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  1. Is there a Google spreadsheet going with R20 scores? I only see the older versions in the OP. First Run: 1260 Second Run: 1242 (Screenshot, didn't have "keep best score" checked.) Core i5 3570K @ 4.322ghz @1.295v (I'll double check what I set in BIOS, then edit this) Noctua NH-D9L w/ 2nd NF-A9 fan 63°C hottest core, 59°C coldest core ASUS Maximus V Gene 1903 BIOS 16gb DDR3 1600 Corsair Air 240 w/ 4x Arctic F12 intake, no exhaust (motherboard chamber)
  2. JohnnyGrey

    Remeber this fan?

    That's the one! lol thanks!
  3. JohnnyGrey

    Remeber this fan?

    Just a quick question. Does anyone remember a case fan that had the motor windings around the blades? Basically the motor was inside the fan's surround piece, with a small center spindle containing just bearings. I'm just curious if anyone remembers the brand, or the model, as I can't seem to find any info on Google. I'm not even sure if the fan ever went to market.
  4. JohnnyGrey

    Transparent Optical Drive Mod [Edited Title]

    Appreciate it. I didn't intend on sounding harsh with the post you quoted. You were right, the project changed completely. I have edited the thread title to reflect this. The following picture is the reason I hold on to random crap! I decided to drive on over to my storage unit and check out stuff. Turns out I was able to find an AC to Molex power supply, a molex to SATA adapter, a thinner more flexible eSATA cable, as well as an eSATA to SATA adapter! (Thin eSATA not pictured) Here's where I'm at. The additional plastic piece was hacked up from a mod part for an Xbox 360. It's a part of the ghost case kit for the 360. This is a work in progress still. I plan on getting some edge trim, or possibly some small silicone/rubber tubing, split, to cover the upper edges of plastic, under the Lexan. I also plan on recutting a piece of Lexan to proper size, as well as Dremeling off the ends of the machine screws on the bottom. I'm getting there!
  5. JohnnyGrey

    Transparent Optical Drive Mod [Edited Title]

    There's no need to be snarky. It's not a solution to my original post, it's just a cool idea I had suggested in my second post. It serves no purpose, other than to see the internals, just as a window on the side of a case serves no purpose, other than to see inside. My goal may have changed from the original post, and for that, you are correct. If I'm gonna have the bare drive sitting on the desk, why not do something different? And with the way I have the piece of Lexan mounted, I don't have to hack up the top. I was able to pick up some translucent silicone feet, but I had to double stack them, as the two-inch screws going through to the bottom stick out too far. I can either grab my Dremel and shorten the screws, or get some bigger feet, as it looks bad doubled up. The sheets of Lexan were just under $4 each, and they are 8"x10" pieces. I believe they are .093" thick, but don't quote me on that. I bought two just in case. I may have spent about 8$ on some baggies of machine screws and washers. I might have an AC to Molex adapter in my storage unit in my pile of miscellaneous cables, and I might have a molex to SATA adapter in there as well from a retail drive many years ago. The only thing I might not have is a SATA to eSATA, but those can be had for cheap. I may want to find some rubber edge trim or something, as dust getting in the drive may be a concern.
  6. JohnnyGrey

    Transparent Optical Drive Mod [Edited Title]

    I'm not spending $41 on that. That's ridiculous, as I mentioned in my original post. Anyways, this is where I'm at. My solution for hanging the center metal spindle doesn't work. I'll be recutting a new piece of Lexan for the top, and I have a clear piece of plastic originally designed for customizing Xbox 360's on the way from Amazon.
  7. JohnnyGrey

    Transparent Optical Drive Mod [Edited Title]

    My ASUS motherboard has eSATA, so I can just pick up an eSATA to SATA cable off Amazon. Then I'll have to find someway to power it. That's probably what I'll have to do. I disassembled the drive, and the magnetic piece is indeed suspended from the top case. But now I really want to build a clear Plexi top for the drive, to show off the internals. I could always dremel out the metal piece, paint it black, then glue it to the underside of the plexi panel.
  8. JohnnyGrey

    Transparent Optical Drive Mod [Edited Title]

    Do you know if a USB 3.0 port can provide enough power for a full-sized internal BluRay Burner? And your point about the casing got me thinking... Assuming the workings of the internals don't require the top cover, I could always remove it and replace it with some plexi or something. From what I remember about older CD-ROM's, I do believe the magnetic piece is suspended by the top cover, and the whole motor/laser assembly gets lifted up into that suspended magnetic piece.
  9. Ever since I migrated to the Corsair Air 240 late last year, I haven't used my BluRay burner. The other night I decided to go out in the garage to my old case and grab it to start ripping some DVDs. This got me thinking, I'd like to use it a little more permanently as an external drive, but the only external enclosure I've found is this Vantec one, and is insanely overpriced. Has anyone come up with a cheap, yet effective solution? Right now I have it hooked up to the internal connectors of my Sabrent 3.5" enclosure temporarily. I was even thinking of having the bare drive on the desk but propped up on some feet attached to the eight mounting holes. I suppose I could always buy some cheap rubber feet at a local store, but I'd like it to look sort of elegant. Any ideas?
  10. JohnnyGrey

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I'm still rocking an Nvidia GTX 660 TI 3gb card (EVGA SuperClocked flavor). While its still a great card, it does show its age in some newer titles with AA and some other settings cranked up, even at 1080P. I'd want this new card just for the simple fact of give team red a try. The last time I owned a team red card was the ATI Radeon 9600XT. Yes, it's been that long. That was an amazing card for the price back in the early 2000's.
  11. JohnnyGrey

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    Woot woot! Looks like a kickass projector. One benefit I see is it being placed in front of the viewers so close to the wall means no one can block the image walking by, or standing up behind someone sitting down. Moar spectators!
  12. JohnnyGrey

    life after iphone? (imessages)

    I believe videos sent through texts on Android are limited to pretty short durations, as well as pretty terrible quality. As to your friends whining about not being on iMessage, tell them to put on their big boy pants and deal with it. A text is a text.
  13. Modern phones have some sort of overcharge protection built in, so you can't really over charge them. If you usually leave your phone plugged in overnight anyways, you won't notice much difference in overall battery life span, if there is a difference at all.
  14. JohnnyGrey

    Nexus 5 problem

    I was under the impression that Nexus devices are never carrier locked. Am I wrong?
  15. It's happened twice now since turning on the Adaptive Storage feature in Android Marshmallow. Occasionally the SD card disappears for a brief moment, or crashes somehow, and wipes out all my ring, alarm, and notification tones, as well as most of my home screen icons. I'm running an HTC One M8 converted to the Google Play Edition. Not rooted, and stock recovery. The SD card is a Samsung 64gb UHS1 speed card. Anyone else experience this?