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  1. I'm not sure, but I don't wanna risk it for them, since they don't really have an option to buy something else in case the used item doesn't work.
  2. thanks for this! yeah I know it's not really an ideal budget, but the people who are gonna use it aren't really... how do I say this? they're not really computer savvy people, having an SSD would make barely any difference for them, and they're between low and middle class I have to say... so yeah, this really is the budget, and I really just wanna help them out
  3. so I know everyone here is very knowledgeable in what parts are good for high end gaming computers and stuff, but this time I need to know what's the best that I can get under a budget. the budget is 10,000 Philippine Pesos, which is around 220 USD details and what we need: 4GB RAM is good enough 500GB HDD is good enough small Chassis no immediate need for a graphics card because games to be played will only be children's games (maybe a processor with good enough built in graphics would suffice?) keyboard and mouse to be included in budget no need for monitor or speakers OS not included in budget so basically these are the minimum requirements, if you guys can come up with something that reaches the budget with better than 4GB of RAM or 500GB HDD etc. then of course it will be very much appreciated. they'll just use it for basic home office work (for the mother) and children's games (for the children) as always, if there's anything else that you guys wanna know to help with the decision then please just ask.
  4. CPU - lga1150 Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz MOBO - lga1150 Asus Z97-A RAM - Gskill Ripjaws X 8GB 4gbx2 DDR3 1600 CL9 GPU - MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G Gddr5 256Bit PSU - Seasonic M12II-750 EVO 750W 80Plus Bronze Full Modular CASE - Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 Mid Tower HDD - Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 64MB, ST1000DM003 (SATA 6 Gb/s) SSD - SanDisk Ultra II 120GB (SDSSDHII-120G) COOLER - Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile CPU Cooler versus CPU - Intel i-5 4690k MOBO - Asus Z97-A RAM - G.SkilL Ripjaws 8GB GPU Palit GTX 970 Jetstream PSU Corsair TX750 v2 CASE - Corsair Spec 03 Carbide Monitor Asus 23 (VX239) HDD - 1TB WD Caviar Black SSD - Crucial m500 128gb COOLER - Noctua NH L12 Low Profile just a heads up, the build is more focused on gaming. so if you guys think the 4790k isn't worth it for that purpose (even futureproofing) then please do tell.
  5. So I haven't played SC2 in a while since I installed it (which was about a month or two ago). Last time I touched it, it was working fine. But now I'm getting this error whenever I try to play, I do as it says and restart but nothing really happens. I've also tried restarting my computer and as well as re-installing battle.net.
  6. when I check online, all I see is the Logitech G27 as the most recommended racing setup to use for PC. So I just wanna ask you guys what your recommendations are for racing setups, budget is around $500, although I'm not an avid gamer for racing games, I just like the feel of playing using racing wheels (my friend personally has the G27 so I already know how it feels, the wheel is just a little too small, but the rest is good I guess?) One thing I want to take into consideration as well is the compatibility with Windows 8 and with the games as well. Of course it would be a waste if some games won't work with whatever I decide to buy.
  7. never mind I "fixed" it myself, just used DS4Windows and it worked, guess it's the superior program
  8. I know my DS4 works with my PC because I've at least tested it with one other game, which is Street Fighter x Tekken. I use Input Mapper to make my DS4 work. But now when I try to play ACR, the option to use a gamepad doesn't even appear when I go to the options menu, all the options are just for different keyboard settings. And I don't know if this helps but my DS4 is emulating a 360 controller in Input Mapper. Also I'm not sure if I should post this here or in peripherals...
  9. it was actually by the picture options of the TV itself, changed it from 16:9 to just scan
  10. what does that mean? and how do I fix it? never mind, I googled overscan myself and I was able to fix it! thanks man! I got caught that I'm using a TV as a monitor haha
  11. the funny thing is that when I actually made a screenshot like how it should be done (print screen + paint), what I got was how the screen should really look. So instead I cut the screenshot to make you see how it looks like to me
  12. I don't see anything that says "dpi" there, and also nothing that says "view by small icons" I'm using windows 8.1 btw what I can see in display is the sizing of my icons is set on medium and my text size is set on 12. I personally made those settings and they worked fine before I launched the game. the game btw is the old Need for Speed Most Wanted.
  13. so yeah the title says it all, it's not a matter of one thing looks zoomed or it's just the text or something, rather EVERYTHING is zoomed, like I can't see the tabs on my browser and I can only see half of the icons in the toolbar. restarting the PC didn't do anything to help, neither did pressing ctrl 0 or ctrl - or ctrl scroll down one thing that seemed to fix it though was to change the resolution to something lower... but I don't want that of course, I don't want to waste my 1080p display... so anybody here have any fixes for this?
  14. I remember not too long ago, there was this nice guide here to setup something like Media Player Classic, but I think it's not exactly that. It included all the steps and codecs and stuff we'll need to download and fix. If anybody knows what I'm talking about can you link it to me please? or if not just send a link or tell me a good setup for these kinds of things, doesn't need to look fancy, just needs to be able to translate videos properly and of course cater to all kinds of files and subtitles and stuff...
  15. the ethernet looks good, its brand new and I don't have any other cable here isn't this just an issue of not installing something?
  16. the mobo is in the title, the ASUS Z97-A if I understand what you're saying then yes there is a green and orange light coming from where I plug in the ethernet cable yes I installed all the drivers, I even got Turbo LAN
  17. help! I finally got a PC and I've been trying to set it up, I downloaded all the drivers from the ASUS website (even the lan and ethernet drives) and there's still no internet! I'm trying to connect via an ethernet cable and I know that we do have internet because the laptops are working fine via wifi. when I click troubleshoot I get the message "windows could not find a driver for your network adapter"
  18. ok so just to make it simpler to understand (for me), the only fans I'll turn in my case are the ones from the front? and how about the CPU fan? is it set in one direction?
  19. so does that mean I'll just change the rear to negative since all the fans are positive by default?
  20. so its gonna be the first time that I'll build a PC, and I don't know jack s**t on how to set up these positive/negative air pressure things yet my case is gonna be an Corsair Air 540 and I won't really buy any additional fans, except for my CPU fan, the Noctua NH-D14, which I don't know if there is more than one way to set up, but if it's a factor in properly setting this up, then please help with that too. I've also got a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming if the fans there would also be a factor. so how do I properly set this thing up to optimize the airflow?
  21. okay so I'm kind of feeling good about assembling it, but how about optimizing it? like I don't even know how to set up the things Linus is talking about here
  22. I'm confused... because those are the dimensions in the product page on Newegg oh wait, I was looking at this http://www.noctua.at/pdf/infosheets/noctua_nh_d14_se2011_datasheet_en.pdfand I realized it's not the same one as the one I'll get (I think)
  23. this is most likely my fault... because I didn't do enough research beforehand... so I just ordered (and made a downpayment) on the components of my brand new PC then I just thought of checking out the Air 540, which is my case to be, and saw that the max CPU cooler height it can accommodate is just 170mm! while the CPU cooler I got is the Noctua NH-D14! which I saw online as having a height of 210mm! what do I do????
  24. thanks guys! I finally got enough confidence and decided to go with Seagate! I hope it turns out well!
  25. or let the store assemble it for me and do the necessary configurations? I'm asking because it's my first ever actual PC where I chose every single component (coming from a non gaming laptop and a pre-built PC when I was a child), and I'm afraid that if I assemble it myself, that I might make some mistake or not be optimal with cable management and the like. I also want to get the most out of the stuff I'm buying, so overclocking is also something I'd like, but then again I have no confidence in myself that I'll be able to do it properly or something, or I might even break the frikin' thing (idk what is the likeliness of breaking brand new parts by improperly overclocking them). but then again it is my first PC that I can say is really my own (I don't have to share with no brother anymore), and I'm not planning to make any other or make some kind of upgrade (except for an SLI) in the future. so if I don't assemble this one now, I might never get the chance to assemble one again. so please help me guys... how dangerous or hard is it to fiddle with equipment that you never had experience with (but of course I know where some parts go like the CPU and RAM, but only until those, I don't know which port the GPU is best placed in, as well as where to properly connect the stuff for the Power Supply) ? the only time I get to see people assemble a computer is when I watch Linus's videos... will it be hard to optimize the assembly?