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  1. You reckon? Looking for top spec matx motherboard for 2700x
  2. Fair enough thanks so much for your help everyone!! Do you think I should buy another of the same type or keep it the same model? Kinda want to buy one now next day to have it for the weekend
  3. I just don't know if it's doa board or cpu which is most likely? I don't get a beep at all
  4. Does anyone know if a motherboard should beep with no ram?
  5. Gtx titan and yes. Can't even post yet and currently got one dimm in and have reseated my cpu
  6. Okay update here is now with gtx titan 6gb and one Ram stick in. No beep no post.
  7. Yeah removed to see if I would get a beep or anything but nothing
  8. Recently bought: Ryzen 2700x Asus tuf b450m-Pro gaming Corsair domplat 3000 c15 Plugged all in and nothing but leds and fans. I have a motherboard speaker but don't get any beeps. Tried different ram combinations including no ram. Reseating cpu Now bread boarded Any help much appreciated