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  1. I've had one Seagate fail on me so far... Touch wood Lol I have backups here there and everywhere Incase. Its just weird about the statistics and what I saw.
  2. Why I am starting a new thread I am starting this new thread to inform you about what I experienced in the PC workshop I was working in 2012 until 2013. We say a massive amount of hard failures in that time which does add credibility. We had replaced these failing drives which where Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320's 70% of the time with Seagate 500GB drives. The seagate drives came back within 3 months all completely dead and unreadable, and we found that all the drives we replaced with Hitachi seemed to be fine, same with Toshiba drives. My point is, there was an astonishingly high rate of failures back then from the western digital brand and I found that a high percentage of drives where the WD Blue 320GB notebook drives and some where 500GB ones too. This has all calmed right down now and HDD failures aren't so common now. It's really worth taking more data from local computer shops who have proper testing equipment (not just reading the S.M.A.R.T data) and testing each sector for read / write errors. You'll find some very interesting results. Just to clarify things for some, I am UK based, and the workshop was in Devon.
  3. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-121-XS That's what I've found, thanks for the help with dyes and the advice
  4. Okay, thanks so much, where in the UK can I get colored flexible tubing? I'll check over lockers in a more to find out if they have it
  5. Ahh, okay then, is there anything I can go for that's solid color?the UV stuff is good with UV lights but just doesn't look as good as it could be. I might just use clear water instead, I'll see what I can find. Cheers for the help, and yeah, my bad, dye* LOL!
  6. And what sort of die, I want it a solid color, no transparency
  7. Hi everyone I've got a liquid cooled PC with UV green coolant. I want to have a solid color like the white but I want to die it green so its not transparent. I want dies that don't clock up too much, but I don't want my liquid looking transparent as its not tidy in my eyes. Any recommendations ? Thanks in advance.
  8. It's okay, I bought one now which rocks! Accept it's got to be sent back as it has faulty RAM! Anyhow, I also noticed I have another bottlekneck... a 600W PSU LMAO!!! It gets expensive!!!
  9. That moment when one is corrupt...
  10. I'm talking quad core APU vs dual core APU, I know the I3's can kick the AMD cheap quad cores in the corners... but I'm thinking on an APU side of things
  11. Once in a while when I'm passing, I go into PC world and see what they try to sell me! It's mostly crap, they did try selling me a ''gaming PC'' with a HD7650 or something shitty like that in it! £700+...
  12. I have to deal with people everyday like this I wanted a career in IT, not to show old people what the difference between dual core and quad core... it's obvious, quad is 4, dual is 2, 4 is better than 2!!!
  13. I was at work today, someone came into the shop asking for a PC system, they wanted a new computer system to browse the internet, right now, we can get AMD quad core systems with Windows 7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and Windows 7. He said it was for his nan, she wanted a new PC thats as similar to XP as possible. I said obviously, we cant put XP on a new machine because of its age, but Windows 7 is as close as you're going to get. He then said he could get for £279 from PC world the same PC with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD... Completely ignoring the fact it was a very low end APU setup and not a quad core setup which would futureproof them so they wouldn't have to spend out £££ in 4 years because it's grinded to a hault! Any moments similar? Whats your experience?
  14. Thats actually very well detailed, It's quite.... cool! Now my wallpaper! It's now my wallpaper.
  15. I dont have one... but I've only heard good things about them for what they are!