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  1. Nice build, try dying some of the parts in the future, its a little bit smoother
  2. Which is the best Mobo out of these two (Maximum VI Hero or Sabertooth), will be used for gaming and video editing with a 4770K
  3. Theres a video aobut the one Slick put in his CV
  4. So at all the shops i go to they have an Asus gtx 780 and an Evga gtx 780 with exactly the same specs, i was wondering if there is any difference at all apart from the brand name
  5. Evga gtx 670 sc 4Gb version, hopefully looking to upgrade to an asus or evga 780 3GB
  6. Nice looks awesome, definitely getting this case
  7. Im getting the same cpu, mobo, ram, psu and cpu cooler, but, gtx 780, the air 540 case, 2x2tb seagate barracudas and ive already got the 240gb ssd
  8. Thats why personally haha, i was in a shop earlier and the corsair keyboard and mouse fit perfectly
  9. I will be getting a Corsair keyboard and mouse, K70 keyboard and M65 mouse budget is 5000 nzd (3900 usd) and in a month
  10. things like battlefield 3/4, crysis 3 and i have the psu so far
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, i can get nvidia cards at a discount, the main reason im getting one, or i could go up to a 690 for another 120usd Sound levels of the case are not much of a problem as i wear headphones most of the time
  12. Totally agree with prolemur on all three points
  13. If you get a Corsair PSU then you can get full sleeved kits, i have a AX760 with a Red sleeved kit and it looks awesome
  14. I have a Samsung 840 240GB and my brother has the Samsung 840 Pro 250GB, for the extra cost there really isnt any difference that we can see
  15. How hard is it to transfer my SSD from my current system which im selling, to my new system obviously i will have to uninstall the drivers and install the new drivers but what else will i have to do if anything if it helps it is a samsung 840 240GB
  16. Looks like a 4770K and an Asus Sabertooth Z87
  17. That is my current debate, Sabertooth + 4770K or X79 Dark + 3930K he gave me a pcpartpicker list to an i5 and a mobo that would be around 300-400, i am looking at around 800 usd for a cpu/mobo combo
  18. the one im looking at is an i5 and 300-400 altogether