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  1. Thanks for the advice so far, but I still have a few questions. Are there any particular venues, besides the obvious sources, for used headphones of which I should be aware? Or is it just ebay, amazon, etc.? Thanks for the information. Are there other reputable models at which I should be looking? I'd like to read some reviews and such before I try to compare them in person just to get a better feel for the particulars and more basis I have for comparison, the more comfortable I'd feel. Also, why exactly would I need both speakers and headphones? I'm looking for a single audio solution that will suffice for a reasonably long time. As this is for a desktop and likely won't be moved very much, I'm not sure I see a reason for both. What's your rationale here? Do you have any more to say on the advantages and disadvantages of headphones versus speakers? That's really what I'm interested in knowing from those with experience in the audio arena. The headphone segment seems covered, and I appreciate that, but information on decent speakers is still a bit slim. Any other suggestions?
  2. I've been lurking the board for a while, trying to learn more about the field (about which I honestly know little) but just don't have enough information about the field to make an informed decision as of yet. Let me preface my situation by saying, I do not consider myself much of an audiophile. While I enjoy good sound, I'm not sure I have the range to appreciate the subtleties of very high end audio systems, though that might just be inexperience talking. Anyway, I've been using some Klipsch 4.1 speakers for years (it's been years since I've upgraded for various reasons), but they have developed a horrible hissing/static whenever I turn them on and nothing I've attempted has been able to fix them. As a result, I need a new and better audio system in lines with my new gaming build. (For comparison's sake, the MB is an ASUS Maximus VII Hero.) My tentative budget for good, lasting (as in a few years or more before a serious upgrade) sound equipment is ~$2-300 (I live on the Southeast Coast of the US). I can adjust that higher if truly necessary, but I'd have to be convinced as to the need and, again, I don't think I'm the right target for super high-end equipment. My primary usage would be gaming, movies, and music (I listen to a range here, but mostly rock, classical, and some lighter metal.) Now, my main quandary is speakers versus headphones. Most discussion here seems focused on headphones, but my concern is that I've never really used headphones for long periods of time and, with my glasses and sensitivity to temperature, they may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. I know this is somewhat subjective, but is this a reasonable concern in anyone's experience, even with open headphones? Also, as I don't have to worry about bothering neighbors/roommates (I'm on a separate floor) and my reading suggests they still have better sound (though I'm fully willing to hear otherwise), I'm wondering if speakers are a better option for me. Are there any real advantages to headphones that I have not considered, given their popularity here, beyond portability and a self-contained unit? Any thoughts on pros and cons of either option? If I did decide to go with headphones, I think I'd prefer open due to the heating concerns and I just don't have the experience to speak as to my bass/treble preferences. I'm not a big FPS player, so I'm not sure how useful a larger sounstage would be for me, but I'm open to advice. I've read a great deal of threads here and elsewhere so I think I know the basic models of headphones to try so as to find my best personal fit (Sennheiser HD558/HD600, Beyerdynamic 770/880/990, AKG k701/2). I've read the Audio Technica ATH-M50 is really tight to the head, so likely isn't a good option for me, and the ATH-AD100x, AKG k712 Pros, or Fostex TH600 and similar are getting beyond my price range. I've also read the most recommended DAC/AMPs are the Fiio E10, Schiit Magni+Modi, and Mayflower O2+ODAC (though this last is likely too expensive), so I have that information should I end up needing one. If I did get headphones, though, I'd at least try them with onboard sound first. Naturally, I'm open to other suggestions as well. However, if I decided on speakers, I have essentially no idea where to go. I'd be looking for a 2.1 (I don't have room for a 5.1 system and I'd prefer two good speakers if I decided to add on later) system and am open to a custom solution (i.e., buying the speakers and sub separately). Are there good options which I could afford along with a DAC/AMP within my budget? I'd appreciate any reviews that could be offered for suggested systems as well. Essentially, what is the best quality sound I can find for my price range? Thanks for any help.