the sides.
  4. UPDATE : I tryed several things without much luck so far, but still have another idea first I wanted to replace the larger blower fan cooling the LED heatsink I wanted to fit a 60mm fan get similar airflow, but I could only fit a 40mm one ( had to remove too much of the structure to fit the 60mm and didn't find any 50mm fan) obviously the fan wasn't powerfull enough and the heatsink got to ~80°C while it was stable at 50°C with the original fan then I tryed to put this 40mm fan for the PSU, which should be enough so here I started making holes to the outside. then I flipped the larger blower fan to get cool air directly from the outside and see if the temperature got lower so I could keep this fan but lower it's speed with a DC-DC buck converter and here I understood why the original airflow was going trough the LCD panel after ~3min of powering it up, a black zone started burning from the center and growing out thankfully powering it down and let it cool and power back up showed that the damage was reversible so for now I got the fans back to how they were originally where they cool down sufficiently the LED, PSU and LCD panel So i think I can't have both a quieter projector and nothing added sticking out of it because it's still much too loud, I prefer to sacrifice the second part so I'm looking to replace the original LED heatsink with an 80mm tower cooler (continuing in a second post to be able to upload more images)
  5. "Weird" because I couldn't find anything on the play store that would work. I think the easiest way to understand what I'm looking for is to imagine games like overcooked : there are several things to do before a timer runs out and you can see a gauge filling up as the deadline approach. In real life example it would be to have a timer for cleaning up something every 'x' days, so a gauge would take 'x' days to fill up on an easy to read dashboard, notify you when 'y'% of the time remains, and you could check the task as done to reset the timer. (Without having to wait for the timer to get to 0) The problem with most apps I found is that you generally can't do timers for several days, and/or tasks need to have a calendar date (I only need the time since it was last done) As a possible bonus there could also be cooldowns for things you don't want to do too often, so here the timer would be possible to reset only once it ended. I hope something like this exist already since I don't have the skills to create it. Thanks in advance.
  6. I guess the question now is : is it really usefull to have airflow for the LCD panel? I don't think the produce heat and I don't see how it can help for dust is the panel meant to catch the dust that would otherwise be in the LED heatsink? the projection would get dimmer and dimmer with time then
  7. it was always like a gaming laptop kind of noise i think the fans are at ~70% generally, and when turning the projector down they get to 100% for 1 or 2 seconds I wanted to make it quieter half for comfort and half out of curiosity I guess I could isolate the PSU and LED cooling areas use a noctua or noiseblocker axial fan then find a way to have a removable dust filtre in front of added intake holes (I have some HEPA fabric) I have a dremel and 3D printer so that could be made. But that would violate the rule I had of not changing any of the outside... well at least I would like to keep it the same size and able to withstand being transported sometimes. If the time and motivation comes maybe that could become a project
  8. 100€ 720p projector with good brightness but like many projector also has pretty loud fans The user manual list features, here are some about the cooling : "Air-proof design and efficient cooling channels can greatly enhance the overall stability and service life" "Ultra-quiet and dust-proof design that eliminates the need for internal cleaning during it's service life" "The appearance is beautiful and gorgeous"...it's a black and white box I guess... Curious of what that could be, and maybe looking into swapping the fans to make it quieter in the future, I took it appart. Here is the airflow inside : I don't know if doing that really helps with dust, there is no filter anywhere It has only been used for a month but I could see some dust mostly in the PSU area, and some spread around the LCD panel and other optical screens would there be a possible fan upgrade with this projector? (without cutting any of the external plastic structure)
  9. I got my full refund, but the product is still on amazon here are the responses from the seller to my refund requests (automatically translated from french, but the syntax is still weird in french) : Dear Nagby, We are really sorry to hear this situation. Considering that it will spend a lot of time for you to return this package, we want to solve the problem quickly and more efficiently. We are ready for a partial refund of 15 € directly deposited in your account, you do not have to return this parcel received. Please inform us by answering this message if this solution is ok for you, please. Thank you! Regards, Shiwaki FR Dear Nagby, We are sorry to hear this situation. We apologize for the inconvenience. To solve the problem, we have already made a full refund without the return of the package received, you can confirm the refund later on your Amazon account. It is not necessary to return the defective item. Please throw it directly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this message. Please do not rush into giving us a negative feedback, please contact us, we are always ready to address and solve any problem Thank you! Regards, Shiwaki FR
  10. Well I asked for a refund to the seller and for now they offered to give me 15€ back, but since I wouldn't have bought a 250GB drive I would only accept a full refund. I also sent a mail to amazon seller performance, I will update this topic when I get news. Hoping this could help people in similar cases in the futur.
  11. Hello, so this is pretty much what was showed in LTT video Fake Chinese SD Card Scam! I saw this external HDD of 2TB for 35.99€ (price changed since) I was indeed skeptical with this price but I thought that Amazon was safer than Aliexpress/EBay for this kind of scam so I took it. But this was indeed a scam, as seen from the fake label on the drive And once I got around 250GB of the drive filled, it started making noises and stoppped responding (but the drive is still working and accessible once unplugged and replugged). This seller on amazon has other external hard drives with similar price/capacity ratio and sketchy spec sheet https://www.amazon.fr/Shiwaki-Disque-Externe-Portable-Storage/dp/B07TCZLCNH https://www.amazon.fr/Shiwaki-Disque-Externe-External-Stockage/dp/B07VG38Z2S https://www.amazon.fr/Shiwaki-M%C3%A9tallique-Portable-Ordinateur-Universal/dp/B07TF48V7H Now my question is : Is there a way to report this scam to amazon? and how? For now I could just ask for a refund and give bad review, but the only kind of "report" I found was for sellers to report their products being sold by other sellers. Thank you.
  12. Hi, full story : I have a blackberry key one where the call speaker failed after some time. I replaced it by a spare speaker from ebay, but accessing it meant openning the top of the phone through the "loudspeaker" microphone (the one used for calls in loudspeaker mode and in video recordings) It probably got damaged in the process as I now only get white noise or a faint noise when I tap on the microphone opening I tryed an audio recording app, and this one got perfect audio, so probably from the normal call mic (on the bottom left corner of the phone) Is there a way to tell the camera app to use this mic for sound in videos? tldr : how can I use the calls microphone for video recordings? Thanks!
  13. i'm buying used, so it's cheaper ?
  14. hello, I am looking for a cheap GPU for a gaming PC, and found 2 used card that look pretty interesting an XFX RX 480 8GB GTR for 130€ and a Sapphire RX 580 4GB Nitro+ for 125€ from some benchmark I saw, the two are pretty close, RX 580 a bit ahead, but with higher TDP and lower memory could be a problem in the future? I'm only looking for your opinion to get an "average idea", not perfectly proven affirmations ^^ Thanks!
  15. there wasn't that much dust, I clean it several times a month and guess what ... GPU-Z freezes the system as well...